Fake QB Chat

Submitted by jajaja23 on August 11th, 2010 at 4:14 PM

Amidst all of the chaos today I randomly found this Wave chat on my screen in the Fish Bowl... hopefully it puts everyone in a better mood about the QB competition and life in general


You have entered UM QB Google Wave

HaRRd Edge: "Hey guys. How was your summer? Did you H.A.G.S. like I wrote in your yearbook? Add dessert & a 2 liter Coca-Cola for $5.99"

  T8Gr8: "Bitches and beer coach! I mean..."

NotUrGardnerVariety: "Awesome. Hey where's the Union?"

  LetzGetDenard'd: "80 reps a day and I four pointed Advanced Ball Trajectory Mathematics... brb sit-ups"

T8Gr8: "Oh... yeah that too."

HaRRd Edge: "That's great guys. I wouldn't know because I can't talk to you during the summer... Dominos 2 Medium 2-Topping Pizzas $5.99."

*TurnerThaCorner has entered the chat*

TurnerThaCorner: "Did someone get Dominoz?"

  LetzGetDenard'd: "No JT. Wanna go practice?"

TurnerThaCorner: "Nah, I'm dun w/thz shiz"

*TurnerThaCorner has left the chat*

NotUrGardnerVariety:  "BRB looking for S QUad. Txt me if u need me"

T8Gr8: "Coach what's with the Dominos plugs?"

*NotUrGardnerVariety has left the chat*

HaRRd Edge: "Mr. Brandon said I'm only allowed to use his computer and it auto-completes still from his old job. 2 Large 1 Topping Pizzas $19.99"

*Rosenberg4AD would like to enter the chat*
*Rosenberg4AD has been denied entrance to the chat*

*Slocum4Ladies has entered the chat*

Slocum4Ladies: "ANyone se3n a lion? I thnk I left it here"

  LetzGetDenard'd: "No."

*Slocum4Ladies has left the chat*

T8Gr8: "No."

  LetzGetDenard'd: "Beat ya. Anyone wanna go lift?"

T8Gr8: "I'm already swoll like Rambo. Wanna play Halo?"

*KenneDelight has entered the chat*

KenneDelight: Anyone talked to Sheridan? I have his clipboard.

*CBWolfRadio has entered the chat*

CBWolfRadio: "Every1 Immunized from tAte? LOL"

T8Gr8: "Dude."

  LetzGetDenard'd: "LOL O HAI BFF."

HaRRd Edge: "Woolfolk. Come on man. Try our new Brooklyn Style Crust on a Deluxe pizza today!"

CBWolfRadio: "That was my roommate. I didn't say that. Srsly."

*CBWolfRadio has left the chat*

HaRRd Edge: "So guys, we need to win this year! All in! Hold the Rope! Try a Buffalo Chicken Kicker with any order!"

T8Gr8: "Yeah. Don't you remember this summer when my roommate was @ workouts and we stayed in and hooked up? That was awesome!"

T8Gr8: "Woops, wrong window."

*Rosenberg4AD would like to enter the chat*
*Rosenberg4AD has been denied entrance to the chat*

HaRRd Edge: "Really Tate? So guys... we're going to go over the read option in practice tomorrow so make sure you go over your books. For delivery call 734-332-1111"

  LetzGetDenard'd: "Can't I just throw?"

T8Gr8: "LOL dude thats all me. LOL"

T8Gr8: "Girl don't play! It's your man Big Tate. Let's go out sometime!"

T8Gr8: "Dammit."

  LetzGetDenard'd: " : > ( "

*NotUrGardnerVariety has entered the chat*

NotUrGardnerVariety:  "Guys need me?"

T8Gr8: "Hey where's Dorsey? That dude looks hellasweet on the field. He was fun to practice with during the summer coach. We spent hours of practice together when we practiced this summer every day for like 10 hours of optional summer practice"

HaRRd Edge: "I hate you. 1 Large 1 Topping Pizza and your Choice of Sandwich $14.99."

*HaRRd Edge has left the chat*

NotUrGardnerVariety:  "Some guy messaged me on Facebook you needed me?"

KenneDelight: "Hello?"

*Rosenberg4AD would like to enter the chat*
*Rosenberg4AD has been denied entrance to the chat*

  LetzGetDenard'd: Alright I'm out. Tell Slocum I'll look for his lion on my jog."

*LetzGetDenard'd has left the chat*

T8Gr8: "Girl let me get your digits. Seriously."

NotUrGardnerVariety:  "Dude Tate you need to take this serious."

T8Gr8: "Oh.. .dude Gardner... RichRod told me to tell you to hit Ctrl W for the new plays that we're being drilled on during practice."

NotUrGardnerVariety:  "Oh thanks man. I really appre"

*NotUrGardnerVariety has left the chat*

T8Gr8: "Oh shit, Law and Order SVU is on. I think this is the one where the guy kills the chick and they figure out it was the neighbor."

*T8Gr8 has left the chat*

KenneDelight: "Hello?"

KenneDelight: "And now starting for your Mee-chigan Wolverines... Jaaaaack Kennedeeeeeey *yaaaaaahhhhh yahhhhhh Kenn-uh-dee-Kenn-uh-dee"

FreeAgentCone:  "Really dude? Shit's weak."

KenneDelight: "What are you doing here?"

FreeAgentCone:  "Never left."

*KenneDelight has left the chat*

FreeAgentCone:  "There's a man who leads a life of danger in everyone he meets he sees a stranger"

*Rosenberg4AD would like to enter the chat*

*Rosenberg4AD has entered the chat*

Rosenberg4AD: "Hey guys! Go Blue! All In! Hold the Rope! Rose Bowl Here We come! How's practice?"

Rosenberg4AD: "Hello?"

FreeAgentCone:  "Oh hey. I'm not supposed to tell you this but RR kept all of his secret practice logs saved in the chat."

Rosenberg4AD: "SERIOUSLY?! This will be huge! I'm the next Geraldo! The View here I come!"

FreeAgentCone:  "Yeah you access them by hitting Ctrl-W"

*Rosenberg4AD has left the chat*

FreeAgentCone:  "Secret... AGENT MANNNNN"


Space Coyote

August 11th, 2010 at 4:23 PM ^

Manning and how half the stuff he does at the line is all show and stuff.  This started off slow, and I was sceptical, but it was pretty funny by the time it ended.


August 11th, 2010 at 9:50 PM ^

This was awesome. I posted to my friend's facebook wall, and there were 23 images that popped up as possible thumbnails, including some of the Wave icons as well as avatars from the board. I almost used Strafe's avatar (it's probably my favorite on the board) but I went with Slocum's lion. Good stuff.


August 11th, 2010 at 5:25 PM ^

This deserves to be sticky like Slocums interview. Both a re authentically fake as hell, hilariously authentically fake, whatever this belongs with the Fuck Lion, and she the realist Bitch.


August 11th, 2010 at 5:54 PM ^

I was trying hard to contain myself at work. This, along with Posada's annoucement, just provided a stellar end to my work day.

Do you think you could "find" a convo between our linebackers and GERG?


August 11th, 2010 at 10:16 PM ^

So, this being the premier Michigan football/sports blog; athletes have to read this stuff from time to time, right? I just picture Denard reading this and laughing his ass off, Tate being slightly depressed, and RR yelling down the hall, "DOMINO'S!!!!! GET ME DOMINO'S NOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!" (Don't ask me why, I just picture him sitting at a desk like Steinbrenner on Seinfeld...)