Which recruits does RR make/break a commitment?

Submitted by StephenRKass on December 9th, 2010 at 11:58 AM

So Dee Hart indicated that he wants to play for RR, and will wait until things shake out to make a commitment, going to Michigan if RR stays, and Florida if he leaves. (although, who knows about Florida now with the Meyer resignation/retirement.) Devin Lucien, otoh, seems interested in Michigan, regardless of who is coaching.

This question is really for Tom VH, but I'm wondering where our current verbal commitments and those still on the active board stand, in terms of RR. My guess is that some want to play for RR & the current staff, and for others, it doesn't matter so much. I have the sense that many of our current commitments want RR to be retained, and that many of our potential recruits are waiting to find out if RR will return before they commit to Michigan.

So, to state the question simply:  for which commits and active recruits does the retention of RR into the future make or break the deal?

As an aside, assuming that a statement of some kind is made in early January, I don't see the delay being that critical, one way or the other. Recruits have plenty of time before signing day to come on board or head elsewhere.



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I've read the board fairly regularly, but other than Dee Hart, hadn't seen threads directly related to this question. Ah well, if it ends badly, c'est la vie. Believe it or not, I'm actually interested in the answer to my question. And points, well, they don't really matter. I've come to expect snark, so I live with it. Thanks, though, for the thought.


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I think Kris Frost is big on RR.  Not sure how this would play out as he would have to make up his mind before Brandon decides.

Guys, I actually don't think this is a terrible OP.  Give the kid a break.

His Dudeness

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Actually he is the only kid  I could see not caring about a possible coaching switch. He said he has always dreamed of playing for Michigan, which makes me think he wouldn't care who the coach was... Also I don't think Mr. Jones would care either... Come to think of it I would doubt any defensive players at all would care (outside of Dallas Crawford who has questioned about it).


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It is definitely a legitimate question.......do we know any thing on a guy like Dallas Crawford for example? Is he all in for Michigan under the stipulation that Coach Rod is there? I have no problem at all with this topic. It was not in reference to Dee Hart, it is our whole recruiting class.


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This is going to sound stupid, but seeing her face is a constant reminder to myself on how much time is spent on the board. Between work, family, chores, and life, this is plenty enough for me to do without blogging about Michigan obsessively. I try (and fail) to limit my addiction to all things Michigan sports related.


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BTW, No offense taken, not creepy, I'm a fortunate man to have a wife who still is a good looker. She still fits into clothes she wore before she was twenty, and that was many moons ago. When we dated, (and in the pic) she wasn't much for wearing makeup. I figured that was a good sign for the future. It was.


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while I'm posting on MGoBlog. 

Like it's not a guilty enough pleasure the way it is.

I have an idea to keep my Michigan blogging in check . . . I'm going to take a group picture of my boss, my wife, my kids, my mother, and the bank manager where I have my mortgage, and make an avatar of it so they are watching me at all times.

That ought to limit me to only one CC post for the rest of the year. 

Blue in Yarmouth

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Not to be an ass and disagree with everyone, but I don't see what is so wrong with this post.

It is a fair question and one I have wondered about. It is obvious some will be effected (as Dee has said he will go to Florida) and I imagine others are in the same boat.

It seems AZ is one as well as he has continuously said he loves UM but keeps holding off on a commitment. I think there are more than we realize (and want to believe) that will be effected by all of this.

Frank Drebin

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Some of this regarding commits was on the front page yesterday.

If you're worried about Michigan's other commitments, most local ones say they'll stick with Michigan no matter what, but also that they'll disappointed if Rodriguez is fired (though most think there's very little risk of that actually happening). Jake Fisher fluff, in which he confirms that position. Delonte Hollowell will also attend Michigan, regardless of whether Rodriguez is retained. Greg Brown is good to go on early enrollment ($, info in header). Right now, it seems he might be the only commit joining the Wolverines in January.

It sounds like many of the MI guys will stay committed regardless of the coach.


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I had to take my oldest daughter to the doctor and hospital yesterday, so was not reading mgoblog as compulsively as usual. Hence, missed the above. As with all things, however, we really won't know until first, DB renders a decision in January, and second, recruits have actually signed a LOI. Just curious on how things were going. Sounds like who is coach won't matter much for many, other than Dee Hart. If so, that's good news for Michigan.


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At some point this board needs to stop mob-mentality and lashing out at arguably legit OPs.  Even if StephenRKass's question was discussed, to some extent, in a different thread posted over a week ago; and, even if we all have been kicked in the nuts with so many "what if" and "RR stay or Go, JH good or bad" posts in recent weeks, let's chose to either ignore the post entirely or answer the otherwise legit question.

Having 50 responses with who can be funniest, meanest, more awesomer than anyone else is ruining what this board is supposed to be about.

We should rename MGoBlog either MGoMob or MGoMLive because 25% of these people are more interested in trying to one-up each other and quash ideas and conversations than actually talk about Michigan football.


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You, sir, hit the nail on the head. It's almost impossible to post new content without checking back 35 pages and reading every possibly relevant thread, clicking every link and reading it. I log on here once or twice a day, sometimes more if I'm procrastinating. We all miss things. This mob mentality has gotten absurd.


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It's not your typical coaching change situation where there is a fear of the unknown.

In our case, everything is completely known.  The coach will either be RichRod or Jim Harbaugh.  If you are interested in Michigan and like (or can live with) either one, come on down!


December 9th, 2010 at 1:50 PM ^

If Jim is brought in, he has his own list of guys too. Guys that we may now see as critical but undecided, or even guys that have given verbals, may not be priorities for a new staff.  Or  they might still be. Hard to predict.

There is no question that this situation adds huge instability to Rodriguez' current class. On the other hand, we still have to allow for the possibility that a coaching change could mean Michigan comes out ahead in impact talent.  It just might not include the same names we are used to the last few months.