OT: Map of college stadiums that sell alcohol

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FYI. I came across this earlier today and found it interesting. Personally, I was very pleased to see that not a single Michigan school was on this map. I know others may disagree, but I like that the school doesn't enable the fans to get themselves into an inebriated frenzy while at a school function (a family oriented tradition for most). I live in Ohio at the moment and often see billboards for domestic beer (Coors?) with the OSU logo. True mark of an institute of higher education.

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The hurricanee game was too freaking cold and wet to enjoy a beer and the concession lines, although only about 4 people deep took the entire halftime to be waited on. Maryland has the worst service staff I have come across at B1G stadiums.  They couldn't make change and there wasn't enough staff to help the guy at the register who had to do everything himself (and he wasn't very capable to begin with).


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Let’s not be hypocrites here...pregaming, tailgating, getting shit faced, BEER, is a HUGE part of Michigan football for the fans. Don’t act like we’re better than someone just because the stadium doesn’t sell beer.


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It's a fact. Take a walk through the AAGO or pioneer about an hour before kickoff and tell me that alcohol isn't a major part of the game day experience for the average fan. Simply because your game day experience isn't like mine, doesn't make either right nor wrong.


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I like getting my drink on as much as the next guy, but having three young kids who I've taken to Michigan games, I'm glad they don't serve beer in the stadium.  I remember going to a Michigan-Purdue Game at Purdue with my Purdue alum grandfather when I was 10.  I hadn't been around drunk people before and I was scared of the Michigan fans.  My grandfather said the Michigan fans were the worst when it came to alcohol.  


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great, a bunch of inbred cooler-stool-champions who make raider fans look like seminary students. i bet they throw batteries at kindergarten kids once they get the properly lubricated.   

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I go every even-numbered year, for our game. And I very often go, socially, to a non-Michigan game there, in odd-numbered years. (Bye weeks and all.)

I was there for Rick Leach’s demolition of them in 1976 when I was an undergrad, and I’ve been to about 25 games there since then, including 1 or 2 games a year in each of the last six years. I’ve feen to three of their spring games.

I have seen Ohio Stadium before and after their change in their alcohol policy. I oppose alcohol sales in Michigan Stadium, and so I’d love to be able to say that alcohol sales in Ohio Stadium turned it into a hellscape. But it hasn’t. In my view, the general behavior of fans in Ohio Stadium is that they are far more intense, and no worse behaved, than the general crowds at Michigan Stadium. Their premium seats are actually more expensive, when you include all necessary donations, than equivalent seats in Michigan Stadium. (They are all pretty expensive.). I have not personally seen any noticeable bump in drunken rowdiness at Ohio Stadium; I am not sure if there is any quantitative evidence of more bad behavior. I’d be surprised if there were any.

What I have seen, is as interesting as it is anecdotal. It is this; it seems to me that fans of a certain stripe (pun intended) will get to their seats a bit earlier when there are alcohol sales. This is admittedly a subjective thing in my part. And again I say that I don’t want to see alcohol sales in Michigan Stadium. But if it ever comes to that, I suppose I might hope that with all of the fake id’s in a town like Ann Arbor, it might finally get Michigan students to games by kickoff.


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allegedly they started it in 2016.  they sold over $1MM of beer in 7 home games.  that's about $150K/beer for every game.   have been to lots of games with bad fans in pro stadiums, raiders being exhibit 1, and can tell you that unruly fans get worse with alcohol added.  ohio has bad fans.  if they sold beer at sparty games i can easily see brawls breaking out, and probably not just with us michigan fans. 

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NFL fans are qualitatively different.  It's a different game; a different demographic altogether.  But I will need to be careful, because the atmosphere of NFL games makes me want to never go.  I am so turned off by the NFL that I don't even have a knowledge base anymore.  I'll just have to trust what you say about NFL games and their fans.

I don't want the NFL to be a model of anything, for college football.




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we actually don't mind some buckeyes here, as long as they aren't passive-aggressive types like you are being.  try being yourself, a buckeye, but in a gracious way.  you will enjoy yourself more here and not (usually) be called out.

as to your post, the difference with the ones you named is what?  that's right, they all went to michigan. i won't elaborate on the why, but suffice it to say they are legends and winners precisely because they came to our school.  

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I've said it before on this pages.  And the reaction then is what you are getting now.

I never understood it; the blog-presumption that we could say that everybody in Ohio was a brain-damged loser... except for [long, long list].

Updating the list of non-cooler-pooping Ohioans (after Branch Rickey, Bo Schembechler, Gary Moeller, Jerry Hanlon, Jack Harbaugh, Benny Freidman, Bob Chappuis, Jim Mandich, Rob Lytle and Gary Grant), we'd have Caris Levert and Trey Burke, as well as current Ohioans Zavier Simpson, Jon Teske, Jaaron Simmons, Shea Patterson, Noah Furbush, James Hudson, Tyree Kinnel, Will Hart, Brad Robbins, Camaron Cheeseman, Nolan Ulizio, Jake McCurry, Adam Shibley, and of course Greg Robinson (not that Greg Robinson who is from California).