RUMOR: Winter Classic 2013: Red Wings vs Maple Leafs in the Big House!

Submitted by Drill on January 4th, 2012 at 2:41 PM!/downwithdetroit/status/154642007980113920

NHL confirms 2013 Winter Classic will be at the Big House between the Red Wings and the Maple Leafs.!/downwithdetroit/status/154642007980113920

Source is XX1090AM in San Diego.


Detroit Sports Zone and others are attempting to verify.


@971theticketxyt just said various reports out about the Winter Classic at the Big House between the Wings and Leafs.

That could just be referring to everyone talking about it now though.

UPDATE #2:!/everettcook/status/154683340862140417

Sources tell me reports of winter classic in the big house are premature. No talks about event yet

That's the Michigan Daily senior editor and hockey writer.



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The types of people who attend premium sporting events like this may be miffed at sitting on a tiny sliver of a metal bench in January.  My money is on this game, but at Comerica.


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I'm sure there will be booze, you just have to pay for club seating I bet.  The University can serve booze at will, it just normally chooses not to.  

I did the Winter Classic in Chicago and all I got was a frozen piece of metal to park my ass on.  Same with the outdoor game against State.  I enjoyed both of them and I enjoyed the blue collar atmosphere of the outdoor hockey game.  Lots of families and with the lack of booze to help people get worked up, everyone was civil in my section (be they UM or MSU).


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I would assume that if they put ice in that there will be a M game during the same weekend.  Saw both the Wings-Habs game and the Big Chill on consecutive days last year and it was TREMENDOUS.  Tons of Habs fans at JLA were pissed that the game wasn't played outdoors an hour west.


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Steve Levy eluded to this on New Years Day upon doing the Sportcenter highlights of the Winter Classic.  Paraphrasing, he said something along the lines of "Where will next years game be?  In Ann Arbor? In the Big House perhaps?".  He said it in a tone that suggested he knew something that the public didn't.  If true, his comment makes a lot of sense now.


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I live in Toronto and I doubt the Leafs would be the opponent.  This would not give NBC 2 large markets in the U.S. to have a good rating. 

It would help to fill up the Big House for the game, but it doesn't make sense for NBC.

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From said article....

"The NHL is keen on having this game at The Big House in Ann Arbor, with the probability of attracting over 100,000 fans to a game if the tickets are priced favorably. But having it at the University of Michigan's stadium means sharing the wealth with someone outside the family.

Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch, meanwhile, is in the family. He also owns and operates Comerica Park, home to the Detroit Tigers. So if it's not in the Big House, it'll be at that house."



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but why the hell would " XX1090AM in San Diego." be breaking NHL or any hockey related news?

A San Diego AM station is the authority on the NHL's 2013 Winter Classic? Not buying it yet...


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110,000 is a lot of hockey tickets. 

The best way to make sure you sell them all is to schedule Toronto. 

Toronto fans will come by the trainload.

What a blast that will be!


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I have been reading these rumors for a week.
I believe it may be in detroit. But I also believe it is much more likely in comerca vs Big House.


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I would be there if it happened, but I would also like to see this one at Comerica if only because it is in Detroit and it feels more like the Wings should be play such a game in Detroit. I am sort of torn - I spend a lot of time at both venues...

Original Six matchups are far too rare around here lately.


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When we had our outdoor hockey game, supposedly Detroit and Montreal (who played that weekend) really wanted to get in on it.  Babcock, Illitch, the Montreal owner, and the Montreal coach all asked Bettman for permission to move their game from the Joe Lewis to Ann Arbor.  They thought what we did with the stadium looked awesome and they all wanted in on it.  Bettman told them no because it would mess up the uniqueness of having one outdoor hockey game a year.  

So supposedly this whole "We're playing a game at the Big House" has kind of become a personal way for the Red Wings ownership to give the NHL the middle finger and come out the victor in the end.  


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Not an NHL hockey fan but it's got to be the Blackhawks vs the Wings not the Leafs.


Someone mentioned the US market but I think that the real issue is travel and despite Windsor being right there and Toronto being as close as Chicago I think that fans will come in from Chi-town while their team is good to make up the 25% non- Wings fans they will need but the Leafs fans will see this for what its; a mockery of their national sport (oh wait that's LaCrosse).  

This being said I am not in favor of pimping out the Big House for non-Wolverine Hockey so I hope this doesn't happen.  What are we, Hollis/MSU? 





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You've never been to the Joe when the Leafs are in town then... Detroit is a same day drive from Toronto and they travel very well.  If the OP is true, you can be certain the Leafs will be very well represented.  Especially since there hasn't been a Canadian team in Winter Classic yet either (the Heritage Classic, yes -- but that was a while ago).