WAY OT - Fickells get pizza boy fired

Submitted by Willhouse on October 11th, 2012 at 12:23 PM

Apparently, some high school kid that works at a pizzeria in Ohio took an order from Mrs. Luke Fickell. Late in the call, he mentioned that OSU needs to work on their tackling (an astute observation) to the DC's wife.

The next day, he got the pink slip.


I say he relocates to Ann Arbor and works at Cottage Inn. We could use that kind of talent.

"I'm taking my talents to South State Street."

On a serious note, when is it okay for the general public to engage in critical communication with coaches or players? is it okay for professional sports and not college?



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I would bet monopoly millions that if the D continues to struggle and is poorly rated regardless of how OSU finishes up then Meyer finds a new DC.  Remember, he's used to having folks like Mr. Mattison in that role.  Meyer wants always to be able to say that he has the best  coaches and to have one key area being underated will give him the narrative to make that decision.


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That's no way to treat a fellow alumnus.

EDIT:  Missed the whole high school kid part, and my joke is now meaningless.  I will accept my punishment and leave it for the wolves.


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I mean, it depends on how he said it. He probably shouldn't say it at all, but if it was meant as like a light-hearted joke and the Fickells got all butt hurt and serious about it, then they come off dickish for getting him fired. If he was just being flat out insulting, then I understand.

Urban Warfare

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Everett Withers, the former DC and interim head coach at UNC.  Withers is co-DC and assistant head coach, <del>but I have no idea what either of those roles involve</del>.

Eleven Warriors says Withers was brought in to install a new coverage system, and that makes sense.  The secondary has been much more aggressive in terms of getting interceptions than in past years. 


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In all seriousness, the guy probably should have kept his mouth shut. Don't say things to customers that could be taken as an insult. That said, a major college coach needs to learn how to let this kind of thing go. Both of them were wrong. So Ohio.


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I met Al Borges' wife last offseason.  I told her that we need MOAR bubble screens.  She agreed and said that she'd work on Al.  

All of a sudden, BOOM 2 BUBBLE SCREENS last week.



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these days are a bit more likely to push the envelope. He did and lost. I'm not surprised he got canned in buckeye country, questioning the coaches wife on a pizza?? LOL,  Easy to replace a pizza worker; don't want to lose coach's business.


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What if the kid's family has a season ticket package? Would it be okay for him to be critical of the coaching and the team then? He is paying premium dollar for a sub-standard product.

If Mrs. Fickell's pizza sucked, she can call the pizzeria and complain, right?

Just playing devil's advocate here.


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The funniest thing about the story is the drastically different sides to it.  And I love that OSU's public relations department gets involved in this silly little thing.  They don't teach their kids to keep their mouths shut (see all of the past and current players that tweet and say stupid things) but they get involved in the Pizza Incident.  Idiots.


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questioning Mr. Willhouse. He could have gone to OSU's AD and complained. He was in no position to raise the issue at all, ESPECIALLY with the coach's wife, as she is not a football coach and was just trying to order some damn food. Being a season ticket holder has nothing to do with it in this instance. Whatever the case, it appears it was the manager who took the greatest offense at the employee's conduct. While I hate OSU, I don't think they can be correctly characterized as a "substandard product" as they are undefeated.


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Without proper context, I can't say if this is an appropriate response, but my initial thought is that this is such an overreaction.  Oh, your husband has a public job, and a kid in the public criticizses it?  Let's get him fired!  Just seems like a silly thing to do.