Reon Dawson an Ohio fan

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Reon Dawson a “Michigan Man?” Say what?

“I never did see that,” said the Trotwood-Madison High School senior cornerback who “flipped” from a verbal commitment to Illinois to eventually sign with Michigan on Wednesday.

“Until I die, I’m gonna be a Buckeye fan even though I’m going (to Michigan). When we play (OSU) I’m gonna still bring my ‘A’ game. But, I love Ohio State.”


I hope it's not true. If it is... um, this is awkward.


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And what's up with your name??? You have got some serious issues, brother. You must be MGrowOld's alter ego.


Edit: Wow.  All of the posts above mine were wiped out?   Now it looks like I'm asking about the OP's screen name.  

Anyway, I'm sure this kid will feel much differently after four or five years at The University of Michigan.  Up until this point in his life, OSU is probably the only thing he's known.   

Good luck to him.  


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I know where he's coming from. When I was being recruited in HS, I had made up my mind that if I didn't recieve an offer from a D1 school or if I got a B1G offer from a school other than Michigan, I was goin' to walk on at either little brother or tOSU or take the B1G offer from where ever as out of state tuition for Michigan was FAR too expensive for my parents (a cop and a mail carrier) to afford. I'd have simply packed away my Michigan gear until graduation and unpacked it after. Luckily, I had a few MAC offers and it never came to that, plus, We (BGSU) got to be a MACrifice in 2000 and play in the Big House, so I kinda got my cake and could eat it too :-P


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So much that he's an Ohio fan. I do care however if he turns out I be a superstar that all you will hear on TV is announcers and fans saying, "the only reason he plays for Michigan is because we didn't want him" Everytime Vitale mentions Burkes name he includes that he wanted to go to Ohio but they didn't recruit him. Makes me want to barf.


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Every time I hear an announcer say that Burke wanted to go to Ohio but they didn't recruit him, it makes me laugh, because I know it really pisses off everyone in the "worst state ever."  When Burke was raining crucial buckets against Ohio, and basically refusing to lose to them at home, I thought it sounded perfect.


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Yikes! This just proves Hoke hasn't turned the tide, can't recruit and the number of Michigan jerseys sold in Ohio is plummeting.


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Meh, as long as he contributes to the team, and keeps his nose clean on and off the field, I couldn't care less even if he had a giant Buckeye tattooed on his back


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A "Buckeye fan' is simply a choice while a "Michigan Man" is a commitment to principles. Enter as the former and become the latter.

Awkward to see in print but I suspect the journalist is chumming the waters because the quote has nothing to do with the story (he didn't flip from OSU to UM).

Ron Utah

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Dawson is still in Ohio talking to Ohio people.  His mind will change once he's assimilated into the Michigan family.  I predict he's referring to tsio as Ohio the first time he's interviewed as a Michigan player.


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His only mistake is saying it in an interview.

That said, ill be interested in how he feels a few years from now. Living the rivalry is very different.


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Let me tell you a story.  When I first went to Michigan, I was a Ohio State fan.  I moved from Ohio in my teens, so still considered my loyalties to be with OSU.

You know how long that lasted?  The end of my first football game at Michigan Stadium. 


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I made the same statement about Michigan State when I went to Michigan and was a lifelong Spartan fan.  I'm not even sure I made it through half-time of my first game, and I have never rooted for MSU since.

Once you get on campus, Michigan becomes a lot more meaningful than any rooting interests from childhood.

gustave ferbert

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but growing up a spartan fan, um vs. msu week was everything.  Then you go to ann arbor, the students didn't care at all.  My freshman  year, I didnt realize we were playing Michigan state till that Friday after looking at the schedule!


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So he liked Ohio growing up. So what? If OSU was the best place for me to go to school for my chosen field (yeah, right) after a life of loving Michigan, would I stop loving Michigan just because I went there? Would you?

He's honest. I appreciate that. And he'll help beat them.