Under the Lights II logo, other info released

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- The University of Michigan Athletic Department revealed the Under the Lights II logo on Monday (July 29) as well as other new information about the game. The second night game in school history will be the final time that Notre Dame plays at Michigan Stadium for the foreseeable future.

The U-M Athletic Ticket Office will begin taking ticket orders for the Sept. 7 primetime game against Notre Dame starting this Tuesday, July 30. For information on eligibility and how to obtain tickets, visithttp://www.mgoblue.com/tickets/fbl-index.html.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network are the presenting game day sponsors for this 41st game in the storied rivalry between two of college football's winningest programs. BCBSM is helping to provide two separate giveaways to attendees: maize pom pons and LED bracelets.

The athletic department has an exciting pre-game ceremony planned to honor former Wolverine and Heisman Trophy winner Tom Harmon. He will be celebrated as a Michigan Football Legend and his No. 98 jersey will be returning to the field that evening. Harmon will be featured on the ticket artwork and in a 16-page commemorative section of the game program.

U-M has created a special logo with apparel provider adidas. The Under the Lights II logo will be featured on a limited amount of merchandise for sale at M Den locations or online at MDen.com.

This will be the third straight primetime game played between the Wolverines and Fighting Irish. The first night game in Michigan Stadium history came against Notre Dame on Sept. 10, 2011, a 35-31 Wolverine victory on a 16-yard touchdown pass from Denard Robinson to Roy Roundtree with two seconds left in the contest. Michigan has a 23-16-1 record all-time against Notre Dame and is 12-7 at home.

Stay tuned for more exciting news surrounding the night game in the coming weeks.

I wonder what the exciting news will be. Wouldn't mind seeing the Legacy helmets again.

It also bugs me they are going to give someone #98. There will never be another player like Harmon that does everything. Harmon passed, ran, caught passes, played defense, kicked extra points, kicked off and punted. He was in movies, pro football and did broadcasting. His plane was shot down in WWII and he walked to safety. The doctors said that he would never be able to play offense again so he played defense in the later years of his pro football career. He even got a standing ovation in ohio stadium after dominating ohio 40-0. And juked out a drunk Cal Bears fan who ran on the field and tried to tackle him. 

The only reason his son, Mark Harmon (most known for his NCIS acting) didn't come to Michigan is because he didn't want to be in father's shadow and be compared to him. He attended UCLA instead and played QB from 1972-1973. Michigan played the Mark Harmon-led #6 UCLA team in 1972 and blew them away 26-9.




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Do want T-Shirt.

Edit:  I have a very cool picture of Tom Harmon that I found in an antique store years ago that came from an old LIFE magazine.  I matted and framed it for my dad as a gift and it hung on his wall until recently.  I kept it after he passed away recently, and I think I'll be on a mission to take that picture to this particular game in September.  Should be very cool.


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the Michigan v. Notre Dame game!!!  As long as all of our night games have to be "named" like fucking Rocky 2 we can never have just night games. 

Smoked Gouda

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Curious as to what everyone's predictions are for that at the moment?

Their DL scares me against what's going to be a very young and very inexperienced interior OL for us, especially that early in the season. And their defense should be strong overall (sans Teo).

Offense should (hopefully) regress with the loss of Golson and Riddick.


I'll take UM 24-20

Michigan Arrogance

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 the last 2 games were as close as it gets. In fact thinking about last year, we had TOs on 3 consecutive offensive plays last year (IIRC) and 5 total and BARELY lost on the road.

Now, M is at home and you tell me which team is expected to progress VS regress from last year to this year. We have the edge at QB.

Historically, the dog has owned this series but I like M to run away with this this one the more I think about it.

Wolverine Devotee

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There is money to be made.

The other day I was at the MDen (shocker) and saw Michigan TRAFFIC CONES. Anything you can think of, you slap a block M on it and paint it Maize and Blue, the herds of sheep will buy it.

Talk about sheep, I own every pair of the receiver gloves from 2011-2012. I spent $350 on 7 pairs of gloves that I put on display next to the jersey from that game. 


Wolverine Devotee

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Actually it was $375. I forgot to include the 2012 Pink Game gloves I got for a discount at MDen.
  • Legacy Gloves - $50

  • Road Legacy Gloves - $50

  • 2011 Breat Cancer Awareness Pink Gloves (vs Purdue) - $50

  • Sugar Bowl Gloves - $50

  • Cowboys Classic Classic Gloves - $50

  • 2012 Home Gloves - $50

  • 2012 Road Gloves - $50

  • 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Gloves (vs Illinois)



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With the stupid rules in place for jersey numbers, I'm not sure that can happen. There are actually 3 more Legend numbers up for grabs this year in addition to the induction of Harmon. 

My lineup-

Gallon - #21

Funchess - #87

T. Gordon - #11

Washington - #98

I'm going with Thomas Gordon and Lewan as team captains. 

Wolverine Devotee

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Gallon is a lock for 21 being the big play threat.

Funchess is a good pick for 87. Kramer played End and LB and I think the staff made a huge mistake last year not giving 87 to Demens or maybe even Roh who Kramer's granddaughter suggested. 

I think Quinton Washington should be #11 because all three Wistert brothers played tackle which was both offensive and defensive back in the day so that would work. And #11 is clearly allowed for DTs since ND has a #9 DT.

#98....no clue. No elite RB yet or even a deserving RB. Last year everyone at the RB position did diddly poo. Even though Fitz was injured at the end, he did not have a good year at all. 

So I don't know. I can't see and don't want to see a Legend number go to a freshman. 


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Tom Harmon was really a one of a kind athlete and one of the greatest Heisman trophy winners in all of college football. He played so many different positions and even went off to war during WWII. A tough as nails player and a guy that could run like he was flying. He's the measure of quality all Michigan players are expected to be but he went beyond it. I say 98 should stay retired forever.


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I don't like how this sounds: "Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network are the presenting game day sponsors...."

This seems like a small step down the slope to Sparty-style in-stadium advertising. I know the Big Chill was sponsored by Arby's, but the argument that hockey had ads/sponsors year round at least kind of applies there. And I was at the first night game and don't remember any "game sponsor" (but if there was one I can at least be glad to know their advertising wasn't effective). But my two cents: I don't like this sponsorship business.



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Gonna throw this out there but I bet they are going to go with chrome/shiny Sparty 2012 style helmets for this game. Just a prediction from I and I but I just have that feeling (especially since it was mentioned last year at one point). All the traditionals will really hate it, but I think they would be pretty slick.


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Is this a new spelling? Is it always that way?

Either way, hate this. A terrifying WHOOSH sound to you, Irish kicker.

Led bracelets - interesting. Wonder of they will do some lights out halftime. I think yet were supposed to last time, but couldn't get things to work. Remember the flag team had on tron suits.


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Is there video of the UTL I halftime show with the tron suits?  The small parts I saw of it looked creepy in a fascinating sort of way.  I have never been able to find the whole show.


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religion of sports and fans nationwide gather to witness these holy events every Saturday two schools once again will go head to head in a classic matchup from a tale as old as time itself.

Witness big hits, thrilling touchdowns and nail biting moments in this fall's biggest blockbuster of the year! From the people who brought you "Under the Lights" comes a sequel that will send chills down your spine.

Staring Brady Hoke, Devin Gardner, Brian Kelly and Tommy Reese battle in the epic saga of Notre Dame vs Michigan

UNDER THE LIGHTS PART 2. Coming this September 7th, 2013.

The beginning of the end to this epic saga comes this fall...


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my wife's cousin is getting married at 3pm and both our son and daughter are in the wedding.  I am all for going to the wedding and then skipping the party to head to ann arbor and meet up with my senior year house mates (we meet up once a year).

my wife thinks this is anti-family.  I think my college friends are more my family than any one before or since...

this could get ugly.

418 high st. 1999-2000 was the place to be. I am sure one of the guys will let me come home with them...


Der Alte

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 The New York Times article dated November 24, 1940, underscores the incredible performance turned in by Tom Harmon and the Michigan team during Harmon's final game in a Michigan uniform.

M long scoring drives were 80, 81, 77, 52, and 52 yards. The 81-yard score was a punt return. M apparently scored one short-yardage TD for a total of six. Harmon made 4 PATs; either he or someone else missed a couple. M scoring by quarters was 13,7,13,7. And yes, as has been mentioned, Harmon punted 3 times for a 50-yard average.

The truly amazing stat was total offense. M gained 299 yards rushing, 148 passing. Ohio, meanwhile, gained 87 rushing yards while passing for 33. M intercepted 6 Ohio passes, while giving up 2. It’s no wonder that, as the Times reported,

"Harmon, unhampered by the slippery turf, also turned in some great blocking, and when he left the game after his final touchdown --- with only 38 seconds to play --- the crowd gave him one of the greatest ovations ever tendered in Ohio Stadium."