Tate is throwing twice a week, Jerald Robinson gains a "freshman 10" in 16 days

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A couple of interesting nuggets in this article:

- Jerald Robinson has gained 10 pounds to his 6'2", 195 pound frame.

- Tate (and Denard and Devin, presumably) are throwing twice a week to the WRs.

The outside WR rotation going into 2010 consisted of Stonum, Hemingway, and Je'Ron Stokes. It should not be surprising, especially given their early enrollment, if Robinson, Jackson and Miller see relevant reps next year.


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I totally respect the effort and discipline required to run marathons and the different motivations people have for running them. But there's a pretty widespread consensus amongst people who study this sort of thing that extremely prolonged, medium-intensity cardiovascular work is a terrible tool for "improving" body composition. The actual physiological response is I'm sure quite a bit more complicated, but it boils down to training your body to store energy.


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I'm not sure what you are saying here... If by training your body to store energy you mean adding fat, that's wrong. The body doesn't say to itself "hey, we need lots of energy let's pack on fat!" it says "hey, we need lots of energy so let's become more efficient with the substrates we have". As you train you convert your type 2a and b muscle fibers to type 1 (or something close to it because there really isn't such a clear cut line like that). Type 1's are smaller so you aren't going to because jacked and tan from running. You will, however, positively effect things like insulin sensitivity, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, general cardiovascular fitness, and even psychological well being. Ask any doctor or physiologist and this is much more important that your body fat %.

Many people will put on weight during marathon training because of a couple reasons: 1. Endurance training causes a rise in blood volume and overall body water content. 2. Yes, people actually do gain muscle when running (yes, yes I know ethiopians are skinny). 3. People tend to over compensate for their training and remain or go into a positive calorie balance. Along those same lines, people negate any increases in metabolic rate by resting the rest of day after training. Simply continuing your daily activities like mowing the lawn or walking the dog will keep your metabolism up.

I'll just stop there. No need to write a book.

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Yeah, your explanations of the physiological response are probably a lot more accurate - I'm just basically passing along received wisdom from meatheads with and without PhDs. That said, I think that there's a fair bit of evidence showing that marathon-type training, holding other factors equal, does not do your body fat % any favors relative to more intense, shorter-duration work. I also completely agree that there are more important things in the world than having hawt abz, hence the quotes around "improve".


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right if you do 60 min of low slow stuff or 60 min of interval training it's winner winner chicken dinner to the intervals.

Sorry if I came off as a dick, I was a little worried where you were going with that. I can't tell you how many friends/family members have said something like and worked their way into spot burning. Spot burning is a virus upon exercise physiology that will never die.


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I think it has a lot to do with #3. As for appearing "fit", I looked a lot better in the summer from a combination of weight training, cardio, and watching my caloric intake. I recently had shoulder surgery so my weight training was put on the back burner and I figured running was my best option. I found a charity (leukemia and lymphoma society) and train with a group (TNT) that raises money to help fund blood cancer research. I figure it's a good cause and a great way to stay in shape while I heal. As of right now I like the training but ask me after the event and I might have a different opinion.

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I was thinking the same thing. Even for someone just exiting adolescence, 10 pounds of muscle in just over 2 weeks strains the humanly possible -- which suggests that maybe this isn't great weight for a receiver to be carrying around. Then again, maybe the plan for the young guys is to have them add as much muscle as possible in the winter and then lean down in the spring and summer.


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The author of the article is pretty clearly a buckeye homer as well. Things like "given the last 2 years, even UConn deserves a countdown" and "none of the 8 ohio recruits received OSU offers" annnnd my favorite "Rodriguez may be coaching for his job this fall"

Geez, really great job at staying unbiased there....


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Our 1st work out article of the offseason....keep em coming after the championship games this weekend all we have is signing day and Super Bowl for the next 2 months.

I need to know P. Omameh is nowlifting as much as Mike Martin and that when you reach that amount of weight your skin is dyed green and we rip all your pants into boaters.


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If he's actually gained 10 pounds and we're supposed to believe that it's lean mass, then we're probably just talking about him not having been weighed in a while. If he's gained 10 pounds since arriving at Michigan, he's clearly been crushing that new Domino's recipe pizza.


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I see in this article is that Tate is throwing twice a week, which suggests the shoulder is progressing well, considering he got surgery over Christmas Break.


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The comments at the bottom of the article are so lop-sided, funny to read. I really hope Jerald and Ricardo make a great 1-2 combo for years to come. I haven't heard anything about Je'ron in a while as far as how he is progressing, but it seemed like he has just about the same recruiting rankings coming in as those two did. If you really just look at all the weapons this offense is going to have over multiple years it should be quite a show. JUST LET THE O-LINE STAY HEALTHY and I think we should be prepped for a fine season.

I know there was a chart posted at the beginning of b-ball season showing how much better freshman players get moving from their freshman to sophomore years. I wish there was a chart like that for freshman QBs. I guess the sample size would be pretty small since a LOT more freshman play b-ball than freshman QBs. I don't see a reason not to think he won't improve dramatically because so many of last years' games rested on his shoulders where as like Pryor was bailed out by a great running game and fantastic defense. Here's hoping...


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here is what Tate did this year:

Com Att Yard % y/a lo td int sacked
165 281 2050 58.7 7.30 76 13 10 25

Brian likes to compare Tate to, er, Drew Tate, and here is what Drew Tate did his sophomore year:

233 375 2786 62.1 7.43 60 20 14 36

Other than the INTs and sacks, I'd take those numbers.


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The presumption by the OP can't be quantified. We don't know when Jerald Robinson was last weighed. For example, is the writer referring to his preseason weight or his "recruiting" weight? Was the same scale used to weigh him when he arrived and then 16 days later?

I am guessing that there is nothing abnormal about Robinson's weight gain, and that it is a combination of the holidays, the natural growth of a seventeen year-old during the season, and putting on a pound or two at the most in the weight room.

This does beg a question, though? What is Jerald Robinson's mgoblog name going to be? Jerald? JRob?


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actually, the presumption CAN be quantified. Let's start with this set of sentences:

The former Wildcat wide receiver arrived in Ann Arbor on Jan. 3. He started classes Jan. 6. Every Tuesday and Thursday since, he has been catching footballs from Michigan QB Tate Forcier. He has been working out. He already has added about 10 pounds to his 6-foot-2, 195-pound frame.

Back to JG: Focusing on the term "already" indicates that the writer of this article was basing use of the term on either Robinson's arrival in Ann Arbor on January 3rd, or starting class on January 6th. There is no reason to say "already" if the writer was referring to, for example, the day Robinson committed to Michigan. The context of the term "already" leads you to his arrival on campus.

So yes, 10 pounds in 16 days might not be right (19 would be), but the way the writer of the article has framed the paragraphs, the assertion is that, since Robinson has arrived in Ann Arbor, at the least, he's gained 10 pounds.


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10 lbs in 16 days? Wow when did Michigan hire Gittleson and his pizza diets back? Can't say I miss the days of overweight and out of shape OL and DL breathing hard in the latter parts of a game though.