Picture yourself as Michigans football Head Coach

Submitted by 615Wolverine on January 28th, 2012 at 7:46 PM
Picture yourself as the Head Coach in Ann Arbor
Who would be your coordinators ? And why?


The Baughz

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A bit OT but I do not feel like starting a new thread. A buddy of mine just texted me and said he read on some message board that Willie Henry is supposedly a potential secret commit to Michigan. He is a 3 star DT from Glenville with mostly MAC offers and a few offers from other B1G schools. He is 6'3 270. Another DT would be a nice addition, imo.


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If true, that sounds fine to me. I'd rather have Eddie what's-his-name from DC, but having some filler on the D-line (especially if he blows up unexpectedly like Frank Clark) is an OK use of the "last scholarship" IMO.


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Chip Kelly and Nick Saban.

If you're gonna dream, dream big.

EDIT: Saying Kelly and Saban would be good is "overrated." Saying no one could beat Borges/Mattison is "underrated." Holy shit this place is slappy.


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When you watch old games in '97, you can see MD's play-calling sucked even then. There were games (OSU is one of them) where the passing game was almost exclusively jailbreak screens to the tailbacks and 4-8 yard curl routes by the tight ends.

It took what was easily one of the five best defenses in modern college football history to run the table that year. Anything less and DeBord would have been exposed as he was 10 years later.


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I'd have some personal criteria, of course, like how he pointed at their pictures. You know, single, double, did he say tremendous, and whether or not he could feel football when he looked.


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OC: Al Borges
DC: Greg Mattison

I would then resign on the condition that the job be given to Brady Hoke. I think he'd know how to run the team a lot better than I would.


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I know I most people won't agree with this for obvious reasons, but Rich Rod and Greg. Rich rod would make a good offense coordinator, but defiantly not a head coach


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If he fails at Arizona, his success at West Virginia will look like a mirage.

If he builds a legit contender in Tucson, the balance of his head coaching stints will tilt toward very successful and Michigan will look like horrible weirdos for railroading him.

But at this time, I agree. His strengths as a coach definitely seem OC-centric.



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On second thought I have to totally agree with that I was always unimpressed with how Rich Rod couldn't adjust to the talent he had. He only knew one way to do things and was unwilling or unable to deviate from that. Al has adjusted well with the talent that he inherited.
Howver when Rich Rod finally got his guys in on offense it was awesome. Just not what we are use to.

Maize and Blue…

January 29th, 2012 at 8:21 AM ^

There was no talent hear on offense, Schilling was the only starter with any significant game experience, when RR got hear so why waste a year before installing your system?  Borges had 10 returning starters from one of the top 10 offenses in the country.  Early in the year he kept trying to force the under center stuff despite the fact that it didn't work (30+ yards of O against EMU in the first quarter).

snarling wolverine

January 29th, 2012 at 11:49 AM ^

"Why waste a year?"  What was 2008, then?   We couldn't move the ball at all and went 3-9.  Steven Threet hated the Rich Rod offense and transferred right after the season ended, leaving us back at square one with no QB.  

You can rationalize it how you want, but it seems that Rich Rod either doesn't know how to run anything other than his run-based spread, or doesn't want to run anything other than it.   Either way, it means that his offense will only succeed when he has the right QB (and even then you have to live in fear of his QB getting injured).    

Al Borges's offense may not have functioned well for one quarter against EMU, but it also put up 40 on Ohio.  It ended up scoring more than the 2010 offense.  I liked the way he adapted.  And I'm confident as well that he'll further mold the offense to fit Devin Gardner's talents when he takes over, whereas I'm not sure how exactly Gardner (who is much less of a running threat than Denard) would have fit in Rich Rod's system.  Not to mention that with Borges, we can actually recruit pro-style QBs like Shane Morris.  There isn't just one QB type that can succeed under his tutelage.


Perkis-Size Me

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i'd throw in a few names like woodley, woodson, brady, hart, edwards, mattison and hoke for my coordinators. hoke would handle double duties with his first coordinating position, as well as director of pointing.