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January 8th, 2011 at 8:59 PM ^

Personally, it's very telling only in that it shows that LES MILES wants to be at Michigan not at LSU.  It tells us nothing of Brandon's willingness to make an offer to Les.  I am of the belief that Les was never offered by Bill Martin and that he may not be offered again this time.  

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Why start a new thread, Bando, when the old thread will work just as well?  Better, maybe!  Because with this old thread, we can see pretty clearly that the last time Braylon pulled this sort of stunt, he ended up with his daddy walking back the problem, for the umpteenth time:


So let's just see if Stan Edwards is still phoning into WTKA to clear up another mess for Braylon.  Last time, Stan Edwards was declaring his and Braylon's loyalty to Rich Rodriguez.  Which of course was a fucking lie.

And now Braylon probably thinks its funny to do a little endzone dance around the end of Rich Rodriguez.  Rich Rodriguez has more class in one of his dirty towels than Braylon Edwards will ever possess in his life or in the lives of any of his illegitimate children.  The way Braylon's been driving lately, who knows how long he might live, anyway.

Stan, your son has a little bit of sociopath in him.  That's something you might want to check into.


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and the childish insults in it, if Braylon is a sociopath, it must take one to know one...
<br>Obsessively repeating things over and over? Remembering your every post? "Daddy"? "illegitimate children"? Glad you've never said anything insulting about our former players and coaches like you always say. Wonder how long it will take you to forget this one.
<br>If things you have no control of and the fact no one that matters is listening to your opinion gets you this worked up, you might want to look for some help there...especially when most people agree with Braylon now. It's not healthy.

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What do you suppose Braylon's point was?  Is he raising a middle finger to Rich Rodriguez?  And do you think "most people agree with Braylon now" in the sense of, Good, Rodriguez is finally fired?

I for one would have appreciated it all along if Braylon had just made himself clear on that point.  But we don't know.  Braylon just pulls these cryptic stunts and vague statements from time to time, and then disappears from questioning.

I think that Braylon was in effect saying, I'm havin' nothin' to do with RichRod.  I think you took it that way too, and correctly so.

The sociopathic part of it all is that the last time Braylon was on national television announcing that he is from "Lloyd Carr's University of Michigan," Braylon and Stan quickly retreated from any supposed criticism of Coach Rodriguez.  They denied that meaning.  Stan went on local radio to make that point.  (After which, Braylon promptly said that Coach Rodriguez was "beyond the hot seat.")

You seem to have taken it the way I thought it was intended.  Either you and several million other people misinterpreted, or Braylon and Stan are full of shit and they are very stupid indeed to think that anyone is believing their shit. 

Good news for you is that I think you got it exactly right.

Walsh-Mart Wolverine

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I posted this in another thread but some so called "Michigan Men" rub me the wrong way.  As a matter of fact, I despise alot of Michigan fans.

I love Michigan, and Lloyd Carr for that matter, but if being a "Michigan Man" is treating everyone who is not like shit, you can have it. 

RR, who I supported and miss by the way, is gone and still getting cheap shots.  What a joke.

Good luck getting an outsider to coach here again, even he is the best candidate.

That is all. I feel better now.


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he hopes to be playing for bigger stakes next year. Coachspeak of course but that tells me he is not coming. As much as I hate to say it, I can not see us playing in a better bowl than the Cotton next year. He sure dodged the question though.

The Baughz

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Wow I did not see this. That was very telling. That just bummed me out after reading all the Gruden stuff. I can live with Miles coaching UM, but not over Gruden.

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Because that way I wouldn't have to change my opinion of him.  I hope it sends a chill through Baton Rouge and they give him a 20-year contract extension.

God almighty, it would be fun to see Drew Sharp freak out over that one.  A real, live coaching "cheater."  Not any of the trivial, technical shit like Rich Rodriguez.  And best of all, a coach out of the vastly superior SEC...


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I would say that his uncetainty is the most certain thing I have seen in all of this. Still won't believe it until a press confrence. Personally not my choice (integrity issues) but if is so I will support him.


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And he's listening to the offer.  He maybe leveraging for a final payout (everyone's doing it - AMIRIGHT).  But that's about all there.  That was the "pay up" look!  And LSU will!  If we don't hear a word by Tuesday we have a problem. 

Maybe it's me but how could DB risk the recruiting class.  That's what started this mess in the first place. I'm just...I'm out of words.  I'm waiting.  Please don't disappoint!  Come through big DB...You make the bucks to work this out.  This is your moment DB.  Make us proud.


January 8th, 2011 at 8:56 PM ^

Wouldn't it be done by now?  Why would Brandon have to wait until after some meaningless bowl game to approach him and put a deal in place?

I still think Les wants an offer that ain't coming.


January 8th, 2011 at 9:12 PM ^

We're just now seeking permission to talk to him? Ughh, maybe I don't know shit, but as AD, I would have had the ground troops seeking permission for him, and any other possible candidates, weeks ago...you know...just in case.