Students get caught with weed and alcohol in the Big House

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It might be a time-honored tradition to break into The Big House and run around on the field, but an illegal trip to the Ann Arbor landmark ended in handcuffs early Wednesday. Six University of Michigan students and one visitor were found with alcohol and marijuana on the turf of Michigan Stadium, according to police.
According to the University of Michigan Police Department’s summary, the people were found at 2:41 a.m. Wednesday. The stadium is at 1201 S. Main St. Police stated all seven were cited for unlawful entry.
One student was arrested for minor in possession of alcohol, a second student was arrested for an MIP and possession of suspected marijuana and a third student was arrested for failure to provide identification.
All seven people were processed and released pending warrant authorization from the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office, according to police.



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Yeah, there's no way that letting people wander around the Stadium un-monitored late at night two days before 110,000 people will be there could ever be a problem. Cause nobody in the world would ever think that it would be nice to hurt large numbers of people in America.


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Hey, I am second to nobody in wishing that the Stadium still allowed general visitors. I have never been able to show my children the inside of the Stadium, nor the commemorative bricks my Dad (who died before they were born) and I got together, on any of our visits back home. It's a special place that I have no access to.

But I understand why security is an issue. Particularly late at night. Now, these students aren't going to spend years in prison, and I don't think they should, but in today's world common sense safety is extremely important. This sort of thing just can't be winked at.


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It's best not to let anybody have any fun, and to give as many young people as possible criminal records, because security theater is keeping us safe from the the terrorists, who might otherwise try to take from us those very hard-won freedoms that we have already sacrificed to the manufactured fears of the security-industrial complex.


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You know what's a great way to avoid a criminal record? Not committing crimes. I was young and dumb once and I managed to skate by, and it wasn't because I either didn't do stupid things (I did, though legal) or because I didn't get caught.

Preventing people from trespassing willy-nilly in locked facilities is not depriving them of freedom. Nor is caution in a venue that periodically holds 110,000 people unwise. Yes, it is inconvenient to have to have bags searched and have safety officers visible on the premises of the Stadium, but that's not a huge price to pay--and the reason they don't have to do more is because they secure the Stadium at other times.

I didn't want to pull this argument out of the bag, but suggesting that being cautious is purely due to "manufactured fears" is foolish. There are people who would, given the opportunity, relish the opportunity to inflict death and injury to massive quantities of people. A football stadium with 110,000, enjoying a highly American cultural activity, in extremely close proximity, is an inviting target. A Boston Marathon-type home improv device could kill dozens or worse, plus all the damage from panic; something larger could be much more destructive.

Now there are (political, inappropriate-for-this-board) conversations to be had about other aspects of our nation's security precautions, but keeping the Stadium secure at night seems like a wise idea to me.


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I feel that's a pretty good guideline for everything in life.  Ex: My girlfriend was talking to her friends about her weekend.
Girlfriend: Hey!  My boyfriend met my grandparents this weekend.
Friend: How did that go?
Girlfriend: Well, at least he still had his pants on.


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That one kid on the blog asked what the consequences were for sneaking in to the Big House, and I said don't do it if you are drunk and underage.  Hopefully this wasn't him lol


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A friend of mine had sex with her boyfriend in the tunnel one night. I think she wins for most adventurous break-in of the stadium


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SpaceCoyote. Thanks for the chuckle.

Anyways college kids do really dumb stuff sometimes. I don't know why they thought it would be a good idea combining the two.

- Drinking (underage) & smoking some dope at home = No one finds out
- Break into the Big House = slap on the wrist at the most

But when you add  underage drinking, smoking weed, and breaking into the Big House, you're just forcing the police's hand, and that only ends up with you in trouble.

Mr. Yost

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I remember when they didn't even lock the Michigan Stadium. THOSE were the days.

Then in high school, my mother did the worst thing any mother could ever do to her 14 year old child. She moved us from Ann Arbor to Columbus, OH for her new job.

That said, one of my favorite memories as a kid was my senior year in high school, we had a Best of 7 Championship Series played on the field at the Shoe at midnight every Friday (technically Saturday) before Ohio had a game.

It was awesome, 6v6, we'd meet at 11pm and get pizza at this place around the corner then walk down to the stadium, hop the gates, and play a game at the stoke of midnight.

Series actually went 7 games too... we won 4-3. Ahh, to be a kid again. Fuck work, 3:30 tomorrow can't get here soon enough. Oh, and GET OFF MY LAWN!



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Was in there one evening with my buddy, and they locked the gates on us.  We found the old brick ticket booth that straddled the chain link fence, threw our bikes on the roof of it, got up there and climbed the fence back down. There was no such thing as an MIP ticket then, but ...


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There were a couple of times in the 90's after basketball games that the gates were open and people would toss the football around in there.  They just had someone guarding the tunnel to make sure nobody went back there.  I'm not sure why they stopped that.  I thought it was because the grass wasn't in that great of shape before the field turf was put in.


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...they didn't get the munchies and crave macaroni and cheese, otherwise they could have been hit with destruction of property and theft as well. On the other hand, had that happened, this board would have been a much happier place today...