Speight to compete in Oakland Elite 11 camp

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It appears Wilton will be competing in the Oakland, Ca Elite 11 regional competition.  The article is paywalled but a brief overview.  Speight has an effortless release, sound pocket presence and natural leadership skills as well.  He was listed among those to watch out for.

http://michigan.scout.com/2/1292390.html  ($)



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I understand that recruiting sites need to make money but paywalling an article discussing Speight in the Elite 11?  Scout seems to be notorious for paywalled information whereas Rivals at least will allow free reads for basic information such as this.  Plus, he hasn't even competed yet.



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Makes me sick how there is all this talk of schools making money off young adults and yet nobody mentions how these sites make money off of actual kids. At least the schools provide a service (education and exposure) for their attention and play. These sites hound KIDS (literal not 18 yet kids), beg for info from them to generate money and info given or not often skew headlines to generate about them to generate money. They provide ZERO service. Sure, some kids are like Arnett and such and like the attention but many more would rather not have to hear from those sites along with schools. The sites don't pay them for their words, opinions, thoughts, stories, etc. Nothing. Yet, make a lot of money off of them. Once they go to school they focus their time on the next crop and disgustingly are engaging these kids younger and earlier. Money difference is huge, I know. Yet, the principal is the same and worse as at least the schools provide SOMETHING. I say F#CK pay sites. Literally became sad for a few mins when Steve went to 247.


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I don't have a side in the fight for the "kids" or college players. My side in any fight is the hypocracy in a person or group complaining about adults receiving SOMETHING for their play while pay sites make money off of them as kids while giving them NOTHING. They don't get a fee per interview. No education, etc. The question/point of hating free sites as well as pay sites is missing the point. Pay sites make money and often skew words/headlines to generate money off a kids thoughts. These sites use services and connections built over years to get these kids numbers and such. Most (as noted in many interviews) just suddenly start getting bombarded by pay site guys reaquesting info. Free sites generally don't make money (other than traffic which is maybe living wage if a popular site/blog) and have to use modern social media to reach out to the kid and ASK for an interview or info. The kid has the choice there and some do and some don't but the point is that they have the choice. With the pay sites, when a kid doesn't want to be bothered they often have to tell the site/s to leave them alone multiple times. Even then, the site will use their name to generate bogus headlines and subs. The hypocracy is what bothers me. I love and follow CFB & CFB recruiting like most here but I get all my info from here, second hand from a site or twitter/FB. Had a free scout membership but left because it's a lame site and not some principal stated above. My only point was to point out how people cry about adult players ONLY getting an education, free medical, free roof, etc and then say nothing about companies hounding these kids for profit while providing nothing outside of exposure they rarely need and sometimes do love (Arnett types). Just something I've always found odd and not necessarily the lone reason I dislike paysites. I even dislike their revenue system. I think info that a kid chooses to give out should be free (recruiting wise). How make money you ask? Ads. May the best site win with traffic. Imagine NSD with an ad/traffic revenue system! Plus, it would end the crap sites as people would naturally flow to the best setup, interviewers, pundits, prognosticates, ranking accuracy, etc. *Sorry for format, android app is a million times better than the old but still doesn't allow paragraphs*

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I get what you're saying that these sites make money off of these kids, but at its core, its news gathering and reporting.  There's a large audience of people out there that want to know what's going on with these recruits and what the latest news is.  Much in the same way there's an audience in every town that wants to know what the latest news in the community is.  

Both the recruiting services and your local news send reporters out to news worthy events, get quotes from notable people, and deliver that infomation to their audience and profit off the ads they sell built around there news reporting.  The recruits don't get money in the same way the local gardener doens't get any money when he's interviewed about having the city's most kick ass garden.

And everybody in news distorts headlines.  Its called a tease and it gets you to tune in or click on a link. "Is there something in your house that can kill you?  Story at 11."

When interest in these recruits dries up (not happening any time soon) the sites will dry up too.  But in the meantime, this is just how news works.  Deal with it.


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As we have seen with others who have competed in these camps - even if they struggle a bit they get noticed.  And with other camps on his slate, he will have plenty of time to learn from his flaws from this camp and take advantage to get better.  Having only a few camps with a smaller body of work I think works against the recruits.  If he can prove that he can grow and learn from these camps and get better against a larger sample size, he will be better off.


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I think it's great when a recruit betters his "personal brand," and it makes him a better recruiter.  I don't know how long it's going to be before the smaller schools in the NCAA decide that it's "unfair" when incoming commits recruit for their schools, and try to regulate it by outvoting the bigger schools, but for now, it's a big part of Michigan's recuiting.  

Everybody wins.  The services make money, the fans get the info they want, and kids get exposure to help better themselves.


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I doubt that Speight is traveling across the country just for help with his ratings.  Or even the experience really.  I would bet the primary reason he's going is to get an invitation to the Elite 11 Finals and The Opening held at the end of June at Nike's headquarters.  The only way to go is to compete in one of these events.  And at those events, you do get a ton of experience and training.

Plus, for the recruits, that's a hell of a free trip and a lot of nice swag.  I'm just surprised he didn't go to the Elite 11/NFTC that was held in his own backyard (Wash. DC) a few weeks ago.  Maybe he just wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge.


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this is good because everyone wants Morris to get a redshirt, but he isn't the last fantastic qb that will come to AA.  I live in VA, and I know coaches around the state, and Speight is legit, So is it the end of the world is Morris backs up for 2 years, and starts for 2?  with Speight starting the 2 after that. and the next qb that comes gets his 2 years after that?

PB-J Time

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I know that we have all assumed for awhile (quite long when you consider he is still in a high school class right now!) that Shane Morris is THE FUTURE of the QB position in Ann Arbor. Although I very much hope that is the case the more I see & read about Speight makes it seem as though he could really push Morris or maybe...MAYBE...compete to take the starting job.


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I think I agree that Speight could push Morris. Morris at this point is kind of a gunslinger, has all the arm strength in the world, but as the OP mentioned, Speight looks so effortless in his delivery and seems to have very good accuracy. Morris in the Under Armor game didn't really blow away alot of people, although he didn't play much his senior season which could have affected that performance.


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Morris' ceiling is just so high because of that arm.  He has some of the best arm strength of any QB prospect I've seen since Mallett.  But he's raw.  As you mentioned, he's a gunslinger, and tries to rocket everything it seems like.  Consistancy is also an issue, as has been pointed out.  Like in the UA game, he had some poor throws, but he also probably had the best throw of the game.  Everybody forgets it because it ended up incomplete, but he threw a perfect ball on a long fade to Treadwell in the endzone.  Treadwell was very well covered by Hargreaves (last year's best CB), but Morris put it high and away right in stride, so only Treadwell could get it.  Treadwell went up, got both hands on it, and then lost it when Hargreaves got a hand on it asTreadwell was bringing it into his body.  Treadwell holds onto that and Morris' stat line looks a lot better.  Did anybody else even throw a TD in that game?  Anyway, Morris' may not be sure thing, but if he can harness that potential and find consistancy, then he can be that proverbial 'special' talent.


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Morris's senior year and Under Armour performance dampened a lot of excitement about him. I don't think we should overreact to those things, but they're a part of the "evaluation."  The fact is that he didn't do so hot.  On the flip side, he did well at The Opening last summer.  

I Like Burgers

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His performance at The Opening was pre mono too.  His shaky play in his senior year and at the UA game were all after his body said "no mas."  So hopefully, pre mono Shane is the real one.

Or you know, he's a 17/18 year old kid and they have up and down days.


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It all depends on if Morris redshirts (which I still prefer) ....but Speight might get a year or two of starting in the end. I hope he sticks around by then.


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Remember all those highlights of Nik Stauskas missing all those shots before he got to college?  It was right when I saw those highlights that I knew he would be a great shooter in college.


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Not really.  Different kids' hightlight videos emphasize different things.  Shane didn't show off "inhuman" accuracy in his highlights, but instead showed off his arm strength.  It's not like he had four minutes of hitting guys in stride.  

Speight had lots and lots of throws where he fits a ball in perfectly.  Most QBs don't have highlight videos like that because they'd have to show the same 7 perfect throws over and over again.  


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Okay, I just re-watched the first 2:15 of Shane's junior highlights, and - except for his runs/scrambles - the video highlights his accuracy.  Deep balls are part of it, but so are throws to the sideline, throws to the back of the end zone, fitting the ball in between the safety/corner, etc.

The point is that a QB could complete 25% of 200 passes on the year, but if his highlight film shows just those 50 complete passes out there, someone could say, "Wow, this guy's really accurate."