rich rod comments at bust!

Submitted by Brandon_L on December 2nd, 2010 at 9:19 PM
coach rod said choked up at the banquet tonight "our time is coming and in a big way". The teams going to rally around their coach! "we will let people jump on the bandwagon. they may not get a front seat" he also said he is "honored to be hc of michigan i hope you all realize i trully want to be a michigan man" rich showed a lot of emotion and the players looked ready to play a game tonight.



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Followed along on Twitter and MVictors live blog.  One quote I loved.  "We got into coaching to makes difference in young men's lives"  People forget this is what really matters.

The Baughz

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I wish more people would realize that coaching football at any level is more than just wins and losses. It's about building relationships, being a positive influence for the player's, strong work ethic and a lot more. I am all in for RR. He gives his heart and soul to these young men and this team. The record might not show it but im confident that RR is the right man for the job.


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Totally understandable. I was just thinking that if after the way the season ended DB goes and supports RR immediately, it would just rile up the RR haters even more. If, for example, DB does retain RR after Jan 1, it would possibly show the RR haters that he at least looked out there, and that maybe Harbaugh did not accept the offer, etc.

The logic isn't great, I was just thinking that if DB were to retain RR, why would he allow all the negativity to surround the program? Not saying that's true, just a "what if".

KC Wolve

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I have said that I could give a shit who the coach is as long as he plays by the rules and wins, but I root for Rod more and more each day.
<br>Go Blue!!!


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He doesn't have to want to be a Michigan Man, he already is one as far as I'm concerned. The term came into being after Frieder was fired; Steve Fisher did not go to Michigan, but he gave his all for Michigan and he took home the chapionship. Being a Michigan Man means being fully devoted to the program and its success. Rich Rodgriguez has been working as hard as he can for this school, he's represented the school and the program as well as possible considering all the crap he's been given since he's been here, the players that love Michigan are still here and great representatives of the University, and Rich Rodriguez and his players are all Michigan Men.


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You know, I've never been particularly fond for the phrase "All in for Michigan", I'd thought that the insinuation was that if you weren't completely happy with the program, you weren't a real part of it. I no longer think that's the case. I think the nepotists who want Harbaugh to come in because he's a Michigan Man (and don't get me wrong, Jim Harbaugh is a phenomenal coach, I just don't think the sole basis for hiring a coach should be his alma mater) should leave.


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thought he represented the team well. What do I know though...Im no AD and my names not Dave Brandon. I think he should get another year and it should be decided quickly. FWIW

Go Blue!


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I love Rich Rod, I love this team, and I love Michigan, and I can't tell you how much I want all three of those things to succeed. I've never seen a coach (or a team) put up with so much unnecessary bullshit. Right now I just can't wait for the bowl game so they can all enjoy some much deserved success.

I have no problem with the pro-Harbaugh crowd, but the problem with some of those people on this site is they don't realize that some of their comments make them anti-UM.


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There were two old guard UM alums at the bar last weekend.  They were cheering for RR to be fired BEFORE the game even started.  WTF is that!! Obviously RR would've received DB's vote of confidence if they won last weekend so by default they were hoping for a loss. These "fans" and alums aren't REAL WOLVERINES!  Ugh!


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Rooting one way or another since at this point i am confused and can rattle off a lot off good reasons to keep RR and a lot of good reasons to bring in Harbaugh. But isn't it pretty obvious that DB wants Harbaugh? It doesn't make any sense not to say RR is staying if he wants him to stay. Either he wants Harbaugh but doesn't know if he can get him or he knows Harbaugh is coming but they didn't want to blow things up before Stanford's first big bowl in over a decade.


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I don't agree with that last sentence. I sure hope DB is more worried about Michigan than Stanford. I don't think that someone like DB, as Michigan's Athletic Director, would put the athletic department's golden goose in jeopardy so that Stanford's bowl game is more meaninful.


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The reason DB is waiting until after the season is not because he has any intention of trying to pay less $$ in a buyout.

To say that DB would have already HAD to fire RR when the NCAA made their ruling is totally incorrect. You think he is going to give him the hook mid-season?? RR role in the first ever NCAA violation of MICHIGAN FB, is a major consideration in DB's evaluation. 


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I respect your view.  I am not saying he is or is not waiting for the buyout.  But, if he is, DB should be fired.  I know $1.5mm is alot of money, but to lose a whole recruiting class for that seems very silly to me.  If we get a really good recruiting class, that can be made up easily.  This is just my opinion.  If anyone knows more about the AD's finances, please feel free to correct me.


BTW - I didn't neg you, would never neg someone over their views


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Or you are a complete fool for believing ever since day 1 of the media talking about Harbaugh could go to michigan... 


Brandon has probably already told RR what is going on, he just doesn't want to explode all over the media and create another joke like the whole Harbaugh bs already is..


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DB is not the one who is controlling the timetable here. Don't expect an announcement the minute after UM's bowl game is complete. If a new coach is being hired you will have to wait  a little longer.


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Actually, I think that he likes RR and the direction that he has the program going.  If they win the bowl and are 8-5, I don't see how he could fire him.  It would really be a shame if Rich Rod doesn't get a chance to coach HIS team in year 4.

Pea-Tear Gryphon

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Brandon said he will evaluate the program after the season is over. We are going to a bowl game, thus the season won't end until after the bowl game. I don't understand what's so complicated about that. It's not like Brandon himself hasn't said it a thousand times to a thousand people. He has a process to evaluate and he will stick to that process. Does it suck? Maybe. Might we lose some recruits? Maybe. Do I trust him to do what is in the best interest of Michigan? Totally. Am I going to end my post? Yes


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I think most understand that but we don't agree that it's the best way to go about this. You think right now is something? Wait a couple weeks. I won't bet on this, but if I did, I would be inclined to bet that we will know something and have a very good idea where this thing is going before the bowl game. If Dee actually does leave and if there are any more guys leaving I think he will be forced to movequicker than he wants. This class is very important. Could Harbaugh patch it up? Sure, but not fully in less than a month.

Pea-Tear Gryphon

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I don't mean to be dickish, but what's the better way? He's said all along that this is the way he does things. His track record has been unblemished in his current role to date, so I give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he has his mind made up (plausible, right?), but has considered all the different options (status quo, extend RR's contract, fire RR immediately) and found that this way has the lesser of all evils. I'm sure he's considered what RR's ass flapping in the wind for a month will do to recruiting and rumor-mongoring (it's what the internets are for), etc.

I guess I share Brian's take on all of this. I no longer even care about my opinion on the coaching masturbatory craptacular, much less yours...unless you are David Brandon.


December 2nd, 2010 at 10:40 PM ^

That bowl game is more a convenient excuse to let Harbaugh handle his important business with Stanford, than an evaluation of Rich Rodriguez. 

Rich will probably come back if an agreement can't be reached with Harbaugh though. That is why it is shrewd of Brandon to say basically nothing for the next few weeks.


December 2nd, 2010 at 9:45 PM ^

All I can say is that DB has a tough decision. I like RR a lot, I just wish Harbaugh wasn't out there, making the decision so tough. I'm glad DB is making the decision and not me.


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I agree.  I wish Harbaugh had taken an NFL job last year or wasn't even a coach so we didn't talk about this.  It was just, "yeah, we wish we would have won more, but we have a ton of starters returning and next year looks really bright."  That's what everyone would be saying right now.  Unfortunately, sometimes having choices is a bad thing. 


December 2nd, 2010 at 10:37 PM ^

The other way to look at it is choices are a great thing. They tend to exist and  look better when the present situation isn't looking as good. That's life.

People shouldn't kid themselves. Harbaugh is more the cure than the cause. The cause is overall backwards movement in games that count.

Rich is a great guy though. No doubt about that.