A Way Too Early Look at 2011

Submitted by M16 on August 21st, 2010 at 2:08 PM

I know this has been discussed on the board before, but just because we're all getting ridiculously anxious for the season, I couldn't help but notice how insanely deep our team could be next year.

On defense, the only big loss will be at LB where we lose Mouton, Ezeh, and Moundros.  But hopefully the development of the younger guys will account for this or even improve it.  What's exciting is that all our dangerous line guys, i.e. Martin, Campbell, Van Bergen, etc. return, along with the young secondary guys (Christian, Avery, Floyd, the Gordons, Emelien, Kovacs) that will get a TON of experience and then hopefully get T-Wolf back on top of that. 

The offense could be unreal.  Dorrestein leaves on the line but Schofield or Lewan should account for that.  Schilling leaving hurts, but Omameh is right there as well as Quinton Washington.  Where it gets scary is that all our RB's (Shaw, Cox, Toussaint, Smith) come back, as well as all 3 QB's AND all our WR's (Stonum, Hemingway, Odoms, Stokes, Roundtree) along with Koger at TE.  

In fact, many of these guys will be back for 2011 AND 2012.  If we can put it together nicely this season, this thing might start rolling after that.  At least we can hope, thoughts?



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I agree.  getting rid of Rich Rod would be a travesty of justice.  He has put together what looks like a very deep and talented team.... for next year.  I'm not writing off this year at all, but if a new coach comes in and wins with RR's players next year, that would make me sad.


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I mean I'd be psyched for the wins, but to have to listen to all the RR haters spew even more ignorant BS than they do now about how much better new-coach-fill-in-the-blank is would take something away from it.  

But that' not going to happen, b/c this team is will pull together and win!


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"... to have to listen to all the RR haters spew even more ignorant BS than they do now about how much better new-coach-fill-in-the-blank is..."

I can almost guarantee that we'd see that happen. Look at how reasonable they've been when analyzing RichRod's tenure. :)


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...seems to have played-out several times at Notre Dame in recent years.  Bob Davie went 5-6 his last season at ND, then Willingham comes in and they go 10-3 with Davie's players.  Everyone said, "this just proves Davie was horrible and Ty is the man."  Then Willingham was 6-6 his last season, and Weis won 9 games the next year with Ty's guys.  Everyone said, "See?  Willingham was the problem.  Now ND has Weis and they will dominate with their 'decided schematic advantage.'"  Now Charlie's gone, and we'll see if B.K. can do any better.

I didn't mind seeing this at ND because, you know, the hell with Notre Dame.  But I sure don't want to see it in A2.

Pea-Tear Gryphon

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No need to reinvent the wheel I guess. I was a little hesitant to steal your intellectual property, but it was the first thing that popped into the ole noodle when I read the "54 more weeks to go" post.

Imitation is truest form of flattery...


August 21st, 2010 at 2:22 PM ^

QB: Denard Robinson
RB: Michael Shaw/Michael Cox/Fitzgerald Toussaint (whoever wins the job this year)
LT: Taylor Lewan
LG: Elliott Mealer
C: David Molk
RG: Patrick Omameh
RT: Mark Huyge
WR: Darryl Stonum
WR: Junior Hemingway
SR: Martavious Odoms
SR: Roy Roundtree

DE: Ryan Van Bergen
NT: William Campbell (?)
DT: Mike Martin
DE/LB: Craig Roh
MLB: Kenny Demens
WLB: Mike Jones
Spur: Thomas Gordon
Bandit: Marvin Robinson
CB: J.T. Floyd
CB: Cullen Christian
FS: Cameron Gordon

That's approximiately 16 returning starters for 2011 (give or take).  New starters would be RS sophomore Taylor Lewan, RS junior Elliott Mealer, junior William Campbell, redshirt junior Kenny Demens, junior Mike Jones, and sophomore Marvin Robinson.

That's potentially an entire team with ZERO freshmen forced to start (maybe Demetrius Hart could win the RB job, I guess).  Amazing!

EDIT: I guess I should have put Woolfolk in there somewhere.  It's weird to think of him coming back next year...

El Jeffe

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Who are you, schoolgirl-giddy poster, and what have you done with Magnus's curmudgeonly contrarian cantankerousness?

EDIT: I really hope this isn't actually Emo, who somehow found Magnus's address and is currently wearing a Magnus skin suit. That would really suck for me because Emo isn't nearly as knowledgeable about football as Magnus is.


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alliteration most commonly is repetition of initial consonants.  Repeated beginning vowels can be counted as alliteration also, according to Merriam-Webster.

Assonance usually deals with similar vowels sounds that are preceded by different consonants.

In any case, a non-sarcastic 'thanks' for willingly discussing grammar in a congenial manner.





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Don't forget the snacky cakey schedule (unless it's changed drastically) that includes ND and 3 tomato cans at home (maybe SDSU is .75 tomato can), no PSU, and OSU at home.  The dirsuption of another coaching change would be devastating to an amazingly talented, experienced and deep team.


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If our young LB's step up by the end of the year, we could potentially have the exact same starting lineup as this year across the board with the exception of Dorrenstein.  Wow...


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and as you note "this has been discussed on the board before". What if you re-framed this concept around how great the 11 team will look *after* the 2010 team plays well, goes to a bowl and recruits follow...


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QB Tate? Denard? Devin? RB Vincent? Micheal? Cox? Fitzgerald? Just at those two pos a long make us deep,and look at every other pos,we will be just as deep.I really hope we get it done this year!!!


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This is a more Michigan-esque breakdown (class-wise) of potential starters...

SO: 5
JR: 9
SR: 8

That looks a hell of a lot better than

FR: 3
SO: 8
JR: 7
SR: 4