Chase Winovich has given Michigan its identity this season

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Ethan Sears November 18th, 2018 at 12:11 AM

At the moment Chase Winovich went down, you could see the season flashing before Michigan’s eyes.


After scoring to take a five-point lead in the third quarter, the Wolverines had recovered a fumble only to have Shea Patterson intercepted — for the first time since October — on the very next play.


And then Winovich, who embodies everything about Michigan’s identity, as a defense and as a team, was on the ground, being tended to, walked off, gone.


Of course, the Wolverines’ worst-case scenario never came to pass. Seemingly emboldened by the injury — or at least the repeated cheap shots (there’s no other word for it) from the Hoosiers — Michigan clamped down. Devin Bush and Rashan Gary swarmed Peyton Ramsey, pushing Indiana out of Michigan territory, and that was about as close as the Hoosiers got in an eventual 31-20 win for the Wolverines.


As for Winovich, it seems he’ll be fine. At minimum, things are a whole lot better than they looked.


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“Things are progressing well with Chase,” Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh told reporters. “X-rays were negative here, at the stadium. And took him to the hospital as well, for further test, CAT scan, etcetera. And those came out negative. So, I think we’re in a good place.”


Harbaugh wouldn’t say which body part Winovich injured. He doesn’t yet know whether Winovich will play next week at Ohio State in a must-win game, not just for this team but for this program and all it wants to be. But it sure seems like Winovich has got a pretty good chance.


In that moment on the field though, it wasn’t the season at stake. It was Winovich and all he means to this team.


This is someone who could be long gone from Ann Arbor, enjoying life in the NFL. Nobody would have blamed him for taking that route. Winovich decided to come back, not just to improve his draft stock, but to win a national title — because he thought the Wolverines were capable of winning a national title.


Going into the season, it was easy to look at that as bluster. After the Notre Dame loss, it was easy to look at that as insanity. Now? The Buckeyes are one hell of an obstacle, and Alabama looms large. But it’s pretty easy to see that Winovich was right about Michigan’s capabilities, no matter how things turn out.


More than that, it’s easy to see how big a reason he is for that capability. It goes far beyond 55 tackles, four sacks and 13 TFLs.


When Winovich was down on the field, Patterson came over to him, wanting to deliver a message.


“I just told him I love him,” Patterson said. “We’re behind him no matter what happens. Again, it’s really all you can do. Just him, with his work ethic and a senior, his last game at the Big House. I just wanted to let him know I was there and the whole team was there for him.”


Winovich leads this team in the truest sense. He fills up any room he walks into. When he talks, people listen. He coined the Revenge Tour and not only did the Wolverines make shirts and hats — they embodied it in their play.


The delightful swagger in their step during the season’s defining three-game stretch — Wisconsin, Michigan State, Penn State. The way they relished dominating each opponent rather than just winning. That was Winovich’s personality, translated to the team.


His presence, every bit as much as his play, is everything to Michigan. If he made the decision to go to the NFL, the Wolverines may not be going into Columbus with everything to play for. At minimum, the journey there would have been a whole lot less entertaining.


Maybe Winovich plays against Ohio State. Maybe he doesn’t. Either way, that presence will be felt.





November 18th, 2018 at 4:32 PM ^

Hopefully Chase can at least dress for the game and be a presence on the field.  Perhaps he is well enough to play on 3rd downs as a designated pass rusher, protecting his shoulder by his position on the field.


November 18th, 2018 at 4:38 PM ^

We’ve been letting our two year old boy’s blonde hair grow long this season as good luck for the season and to support the “revenge tour.”  We’ve been calling him ‘Baby Chase Winovich’.  I think his attitude, confidence and precense is felt by everyone involved with and who cares about this team.  Let’s hope he’s okay, he plays, and that the revenge tour sees its greatest victory Sat afternoon in Columbus!


November 18th, 2018 at 5:01 PM ^

For so many years, fans like us wanted Michigan to win enough and be confident enough that it was something consistent, that we could actually win out.  Chase let us know that it was finally real and we didn't need to apologize for pounding opponents.  Harbaugh brought that, but Chase was the conduit from coach to fanbase. 

Other Andrew

November 18th, 2018 at 6:10 PM ^

It seemed like the crowd raised its intensity significantly after Winovich went out, and especially after the subsequent personal foul by the same player. 

For those in the building was that the sense of the moment? It felt like a huge push to me, just watching the broadcast.


November 18th, 2018 at 7:36 PM ^

The thing I loved after Chase got hurt was to see Dwumfour yelling at the Indiana O-Line, these guys have each other's backs and seem to be a team in every sense of the word.  If nothing else that's made them a joy to watch this year and will make it a good year, no more Morris getting blasted without the O-Line making corrections to that behavior.


November 18th, 2018 at 8:57 PM ^

#1 There is no obvious intent that Chase intended to step on #72's leg.

#2 So Chase stepped on #72's leg in a manner that #72 couldn't tell intent and so that justifies #72 taking at least 3 blatant cheap shots to 3 different players?  Indiana's last offensive play of the game saw #72 hit Gary in the back while he was engaged with another player.


November 18th, 2018 at 11:03 PM ^

Remain optimistic that Chase will be able to play at least in specific situations versus OSU... sounds like there's a decent chance at that.

Guy has been a warrior for this team - frankly i am surprised he wasn't named a captain, because he certainly seems to be a guy that everyone feeds off of on the field.

can't wait


November 18th, 2018 at 11:44 PM ^

He has sure added excitement to the year. Every once in a while, that rare player comes along that says and does the things I wish more players would say and do. Winovich is that player. I have enjoyed watching and listening to him, especially this year. I hope he gets to play against OSU. He put the swagger back into Michigan.


November 20th, 2018 at 5:12 AM ^

Unless he's in unbearable pain I'm highly confident we will see Winovich on the field this Saturday.  And I think the Michigan defense will unleash absolute hellfire on Ohio.  They may have some early success but once those famous Don Brown adjustments are made, the D will be going all out for complete domination.  I think it's going to look a lot more like Wisky/MSU/PSU than what the last 2 weeks have been.