#1 WR in 2016 Class Tranferring From Cal

Submitted by SkyPanther on June 21st, 2018 at 11:45 PM

Originally committed to Alabama, but ending up with Cal, Demetris Robertson, a high school 5 Star, and the #1 WR in the 2016 class, is transferring.

While at Cal, as a true freshman, Robertson broke Desean Jackson's record for most receiving yards for a freshman, and tied his TD record for a freshman, at 7 TDs. (For reference, Michigan had 9 total TDs last year)

LINK:  https://247sports.com/college/notre-dame/Article/Former-five-star-WR-Demetris-Robertson-to-transfer-from-Cal-119232188/

He had a VERY impressive offer sheet. Michigan did not offer him.

LINK:  https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Demetris-Robertson-31629/RecruitInterests/

There is no word on where he wants to go. Any insider know if Michigan will pursue him?

Georgia is already pressing hard to get him. He is from Georgia.

Link:  https://dawnofthedawg.com/2018/06/21/georgia-football-will-pursue-receiver-demetris-robinson/

His high school highlights are very impressive. He is FAST, and has great moves! He'd look great in Blue!

LINK to high school highlights:  https://www.hudl.com/profile/5013827/Demetris-Robertson







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(For reference, Michigan had 9 total TDs last year)

Should say:

(For reference, Michigan had 9 total passing TDs last year)

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This isn't really a position of need for Michigan. We're already seeing guys transfer out because the position is so clogged. Even if, say, Black and DPJ go pro early, there's still a load of guys ready to step up and perform at a high level.



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Interesting take that Michigan's receivers are a "take your lunch pail to work" group.  The top 2 were highly rated, with DPJ being the #1 WR in his class and the #12 ranked player.  T. Black was also a high 4* that many think was underrated.  Depth is always good, but I agree that WR is not a position of need.


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Sure, which is why Michigan will continue to recruit guys. What you don't need is a guy who will come in for a year (if he's good enough to be worth pursuing, he's good enough to go pro after one season in 2019) and compete for snaps with elite-level guys like DPJ and Black and freeze out snaps with guys we hope to be elite like Nico Collins. 

What we do need is a steady stream of talent to develop under those guys so that they're ready in 2020 when others go pro. Michigan doesn't need to fortify the receiving corps for 2019, they need a pipeline for 2020 and beyond.


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He would have to sit out a year, but after that would still have 3 years to play is my understanding.

2016 - Played @ Cal

2017 - Played 3? games, was granted a medical redshirt

2018 - Transfer year will use his redshirt year

Assuming he doesn't get turn pro early, he would still have 3 years of eligibility beginning in 2019 season.



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I agree, you probably don't need to rent a guy for a year but I'd rather they picked up a couple guys since they only got one receiver last year. I just don't want to get into another situation in the future where you're dependent on first and second year receivers to come in and produce. If they're good enough fine, but it shouldn't be out of necessity. 


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I always prescribe to the notion you never turn down a great talent that can help you team even if it's just for a year. This team needs to start winning more games, which translates to even better recruiting. If the #1 WR from a couple of years ago wants to come here and helps us win games for a season, come on down....


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I am not saying that our young receivers won’t develope into a solid unit, but they have struggled. And WR was an area of weakness last year. Black looked decent for a freshman, DPJ looked lost most of the year and could never get open consistently. Our 2016 WR class is pretty much flushed down the toilet. So not sure where this feeling that we are all set at WR comes from. We would need to make a substantial improvement from last year before we can start talking about being all set at WR. 


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Man, I must have had some maize-tinted glasses on last year.

I have memories of DPJ running with nobody else within 5 yards of him...while the QB was busy being tackled by 3 dudes.

Personally,  I give our WRs a pass (pun intended) on the entire year.  You can't catch a ball that isn't thrown anywhere near you, if it gets thrown at all.


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What a surprise two trolls (1 starting this thread) both agreeing on a player that is not a position of need nor has shown any interest to Michigan. These posts only serve to cause disinformation and show what little "actual" knowledge these faux fans have of Michigan.



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The "troll" comment is getting so lame here. So you don't like or agree with the post and resort to the must be a troll comment. Then call into question the "actual" knowledge  of the the poster. Please impart to us all coach of your indepth knowledge of the program. All of us faux fans would like to know.


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Michigan DID offer him, according to Rivals.



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He cited "personal matters."

Best case scenario seems to be the kid is home sick, or otherwise wants to closer to his family. Cal is obviously a long way from Georgia in just about every metric including distance. Sounds more likely than not, he is heading home.

I trust the Michigan coaching and recruiting staff. I'm sure they will at least sniff it out.

Sitting out a year, and putting his NFL life on hold for a year with no pay, was not a decision he took lightly. Too bad he did not transfer when he was out 2017 with his injury. I hope the kid finds whatever peace he seeks.


June 22nd, 2018 at 9:55 AM ^

I have no insider knowledge, but I can't imagine he would be interested in Michigan. There are no known Michigan Ties and we are loaded with young WR talent. 2 of those guys will be multi-year starters by the time he is able to play. He is coming from an Air-Raid offense, so would be used dramatically different. Basically there almost a zero percent chance he would come to Michigan. If I was a betting man...Which I am. I would put money that he lands at Georgia.