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06/28/2015 - 9:23am Third

I third

09/27/2014 - 8:40am Just went there

When I get to that site it tried to download a media player and had a malware warning.  Do you actually use that site?

07/02/2014 - 1:53pm Whoops

Man I think I said NIk Rocks after he hit that fade away 3 against State at Breslin.  Oh well I must not be cool anymore.  Wait maybe I never have been....hmmm  

06/26/2014 - 10:06am Brunson

I would rather be Brunson'd out here in the middle of nowhere...

06/24/2014 - 2:39pm Haiti Commnet

I am actually headed to Haiti in two weeks on a mission trip.  We will be feeding and clothing an orphanage while there and you are right about the money.  $7,000 would go a long way.

11/22/2013 - 11:13am The Walker Catch

I will never forget that grab.  That is one of the best catches you will ever see.  You have to remembe that Navarre had the touch of a rocket launcher so the fact that that pass didn't rip Walker's arm off is a feat in itself.  Just wow.

06/15/2013 - 5:07pm Tough one

I have Craig Roh's defensive game plan packet against MSU from 2011. Probably not the best game plan. I also have a football signed by Hoke and a picture of Denard with my little boy.

01/09/2013 - 10:55am Michigan Wins


01/03/2013 - 4:34pm Are you rooting for Notre Dame?

The answer is and always will be:


12/28/2012 - 2:29pm It was both teams

It was over so fast.  I did get a pic with Denard and Jake Ryan with my wife and 11 month old though so it was worth it.

12/28/2012 - 9:40am It's all good

I figured you didn't think I was gloating but I wanted to be sure.  Oh and a little advice...don't go to Subway man.  That place is terrible.  Just about any local place would be better.  Now I am jealous of the Bo pic.  That would be amazing to have something like that.

12/28/2012 - 9:34am Nice

I bet Lewan is a riot.

12/28/2012 - 9:18am Not trying to rub it in

I just want to make the most of my time.  I will have my 11 month old there and would like to get some pics with some of the guys with him so I can have that for him when he gets older.  I have to hook him early to keep him from going toward the dark side.

10/29/2012 - 12:28pm Great Experience

I believe they are the nicest fan base that I have ever experienced.  I was decked out in Michigan stuff so many of them wanted to get pictures with me and all of them asked if I was having a good time.  They all wished Michigan luck and thanked us for making the trip to Nebraska.  They were concerned about Denard and when the game was over they even came up to me and wished him well and wished us luck for the remainder of the season.  The only bad experience sadly was the couple of Michigan fans behind me screaming profanity throughout the first quarter.  I actually turned around and asked them to watch their mouths out of respect for others around them and a couple of N fans thanked me for that. 

I can't say enough about how nice these people were. 

The Stadium was ok but definately not the Big House.  The advertising was pretty bad all over the place and it really had an NFL feel to it.  The tailgate scene was nothing to write home about either and there did seem to be quite a few Michigan fans there.  For some reason they were mostly wearing Blue so they didn't stand out against the red like Maize would have.  I always wear Maize for that reason. 

Overall it was an amazing experience outside of the results which I feel would have been different if Denard had played.  I think we would have likely scored a TD on that drive that he got hurt and I think we would have grinded that game out on them.  We had a 21 to 9 minute TOP advantage in the first half.  Very Unfortunate that he went down. 

10/23/2012 - 4:47pm Go Blue

Michigan 33

Nebraska 20

10/22/2012 - 2:03pm Yep

Yep I will be there in maize and blue bibs.  A really good friend of mine is a Nebraska fan and his family still has season tickets even though they now live in Florida.  They are going to have a kick ass tail gate and it is going to be a great time.  Always fun to visit other venues from time to time unless said venue looks like a toilet.

10/15/2012 - 2:17pm I will be there.

Maize and Blue Bibs shining in the Lincoln Lights.

10/10/2012 - 1:13pm Go Blue!

Michigan 38

Illinois 17

09/24/2012 - 11:26am hahahah

He said Busts.

09/07/2012 - 12:25pm Yes..

UM 41  AF  10


UM 58  Umass 6

05/16/2012 - 4:35pm Yep me too

The first time I was at the Big House I cried real man tears when the team took the field.  It is something I always wanted to see live and when I finally did it eclipsed my expectations to the point where some weird liquid came out of my eyes.  It was unforgettable.

05/07/2012 - 11:25am She is hot

but I find the Michigan girl in that pic hotter.

04/25/2012 - 10:52am Oh

You mean how Tony Posada and Justin Turner were in great shape?  He should have taken Hanks...he is playing great football for Ohio.

04/12/2012 - 2:28pm Wait!!!

There wasn't one word about the SEC in that whole article!  Wow...just wow.

04/09/2012 - 3:23pm Loved the hit by BWC

I think it was on Rawls but not sure.  Rawls had a full head of steam and came to a complete stop.  That was impressive and could be huge on 3rd and short.  If this team can hold up on 3rd and short like last year's defense did I think we will be fine.

04/02/2012 - 5:02pm Got sucked into this one by the wife

No Strings Attached.  It has Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman in it.  It is the same movie that had Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake in it basically.  Anyway Michigan is all over the beginning of the movie.  Plus I kinda dig little Natalie so it wasn't all bad after all.

03/28/2012 - 4:44pm I don't get it

I didn't go to school at Michigan but I have been to many games and been in AA quite a bit.  Of course AA has it's share of uglies but so does every place else.  I can honestly say in my experience in AA that the women are just fine.  There isn't a supermodel on every corner or anything like that but the women are plenty good looking.  I find comments like that ridiculous.

03/27/2012 - 10:23am Wow

I usually like the shirts but this one sucks!  Not even going to buy it just not a fan.

02/24/2012 - 10:47am I hope he did say it

Beause F Ohio that's why.

02/23/2012 - 3:51pm Whoa

Lets slow it down a bit.  I would be concerned if he comes in and starts from day 1 for any other reason than Devin is injured and badly.  The kid is really really good no doubt but you don't want him starting from day 1 unless you have no other choice.  At the next level the game is going to be really fast for him and it isn't a knock against him it is just a fact.  Michigan is blessed to have a QB like Gardner to step in after Denard leaves so that we don't have to start a freshman QB again. 

Trust me I am as excited as the next guy about this kid because he looks like he will be the next great Michigan QB but lets not throw him to the wolves because he has a nice highlight tape.

02/23/2012 - 3:36pm Agree with Magnus

He is very good there is no doubting that but he doesn't appear to be an elite 5*.  When I think of a 5* athlete it is someone with absolute elite speed with no question about it.  I do think this kid could be a very very good CB at the next level though.

02/02/2012 - 5:14pm NIce

Pick up on the avatar.  He very much resembles Joe Dirt.

02/01/2012 - 3:43pm says video unavailable


02/01/2012 - 2:19pm 8 or 9

of their kids are early enrollees. 

01/31/2012 - 5:02pm Wow!

Nice sized kid but I bet the wife was hoping for a smaller one.  You need to have more of those so we can fill our O Line with your offspring for years to come.

01/31/2012 - 4:51pm Yeah I agree.

It never hurts to get a head start.  Look how he looks the ball into his hands already.  The kid is a natural.

12/12/2011 - 3:11pm One can only hope

that their children will produce such sweet singing.  I have my first kid on the way in 5 short weeks and if and when something like this happens it will be on this site for sure.

12/12/2011 - 2:23pm Not even trying to be a homer...

I think the Michigan chic is much hotter than the MSU one.  I don't even think it is close. 

11/04/2011 - 4:16pm Michigan Wins

31 - 20

11/03/2011 - 12:48pm Also

my Dad.  Happy Birthday Dad and Coach.

11/02/2011 - 12:17pm Yeah

Big Shoes.

10/25/2011 - 11:41am Actually Yes

They are pretty fair and they tend to go accross conferences and post the most horrific  meltdowns.  It is a pretty funny write up each week. I like TWIS too but I always read this as well.  Both are really funny and worth the read to me. 

10/10/2011 - 3:33pm We also found

out that Vincent can tackle.  He made 2 great tackles for us on 2 of the three interceptions.  He even almost stripped the ball on one of them.  They guy is just a good football player and he is selfless.

09/30/2011 - 5:44pm Michigan 35

Michigan 35

Minnesota 10

09/30/2011 - 2:43pm It's a mini

but it serves a decorative purpose and I think works just fine.

09/30/2011 - 1:08pm Wow

That is really cool.  I already have 2 Fat Heads up though so this might be overkill for me.  Still I have a wall that I think this would work nicely on.  I may have to look into this one.  Thanks for sharing.

09/30/2011 - 1:06pm It is far from perfect

but to make one myself would have been quite a task so I went here.  Again this is far from perfect but I think it still captures what you are looking for in a Brown Jug Replica:

09/30/2011 - 12:40pm Here you go:

Oh and the video is long and I talk a lot but it was my first video ever so I guess I was a little excited.  I have added much to it since then and I will most likely post a new video soon.  When I do it will be on this site for sure.



09/30/2011 - 12:32pm I have a video on youtube but

it is from a while ago and I have done a lot to the room since then.  You can use the site search and look up michigan man cave and you should find my cave.  By the way I do a lot of talking it was my first video ever so you have been warned lol.

09/21/2011 - 3:56pm Yep

That is exactly what Nebraska does for my friend.  It does have their version of Brandstatter for commentary.