Stefon Diggs top list

Submitted by rman247 on October 4th, 2011 at 4:17 PM

Surprising enough, we are in Diggs' top eleven!  Also the only team in the northern area.  Very unlikely, but I'm sure he is thrilled to see Countess getting some nice playing time.  The only team not in his top fifteen to make the list is USC.



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For months it has been clear he is not interested in UofM, and as the op stated Michigan is his only school in the North. It has been clear he wasn't interested in Michigan months ago when he was leaving UofM off his lists of schools he is interested in on Twitter (posted on MGoBlog). People have been hoping the Countess connection would help us, but as another poster stated, there was a period of time when UofM was rumored to no longer be recruiting him. I can understand why it is exciting a top prospect, a five star WR, is interested in us by listing us in his top group, as I was like that too when I first started following Michigan football and recruiting online. Nonetheless, many of these 5 star kids who are not from Michigan, have not visited or haven't mentioned visiting ever (Banner visited), and haven't been lifelong Michigan fans (such as Yuri Wright) really don't care and aren't very interested in Michigan beyond listing them in their top 6 or 10 or 11 or 15, since it makes them look more talented, better, or cooler among their friends at school. Really what makes you think we even have a chance with Diggs? I can't recall anyone including him in the recruiting updates or him even mentioning Michigan. The Demar Dorsey landings of the world are exceptions, not the norm. I can understand why the op wanted to include the info as it relates to Michigan, but we do not really stand a chance to land him and the info is inconsequential. That was my point. When we are in his top 5 or fewer, then we stand a chance to land him.


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Anybody who would love to see this guy in a winged helmet, raise your hand.

::Raises both hands::

Now anybody who thinks we have a legitimate shot at this guy, raise your hand.

I'm with ya, buddy.


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Oh wait a second, don't be such pessimists. I wouldn't be. It's obvious that as the only Northern team on there, we're on there for a reason. And, juding by the way his people were talking I wouldn't be at all suprised to see him wearing the numbered helmets of the maze and blue!


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It doesn't matter if we're on his list or not. Sam Webb has said numerous times it's a situation similar to Aaron Burbridge. So don't expect to see him here.


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We want guys with a fanatical love for Michigan.  Guys whose toughness is only exceeded by their incredible accountability.

There appears to be just such a wide receiver out there.  His name is Jordan Payton.

Les Miles

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The fact that Diggs and Countess obviously went up against eachother in practice makes me even happier that we have countess. He had a whole year (two?) to go one on one against 5 star talent.