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Submitted by James Burrill Angell on April 2nd, 2012 at 11:24 PM

I've been waiting for a particularly slow time on the Board to post this and the below somewhat misguided post about Louis Bullock made me remember to ask. So, I was wondering if the Board wants to set after the task on sounding off on former M Football and basketball players coaching HS, college or pro. I wanted to see how extensive of a list there really is. Off the top of my head I can think of:

Curt Mallory, right here at home

Mike Hart and Kurt Anderson at EMU

Ty Wheatley and Steve Morrison coach at Syracuse

Scott Loeffler is the OC at Auburn

Rod Payne was coaching at FAU but is now head coach at Spanish River HS (alma mater of Remy Hamilton)

Ricky Powers is coaching at Buchtel HS in Akron

Ron Bellamy is head coach at West Bloomfield HS

Obviously Les Miles at LSU,

Jim Harbaugh at the 49ers


I know there are a bunch more. I just can't think of them. Figured it might be a fun exercise for the Board in these slow times. Links are also appreciated.

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Don Nehlen, former head coach for WVU, was on the M staff when I was at M, or maybe just before then. I don't know if he is doing anything now, but he was part of the Bo era.

Do we count M coaches that did not play for us in this grouping? We've had some coaches that did not play for us, but went on to big things.


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I just saw in the thread that people are mentioning HS coaches, and it wouldn't surprise me if he is stil doing that. However, you are more likely right than wrong in your assumption that he is fully retired.

More to the point though, do people have to have played for us, or can they have only been coaches to qualify for this list ? ? ?


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Perhaps we can add a seperate yet incorporated list of all the former M players that are coaching and where. Its interesting seeing names pop up in different places such as Roy Manning at Cinci, itd be cool to know what everyone else is up to. 

rob f

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(defensive tackle at U of M in the early 70's for Bo) is HC at Siena Heights in Adrian, MI---he used to be Head Coach for Adrian College for quite a while.


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Just kidding.  I actually like this thread, but reading the OP was a little annoying.  I'm guessing the format got jacked up while posting from a phone?...hence the lack of bullet points or commas.  Sorry, don't mean to dwell.  I do like the content of this thread.  I always like to be reminded of the success of all the Michigan players after they finish their playing careers.


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As mentioned before....Mike Trgovac is in the NFL...also, Jim Herrmann is with the Giants.  Coach Hoke's brother Jon is the secondary coach for the Bears, Chuck Heater is DC at Temple 

Rocking Chair

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When Don Moorhead graduated in 1970, he had set 24 records at Michigan including total offense (breaking the record set by Michigan All-American and Heisman Trophy runner-up Bob Chappuis), most yards gained passing, most passes attempted and most passes completed. (In Bo's "three yards and a cloud of dust" offense!).

After 6 years in the CFL he taught and coached for 30 years, spending the last 15 years before retiring in 2010 at Paw Paw High School where he served as Athletic Director.




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Can we get a chart on this (any MGoNlogger with more time than me...)?

Maybe a HS list, a college list, and an NFL list?

Could it have this info:




When at UM