Unverified Voracity Grumble Rumbles

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Laser third downs and such. Wolverine Historian pays tribute to John Navarre, and even manages to get a still of the Buffalo Stampede selected as the introductory picture:

That's some youtube wizardry there.

Congrats on Olympic trials… and not dying. Michigan men's gymnast Sam Mikulak finished third in the men's gymnastics senior nationals and will appear at the Olympic trials as a result. He escaped a scary situation to do so:

Determined to make a good impression this weekend in St. Louis after missing last year's U.S. gymnastics championships with two broken ankles, Mikulak didn't flinch when he realized the parallel bars were loose.

After he had already started his routine.

"I thought the bar was going to fall and I was going to die," Mikulak conceded.

This comes a year after Mikulak managed to break those ankles on the floor exercise. Mikulak taped his ankles up and finished the meet because he only thought he'd badly bruised himself. The Olympic trials are in three weeks. USA Today has more on Mikulak's story.

Camp, basketball version. Michigan's Elite Camp was over the weekend, and while the effects were significantly less dramatic than last year's when the entire 2013 recruiting class was gathered, one Keita Bates-Diop was in attendance. Joe Stapleton on his appearance:

Keita Bates-Diop (2014, Wing, Illinois Wolves)

Keita was probably the only player in attendance who is a “lock” for a Michigan offer on June 15th. He didn’t appear to be in his element during the 5-on-5 scrimmages but his skillset was more than evident in the drill portion of camp. Everything he was asked to do he did easily. His concentration and coordination was on display and it separated him from his peers. During the 5-on-5 scrimmages Keita didn’t exactly stand out but did what his team needed from him in this guard-filled camp: he rebounded the ball well, finished in the post, and played smart defense. Bates-Diop’s performance jives with what we’ve seen this spring: he has all of the tools but needs to become one or two notches more aggressive within a game setting. Still, he was solid and definitely the best player in attendance.

As the blockquote says, Beilein only offers after that's officially allowed in four days. At that point you'll see Bates-Diop and a few others like Devin Booker get them. It doesn't seem like anyone will drop right away, but I don't think anyone other than maybe the coaches was expecting to get four commitments last June.

There was one surprise 2013 name to watch, a kid named Vitto Brown out of Bowling Green, Ohio who you may remember being the one tall guy in that video where Mark Donnal goes bonkers. He was impressive but remains a 6'7" post player. I'd guess Michigan keeps him on the radar in case they get more attrition than they expect. Right now they're full.

There's also a bunch of stuff on 2015 recruits at UMHoops if you're interested.

Camp, fantasy version. Both the Women's Football Academy and the Men's Football Experience also happened recently. Fluff video ho:

Also there is one for the men. The big news resulting is Devin Gardner switching to #12 and Drew Dileo possibly switching to #9. Angelique Chengelis participated. Money was raised. I have no comment about this.

Brady Hoke is irascibly old-fashioned about something. He's like that about everything, yes. Here's a specific instance:

"You can take all these stars and the way all these guys are rated and all that, and that's great for the fan base and the public," Hoke told reporters last week. "But we've had some pretty good players here that probably would have been two-star guys.

"Tom Brady probably would have been a two-star guy. He turned out OK, I think."

Other recent Hoke rumble grumbles concern the playoff format—concerned about too many games and too much travel for parents—and year two with the same team.

Could have gone better. Michigan lost to Army 27-6 in 1954. Newsreel footage of that:

That bomb is totally offensive pass interference.

This game would be Michgian's last loss against Army. Michigan won the next two years and then a couple times in the sixties; the two teams haven't played since 1962.

Lines. Some real actual lines from Vegas:

  • +12 vs Alabama
  • +1 at Notre Dame
  • -6 vs Michigan State
  • -2 at Nebraska
  • -2 at Oho State

That Alabama line has gotten a little less depressing after periods where it was supposedly +14.5, though I'm not sure you could have gotten a bet on that in an actual casino at any point.

Most of these lines are in the "I don't have any idea" range. When team X is favored by less than a field goal that's basically a coinflip. Could be a nervous fall.

Old school UFR. MVictors enjoys old-timey diagrammed wire photos of the Mad Magicians, and I'm with him:


What's wrong with Fielding? Peregrine falcons have been named inconsistently:

After receiving hundreds of submissions through the university's Facebook page, four peregrine falcon chicks that recently hatched in a nesting box atop University Hospital have been named Bo, Fritz, Lloyd and Yost.

The university selected the winning names after inviting the community to participate an online naming contest. The names reference former head football coaches Bo Schembechler, Herbert (Fritz) Crisler, Lloyd Carr and Fielding Yost.

This drives me crazy.

Etc.: Caris LeVert signs a thing, is now official. Hockey will play Cornell at MSG on November 24th, the day of the OSU game. Glenn Robinson continues to throw down dunks. 2011 four-star C Brian Bobek leaves the OSU team after plunging down the depth chart. Red Hot Chili Peppers troll Columbus.



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1. That's more in my wheelhouse.

2. I won't be addressing it either, because there's nothing to address. Message board drama can stay on message boards, as far as I'm concerned.


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At 20 seconds of the Michigan Army video, the Wolverine that scores the TD flips the ball back to the ref just like Denard did after he escaped Shazier in the backfield setting up the Koger TD. Except Denard did not kiss the ball like that olden timey player did. Good thing because kissing the ball is probably a penalty.


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I can "see" Bo as a falcon.  Carr... not sure I see it although he does remind me a bit of the eagle on the Muppets.

Now - we have to go out and spray-paint all of the pidgeons in A2 scarlet and grey because they are the main meal for these predators.

Feat of Clay

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Only if they don't learn from their parents.  

For several years the zoology folk have been picking up all the bird parts the parents have dropped off the tower, and cataloging them.  Sadly Mom & Dad aren't hunting around campus, thinning out the pigeons.  They go down to the river and get lunch & dinner among the birds there.

Come to think of it, maybe painting pigeons scarlet & grey would turn that around.

Everyone Murders

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I saw that you linked but did not comment on (or display) the following photo from the Women's Football Academy.  That's a wise move, because the photo all but screams for a caption contest.  And the prizes would be an indeterminate number of tickets to Bolivia.

Jeepers, that's a funny picture!


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What are the QB's saying/doing at the 1:40 mark of the WFA video?  Practicing some sort of modified grenade celebration for this year's Ohio game?


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We did a different yell/dance at each station when we broke from the huddle.  When I was at the QB station we did the Cabbage Patch with "white man overbite".  The "white man overbite" was specifically requested by Borges and Devin and Denard pulled it off quite well.


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from AA article about the Women's Football Academy

Julie Kramb, attending her fourth academy, made the defensive line stop worthwhile, though, when she knocked down Will Campbell, who had a sheepish look when he pulled himself up. Campbell later told Kramb the turf was slippery. Uh-huh.

OH NOES!!! PANIC!!!! /s


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Someone in my group yelled "Do we have to think of brunette girls?" and Gibbons gave the big eye roll like he was so sick of hearing that.  Hagerup (who was on crutches, BTW, but says he will be off them next week) said in a pervy kind of voice "Only if you want to ladies".


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It's the off-season, so OT is ok, but how should we go about it...? Daily open threads? Threads for big Michigan related events? I know it doesn't get World Cup Soccer kind of coverage here (I don't expect front page articles or Swimming UFRs) , but there's a lot of overlapping interests.  I assume as long as we don't abuse  the board it's ok to have some discussion on it.


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I was at the camp most of the time and talked with Joe a little bit about Brown's performance. In my opinion, Vitto Brown was without a doubt the MVP of the 5-on-5 play. He has a college-ready body, is a legit 6'7/6'8, is very athletic, tenacious on the boards, showed a decent midrange game, blocked a number of shots, and really displayed a refreshing positive attitude, unlike many players these days it seems. He's going to be a solid player wherever he ends up and seems like a good option to keep on the board. We are not full for the 2013 class yet either...Reggie Cameron is the number one priority right now, but if we miss on him I have to hope Brown is still an option.

Also, as for kids getting offers on June 15, I think Booker, Bates-Diop, and Bluiett are locks for an offer while Jae'Sean Tate is also very likely to receive one. I also disagree that no one is likely to drop for us early. I think there is a very good chance Booker commits within a couple days of getting an offer.


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I'm just happy to know I was not the only one bothered by the inconsistent falcon naming schema...

Says the guy who fought hard (and failed) to get his son named Fielding.


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It may very well have been said tongue in cheek, but did anybody think it was crazy for the Hokester to claim Brady would have been a 2-star prospect if recruting sites had been at their current level in the mid '90s? I would posit he would have been a solid 4-star coming out of De LaSalle in Cali as I recall him being fairly touted. A 3-star at the very least.