2013 Texas TE Durham Smythe to Visit

Submitted by icefins26 on January 14th, 2013 at 10:41 AM

In an attempt to up morale on the board, it sounds like 2013 TE Durham Smythe will be visiting on the 25th of January according to Rivals and ESPN.  ESPN actually has us in his final 3 visits with Stanford and Oregon.  

This brings up the question:  will Funchess possibly be moving to WR?  Or does this provide Borges with more jumbo TE sets?

Kid has an impressive offer list with Miami (YTM), Florida, Georgia, Texas, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Stanford and Oregon having offered.

He is a 3-star on Rivals and a 4-star on both ESPN and Scout.


Ace did an interview with him last February:  http://mgoblog.com/diaries/interview-durham-smythe



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utilize the two TE set to such high levels the last year or two, I feel safe in saying I'm excited about what can happen with Butt, Funchess, and possibly Smythe.


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I don't think Funchess will move to wide receiver.  He was 6'5" and 230 lbs. as a true freshman, and he was already thin.  I imagine in the off-season, he'll put on another 8-10 lbs. or so.  Also, he's not very fast for a wide receiver.  Also also, that would once again leave us with poor options at TE: a big slow blocking guy in Williams, a freshman Butt, and a freshman Khalid Hill.

Dutch Ferbert

January 14th, 2013 at 11:15 AM ^

9 OLs and two TEs on the field at once. Forget the wild cat, Borges is going to create the bull moose formation. No passing, no tricks, just run straight downhill while running over any LB or DB who gets in the way.

Seriously though, I'm excited about the return to manball, provided these guys live up to the hype and can actually open holes for someone who is not dilithium powered.


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6'5" 230 lbs.  He just visited Stanford last weekend, has Oregon this weekend, and then comes to Michigan the following weekend.  Lets hope the weather cooperates!



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When judging a recruit's height, I generally try to find the tallest he's listed (in this case 6'6") and then subtract two inches.  These kids are never as tall as what's listed...

Orlando Brown is/was listed at something like 6'10", 380 lbs.  He just checked in at the Under Armour combine at something like 6'7", 345.


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I'd rather we were getting a speedy WR with that offer list, but I don't think we are in a position to be turning away talent at this point, particularly on offense. 


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You're the first person I have heard say indications are 2014 is gonna be a great class. Every major site is reporting it will be a small class and were behind on giving out offers and haven't even scheduled a Jr Day yet not to mention they're saying we're being outrecruited by Urban and OSU by a lot. Not saying we can't have a great class but I do wonder what your basing it on as of right now especially with us coming off a 8-5 season losing to Nebraska,Notre Dame,Alabama and OSU plus the bowl game against South Carolina.


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Nice post but I think people need to step back from the ledge. NCAA BB regular season is borderline meaningless if you're a top 25 team. We weren't going to run the table in this B10. As for Webb, sucks but it's his choice. Some kids like to go against the grain OR maybe he just wants to go to osu and plays at Cass Tech?!? Like most, I have a feeling we'll be MUCH happier in a couple weeks and rarely (but it does happen) does one player make or break a team in CFB. He is a loss for obvious reasons but we didn't lose the next Woodson as I've seen both play live in HS and he is good but just exactly that: Good. Not Great. Still, any skilled player with those offers is welcome here, IMO. Thanks for the info.

Bo Knows

January 14th, 2013 at 11:13 AM ^

This kid has great size already.  His offer list is very good as well.  I'm envisioning a formation with 5 lineman, Williams and Funchess on the ends.  With this kidd playing fullback for Green.  MANBALL


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Good job by the staff just to get the kid to visit.  That's impressive, considering how late we are in the process.  I say we line up all our OL (current players and commits) and form a human tunnel at the entrance to Schembechler Hall.  Whenever a RB, WR, or TE visits, he has to walk through our tunnel of mass humanity.  That'll get em.