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Submitted by Steve Lorenz on November 28th, 2010 at 2:21 AM

Hey guys....

I know it's a rough time but we seriously need to keep our heads in it. As much as we want to hate these are the days when true fans are born. It's seriously hard to turn on ABC at noon and not expect more than what we have but we HAVE to deal with it. It's what has been handed to us. Man up and continue the fight. That's all I really want as a fan. I want to know that fans still have our players' backs! If you aren't a fan of the coaching staff that's your business but remember the players who committed their futures to our program and to us their fans! Honestly, it's been rough but we need to man up and weather the storm. Go Blue! 



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At times like this, I think of my father.  He's been a lifetime Browns fan, even given that the Browns haven't been good, or relevant, for five decades now.  I don't think that Michigan is heading for the same path of DOOM, but if we can survive as painful a transition as this one, we can survive anything.  If this is what it takes to make Michigan immune to mobile threat quarterbacks and the Appalachian States of the world, count me as all in.  So say we all.


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What did they say? Seriously i hate losing but i hate bad fans worse. I can honestly look back at the season and smile knowing we beat ND, beat Illinois in a thriller and are bowl bound. We've come a long way and will only improve.

Most predicted 7-5, now it is here and people are in panic mode. Ignore the pundits and notice how the add no value to the RR- Michigan subject.

Next year we bring the noise and play in the first Big Ten Championship game. Beating OSU twice in one year.

Go Blue!!

Black Socks

November 28th, 2010 at 2:50 AM ^

Can someone please tell us what the f&*% RR did to create all the hatred from the media when he first came on board?  I have never been able to figure this out.  He hasn't been given a fair shot.  We have to give him one more year.


November 28th, 2010 at 3:20 AM ^

I believe it has to do with the way he left West Virginia. He brought the team up to BCS bowl game quality, and as soon as a better offer came along, poof he was gone. Not that I blame him, I mean how can you turn down an offer from the University of Michigan? I think that the Virginians thought he would be more loyal, thus the bad taste in the mouth of the media. And then the lawsuit for violating his contract, ncaa allegations, yada yada yada.


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jmblue alluded to this in a previous thread, but I agree that it may have had something to do with RR shit canning most of the existing coaching staff--save the loquacious Fred Jackson--when he got here.  Not saying it was right or wrong, but it definitely did not engender him to a lot of people who had been around the program.


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Rosenberg was one of those who were very close to the program under Lloyd and that all suddenly changed when RR came in.  In addition, RR's cavalier attitude in overhauling the program may have been off-putting to a lot of people.  No matter if the program needed it or not--it certainly did--change was going to be extremely difficult for a program as stable and successful as Michigan had been over the previous 40 years.  While I sincerely think that RR is a good coach and a good person, most of us can agree that his ability to adapt since coming to Michigan hasn't been one of his strengths.


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I think this contributed to the massive attrition, and to the problem of veterans not buying in that first year, because for the players, it was a shock - everything changed in the program overnight.  The coaches who had recruited and coached them for years were suddenly gone.  I understand RR's rationale - like Carr, he's loyal to his assistants.  But in this case, at such a tradition-bound program, I think it really would have helped him to have retained a few more of Lloyd's guys to help both RR and the players acclimate to the new situation. 


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at the end of the day, it about the wins and losses.  Everything else can be psycho-analyzed until the cows come how.  He just hasn't won enough and couple that with o-fer vs MSU, OSU and PSU and you have a shit storm of gigantic proportions.  I thought he would make it through these last 2 wks since most of us expected that they would result in losses, but now even the most faithful alumni and former players are losing faith.  They are simply sick and tired of the excuses and the losses to our rivals.  If we saw progress outside of the offense, there would be a glimmer of hope, but it has not materialized, and people want a change.

We all know the Detroit MSM is seriously skewed by many from MSU, so we shit can their drivel, but former players see what we are seeing and its simply embarrassing.  Enough is enough.  Coach Rod is a great guy and he has not gotten a fair shake from the media, but that does not excuse the lack of progress.  It was simply not a good match and Brandon needs to think about the future and find a better fit.


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The media members have to realize that is exactly what happens when a new coach comes in. Too bad their heads are so far up their arse. Even Bo fired all of Bump's assistants when he was fired. 

What pisses me off the most about the situation with Rich is how the media and certain former players treated Rich from day one. Anyone who says Rich got a fair chance here is either lying or completely deluded. I wouldn't have a problem with the criticism if it was fair. It is this criticism from day one that has affected our recruiting national perception. 

I am sorry but I am sick and tired of this witch hunt. 


November 28th, 2010 at 12:53 PM ^

I don't believe that's correct about Bump, but even if it is, there's an important difference between replacing a fired coach and replacing one who voluntarily steps down.  The school gave Lloyd the opportunity to leave on his own terms.  I don't think he expected his successor to come in and basically clean house.  If Carr has been less than fully supportive of RR, this is probably the reason why.

U Fer M

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I think what makes it frustrating for me is that the losses weren't even competetive, we just get stomped by much superior teams, and M isn't there yet. I hope we get there, but after watching the game yesterday and seeing the OSU fans in the standing just laughing at M's performance on the field, that was just wrong, or at least hard to watch.

Hoken's Heroes

November 28th, 2010 at 9:32 AM ^

..."we" don't need to keep our heads in at all. It's the team that needs to stay focused. Us batshiat fans can get all douchey and circlejerking all we want. We don't play for the team. The only thing that the team has to do is regroup and try to figure out how to play football so they can, at least, win whatever bowl they are going to. Salvaging the season that way would be the first step for recovery. Next year is where this program under RR either sinks or swims.


November 28th, 2010 at 9:35 AM ^

Every week I read everything Brian has written. Every Saturday, I wake up, put on my jersey, and get pumped for the game. Then, the defense blows what could have been a win. I am very optimistic, but I think we're gonna be drastically better next year. We have to be. If we aren't it's the coach's fault, and then we need to bring in Harbaugh.

Bobby Boucher

November 28th, 2010 at 9:42 AM ^

If you guys think this year was a great test of your fan-loyalty, just wait until next season.  If RR sticks around then the media will be even more ruthless.  Every mistake on the field will be hell to pay from sportswriters.  All twelve games will be win or else, not just from the outside but within our ranks.  The defense, which got progressively worse the past three years, will still be young and most likely have all new coaches.

And if RR is canned, well, anyone remember 2008?  Basically, I'm just going to keep my liquor cabnet stocked. 

But you are correct my man.  These are the times that separate the fans from the bandwagon.  Just stay true to the Blue.


November 28th, 2010 at 10:18 AM ^

Agreed. The amount of scrutiny that RR will face heading into next season will be both monumental and unfamiliar territory for UM fans. Granted, there was some discussion about Lloyd's "job security" going into the last season, especially after the first two games of 2007; however, the "hot seat" meme surrounding RR will start the second the bowl season is over.

Every game will be a "must win" and slip-ups will be rewarded by a chorus of "fire his ass and bring in Harbaugh" from the media and fan base, alike. Frankly, it is going to be a horrible environment for coaches and players.

Moreover, if we thought that negative recruiting was bad in recent years, it will be nothing compared to all the whispers and rumor-mongering on the trail next year. "Why would you commit to UM - do you see the kinda hot seat their staff is under now?" It's going to be brutal.


November 28th, 2010 at 1:37 PM ^

There are MANY reasons (Mr. Obvious here) that the program is down.  These are contributing factors to be sure.  How much is open to debate.  

In an era of so much information, it is naive of us to think that these areas are not read and weighed in a recruit's decision making.

Are the media and disgruntled fans totally responsible?  Of course not.  A little?  Probably.


November 29th, 2010 at 12:43 AM ^

If Rich hadn't lost to every single good team he's played, in increasingly inept fashion, you wouldn't be hearing so many complaints. There's your answer.