rich rod comments at bust!

Submitted by Brandon_L on December 2nd, 2010 at 9:19 PM
coach rod said choked up at the banquet tonight "our time is coming and in a big way". The teams going to rally around their coach! "we will let people jump on the bandwagon. they may not get a front seat" he also said he is "honored to be hc of michigan i hope you all realize i trully want to be a michigan man" rich showed a lot of emotion and the players looked ready to play a game tonight.



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I wonder what the general is feeling is like around there. I mean we hear about all of the former players and the alumni that want him gone. I guess I wish I could be a fly on the wall and really see how people socialize with him and how he is treated.


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See, that's another reason I I am in RRs corner. His players seem to have a lot of faith in him. If they didn't they would have mailed it in. They have NEVER mailed it in. Never. If the players love you and they believe in you that team will succeed. It is happening at ISU. Yes, in at a smaller level than what we would like, but also with much less talent. That team believes in it's coach and wants to win for it's coach and they have done it against teams they shouldn't. I believe this Michigan team is just like that and it seems the ones who aren't on board don't play or leave.


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Looks like Mallett, Boren and others have essentially mailed it in.  Basically we have no defense because all that's left are the players who haven't mailed it in and basically don't have much of an option to transfer.  Not sure how much love they have given the whole fiasco with the NCAA policy violations (those were coming from players).


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Mallet left because it was obvious there were many better options for him. There was no fault in either party. It was just something that should have happened. Same with Threet. There are differing opinions on why Boren left. None of which really matter.


Now to your point on defense. It's ridiculous. Let's look at lost players:

Warren-Was poorly advised and went pro

Turner- Evidently not a huge stud based on the fact he has transferred again. This was more Turner than RR.

Woolfolk- Injury

Cissoko-You can't keep them all in line

Floyd-Again, injury.


Emilien-Was getting beat out at his position and decided COlordao was a better option. OK

Outside of injuries, where are the guys LC should have brought in? I see one in Warren and he went pro. The rest is of the secondary consists of one 5 year position diversification guru, a former walk on and a bunch 1st and 2nd year kids. Int erms of the front 7, outside of Martin, Van Bergen and Mouton, who have been developed under RR, there isn't much there. We have a true freshman getting significant playing time at DE on a 3 man line. Do you know how rare that is? Where are the 3rd, 4th and 5th year bodies?

B10 or Bust

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You have got to be kidding!  He cried, he begged for his job, he had the crowd raise their hands and sing Josh Groban.

Yeah, he's a real inspiration.

It's obvious that RichRod is a clown, a clown that is in WAY over his head...the only question is whether David Brandon is in the same situation. 

Who would have thought that Dee Hart decommitting wouldn't be the worst news of the day? 

B10 or Bust

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Big Ten title and Big Ten Coach of the Year.  Also's National Coach of the Year, with more to follow.

Are you really telling me you're happy with that speech?  Do you guys always sing songs at the football banquet?  You aren't worried that Brandon is crapping the bed? (See Beilein extension)


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Think of the hours Rich Rod works.  Think of all the emotion he puts into getting things right with the team.  He's passionate about the team and when you go through all the negativity he's gone thru at times, it only makes sense that he's so emotional.  Like the guy or not, the certainly didn't picture things working out this way, and the negativity has taken its toll.  Nobody wants to turn things around more than Coach Rod


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"My name is Rich Rodriguez,  I'm honored to be the head coach at U-M. I hope you all realize I truly want to be a Michigan Man."

"Our time is coming, and it's coming in a big way. We'll let people jump on the bandwagon, but they may not get a front seat."


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I'm not sure what to think of that statement ,with that said, I think as much of this coach as any that we have had.

I will follow this coach into the depths of hell....god bless my friend.


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...he must read the Mgoboardz.....

"Our time is coming, and it's coming in a big way. We'll let people jump on the bandwagon. They may not get a front seat."