Rivals Recruiting Rewind on Winovich

Submitted by GarMoe on October 12th, 2018 at 6:32 AM

Cool little clip from Rivals talking about their thoughts and predictions on Chase out of HS.  In sum, they projected he would make a decent MLB but suffered from stiffness and over pursuit at times.  They say there was almost no way to predict how he would develop into the quick step edge rushing D lineman that he has become at Michigan.  Includes some nice camp clips of Chase showing his early form.

I gotta say, I myself prefer the Winovich HS hair vs the flowing mane look but perhaps that’s what gives him his speed and newfound abilities on the end.





October 12th, 2018 at 3:09 PM ^

Have to be fair, the over-pursuit thing wasn't wrong, that was part of his issue vs. ND this year. Also to be fair, he was fired up, aggressive as hell, and it took about a play or two...maybe a few more to adjust and shut it down. Love the kid at DE, glad he was 'undervalued' out of HS as he became our defensive gem with little difficulty. The star hype is nothing more than a guideline, what you do with that kid from there is all that really matters. He's matured into a likely first round pick somewhere. I have no issue with pointing out flaws, it's the only way you get better and overcome. Probable at the HS level over-pursuit wasn't as big of a problem as he could just run the offensive player down with superior athleticism