Report: Lions interested in Steve Breaston

Submitted by Butterfield on February 25th, 2013 at 1:21 PM

The Lions are reportedly one of five teams interested in Steve's services.  Would be a nice slot guy for Matt Stafford, pretty dependable player and dangerous in space - which he would have plenty of with Megatron commanding constant double and triple coverage. 

It would be a great fit for both sides - no doubt in my mind that Breaston would see a return to his Arizona numbers when he was playing alongside Fitzgerald.  Even if you think the Lions are the worst thing ever, their pass heavy offense is certainly not career suicide for good wide recievers. 



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This would be great for both Breaston and the Lions. Say what you want about the Lions, but they throw the ball more than any other team (I believe) and Stafford is still getting better. And for the Lions, Breaston is like a better Titus Young, but without the baggage.


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And thankfully so are the Browns. I am praying we use some of our massive cap space to sign both Stevie-B and Wallace. That would improve our 47 year old second year QB targets dramatically.


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Not sure what he could see in Cleveland unless they can just offer him more money.  The Browns don't provide a better chance at winning and they certainly can't offer the same opportunity to garner great individual stats. 

Steelers make some sense since he's from Pennsylvania.  Cowboys may have appeal just because they are the Cowboys.  Titans are like the Browns, just seems like another Kansas City move. 


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If I played ball, the Browns would probably one of the last places I'd want to end up (sorry Cleveland fans).  However, as many players over the years have stated, the NFL is a business first.  If the Browns pony up the $$$, I would have to assume he is theirs.  

Love to see him in Detroit; we need a midfield threat like nobody's business. 


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"Not sure what he could see in Cleveland...."

1. Money - the Browns are either #1 or #2 (sorry cant remember) in cap space so we could overpay him so-to-speak more so than anyone else.

2. Targets - Our recieving core SUCKS.  He would get the ball thrown his way a lot more than lined up opposite Megatron IMO.  A

3. Money - Always counts for double!


February 25th, 2013 at 3:43 PM ^

Money for sure, Cleveland may just have more of it to offer.  And that alone may be the deciding factor.

It's obviously just opinion but I'd see him getting more touches as the #3 WR in Detroit's offense than the #1 in the Browns offense - but with so much invested in Richardson, I can't see them becoming a high-flying offense.  Now maybe Chudzinski shows a tendency to play things a bit looser than Shurmur, but the Lions threw the ball 740 times last year!  Most EVER in the NFL.  For comparison, the Browns threw it 566 times. 

Of the 740 throws, Calvin was targeted 205 times, meaning 535 other throws went to guys not named Megatron.  That to me shows how much of an opportunity there is for a 2nd WR, 3rd WR, TE, and RBs in this offense.  Breaston could catch 70+ balls in the slot as the #3 guy IMO. 


February 26th, 2013 at 10:50 AM ^

The Lions need a dependable, steady, even demeanored guy as the #3 WR.  Someone who is a great route runner and has good hands.  Having escapability and the skill to break the big play would be a bonus, but not required in my opinion since Megatron gives you all the big plays you need. Breaston is a nice fit, assuming he's healthy, since he is virtually ego-less and has proven the ability to work the middle of the field previously in the Cardinals offense alongside Fitzgerald/Boldin. 

Brett Perriman is the guy I think of as the ideal guy to be the #3 in this offense.  You have to be at least 30 to know who he is/was, but he was the unsung but uber productive WR opposite Herman Moore and Johnny Morton on some of the Lions explosive mid-90's squads.  Of current NFLers, guys like Brandon Stokley and Danny Amendola come to mind. These guys are basically the opposite of Titus Young - they may not blow you away athletically but they will always be where the QB needs them to be and will always make the routine catch. 


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"2. Targets - Our recieving core SUCKS."

This is true. HOWEVER, Calvin drawing double and triple coverage can make for some pretty easy TD receptions from Stafford.

In Cleveland, barring the very unlikely draft of a first round WR talent, he would automatically be the #1 option with Weeden as his QB and only Greg Little to take pressure off.

Plus, Pitt has a truly horrendous O line. The whole "run around and improv until something happens" offense is not a winning strategy when you have no Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown decides to suspend himself for being an asshat.

That said, I would love to see him come here since we are the best fit but you are 100% right, money counts twice.

gustave ferbert

February 25th, 2013 at 1:38 PM ^

toward the end of their careers.  It's in their business model.  Great name recognition on the cheap.  
Desmond, Butch Woolfolk, Anthony Carter.  This wouldn't surprise me at all. 


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and run decent routes, look out. Lining him up next to Megatron and Broyles would make for a  spectacular WR corps. 

Plus, his character would be an added bonus. CJ and Denard would not only give the Lions two explosive talents, but two decent human beings as well. They would be easy to cheer for.

I'm crossing my fingers that this happens. It probably won't, but a man can wish.


February 25th, 2013 at 3:18 PM ^

I see Denard in the backfield in Jahvid Bests former role. He's already shown the ability to carry the ball and at 5'11, 199lbs (combine numbers) he's pretty much exactly the same size as Best.

I understand the slot WR thing with Randle El and other former QBs going that route but Denard has more than just crazy speed. He's got great vision, patience, quickness and acceleration to get to the next level of the D. In the Lions pass happy offense he'd get a lot of Shotgun draws which is his specialty as we all know.

Basically, hes proven as a RB and who knows with WR.


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Scott Mitchell. Stevie (and Denard and Charles and any other UM player), stay the hell away from the Ford Field dumpster fire if you know what's good for your career.