OT - Everybody Has That One Special Dog

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We are in that desert known as OT season and I'm in between chores right now.  It occurs that one of the most used avatars are people's MgoDogs.  My own K-9 is sitting at my feet right now wondering when we are going to go for a run (Soon pup, very soon).  With the exception of 'cat people' and those with allergies, almost everybody had or has a dog.  Ours have generally been hunting dogs because, well, we bird hunt.  But lately I've been thinking our next dog might not be a sporting dog, but some other type.  We'll see.

Anyway, the question is simple: Describe your favorite dog you've ever had, whether that pup is with you now, or sometime in your earlier life, and what made that K-9 so great.

Lots of sunshine around this weekend.  Enjoy.




Naked Bootlegger

May 27th, 2017 at 7:59 AM ^

My chiildhood golden retriever.  Friendliest dog ever.   So friendly that he would hump my dad's leg from the living room to the bedroom as my dad walked by my bedroom on his way to bed every night.  My dad was too tired to care, so it became the nightly routine.   My lesson learned:  get your dog neutered, otherwise be mentally scarred by dog humping incidents.


May 27th, 2017 at 8:15 AM ^


Not sure how to describe it but the one on the bottom has been my dog for the better part of ten years. My wife tells me when I leave the house without him he just sits by the door waiting for me to come back. He's kind of a brat though, probably because I spoil him. I found out last year that I'm horribly, off the charts-allergic to dogs, and yet he still sleeps on my pillow when I am away at work. I know, awwe. 


Sadly his other best friend was the one in the top picture, and he died of lymphoma when he was 6, about 2 years ago. He was definitely the nicest dog I've ever had.


May 27th, 2017 at 8:08 AM ^

When I was about 2 years old my family went looking for a dog to get and at one of the places after we walked in the door this golden retriever out of no where comes running up to me and starts playing around, so we got her as my mom thought she picked me. We were best friends and practically inseparable. She lived for 16 years. We put her down in the fall of my senior year two days before our last football game of the year. I remember being devastated, my entire life was with that dog.

That Friday night I had probably the best game of my entire high school career, set two school records for tackles for loss and forced fumbles and we won the game, which was not said often that season sadly. I still miss that dog so much.

I Love Lamp

May 27th, 2017 at 8:12 AM ^

Used to walk me to the school bus. I used to live in the country, so when she heard the bus echoing off in the woods, she would start her trek to the end of the driveway to meet me. I would always greet her and race her back to the house. When she died, it was a lonely trip down the driveway. Still miss her 30 years later.


May 27th, 2017 at 8:13 AM ^

He was a collie. Yes he was named after the show. His dog house was named Stalag 13.

Anyway, Hogan was my dog big brother from about 4 to about 10. We lived in Maine for most of that time, and he was always with me. My dad got a call from the school once because Hogan was showing up for recess - miles from home. He'd watch me get on the bus. They'd chain him up for the day. He'd bust loose, and show up for recess. Then he'd go home and be there when I got off the bus. We found out later that he'd been stopping and playing with various kids along the way.

The great thing is my current dog Indy the mini labradoodle has a similar brotherly relationship with my youngest son - less the busting loose for recess.


May 27th, 2017 at 8:28 AM ^

...there's at least an 83% chance that you're not a good person (based on selective internet research that may or may not reflect my personal bias.) My favorite was my Rottweiller who loved everyone and breathed life into the house when it otherwise would have felt empty. Still miss him!


May 27th, 2017 at 8:24 AM ^

We just lost him in February at 10 months (yes, months) old due to liver cancer. He seemed perfectly fine on a Sunday and by Friday night, he had spent the night at his vet in Ann Arbor and 2 nights in ICU in East Lansing. He was the absolute sweetest dog I've ever known. 


May 27th, 2017 at 8:27 AM ^

Cant name a favorite, my wife and I help out some rescue groups and also take in and keep the ones that alot of people have givin up on. Mostly weenie dogs. The ones who have had a tough life seem to be so special. We have one we just got, Junie. He was in a house fire in Onekema last august that killed 2 people and the other dogs. He has no ear flaps and is missing a eye but a true fighter. Just loves life and a inspiration. We also have one Swaggy G who we grabed from a rescue near Det and rushed him to the animal hospital in GR. Pnuemonia, so bad. He has a hunch back, I think his back was broke at some point but lots of care he pulled thru and he is a trip. Just want to play and be loved. We have had 16 dogs in the last 19 years and everyone was awesome.



May 27th, 2017 at 8:38 AM ^

dad got sick 6 yrs ago and passed pretty quickly.  all of us children were at the hospital when it happened, but that was 250 miles from our house and the rest of my family was home.  well the neighboring farm about 1/4 mile north of us had a few rescue dogs and for whatever reason, the day dad died their giant newfoundland walked down the road and took up residence in front of our house.   he'd never been there before, he'd never played with the kids, he just showed up.  and he stayed.

he stationed himself near either the front or side door and watched over the children when they were playing.  he was so big, he was like an extra furry cow.  i called home to tell of dad's passing and my mgowife told me about this.  the kids loved him.  he was a gentle giant.  did not want to come inside.  just wanted to guard the house and the kids.  about a month later he went back to his farm.  strangest thing, but we have all talked about our next dog just might be a newfie, and that is definitely the reason.


May 27th, 2017 at 8:40 AM ^

Had to put him down in 2011, kidney failure. It happened overnight. I came home from work and he was acting funny. Started having seizures. He either got into cleaning chemicals or the medication the vet gave him a month earlier was enough to kill the kidney. Be careful what medications your vet gives your dog if they are older. We spent probably $3k the last 6 months keeping him alive. We hydrated him everyday with with an IV. Still to this day I just can't bring myself to get another dog and go through that again. Especially the last vet visit. I occasionally play the big poker tournaments when their circuit events come to town. WSOP and WPT. Anytime I get in the money I donate 10% to no kill shelters. I would rescue a dog but like I said I can't bring myself to go through the pain when they pass. I love and respect animals more than people nowadays.


May 27th, 2017 at 11:20 AM ^

We got Colt from the Dearborn animal shelter in Feb. 2006 almost two years into our marriage. He was about three at the time. An elderly couple found him out in the street on a rainy night and took him in until dropping him at the shelter the next day. The shelter named him Johnny Knoxville but we changed his name to Colt. Like most kids/dogs he was spoiled rotten by my wife so I had to be bad cop. Thus he was a pain for her to take on walks but an angel when I had the leash. He happily did whatever I asked of him and always wanted to please.

We don't have kids so Colt went everywhere with me. He truly was like a son to me. He loved swimming, especially in Lake Superior. It didn't matter the season or wave height, as long as there was open water he was down for a swim. He would bring back anything you threw into the lake. And he always turned clockwise to return to shore after retrieving his stick. We called them "Yooper Sticks" and I have at least 7-8 from his vacations in the U.P. He developed LarPar and passed in Feb. of 2015. I'd been in a thick blanket of haze ever since.

Last June my wife got me our next black lab, Jake, in an attempt to help heal my soul. He was eight weeks old and the cutest little puppy. He was the only male in a mixed yellow/black litter of six. He potty trained quickly (within three weeks) and I taught him sit/stay in less than a day. He's intrigued by birds and airplanes and hates squirrels and postal carriers. He also cannot be trusted around socks or my wifes hair ties. Unfortunately for him, he gets his walnuts removed in two weeks. I wanted to wait at least a year to make sure he was close to fully grown before taking away his pills. I keep telling him he's going to have an empty coin purse but I don't think he's knows what I mean.

I know it's beyond difficult getting over the loss and not ever wanting to feel that terrible pain again. I pray that someday you'll be able to open your heart once more as dogs truly are man's best friend.


May 27th, 2017 at 8:46 AM ^

My family wanted a dog for years.  I said absolutely not.  Many, many reasons I didn't want a dog. My wife saw this dog on someone's FB post and started to make the case.  I resisted but decided that since my son, my daughter and my wife wanted a dog and I was the only one that didn't...they should be able to have a dog.  Democracy. That was 2.5 Years ago.  I love this freakin dog.  Could not be happier that they kept needling me about it.  Just brings so much joy into the house. 


May 27th, 2017 at 8:55 AM ^

I've had several dogs growing up, all were or are great companions, but Shady Deandra is my first that is only mine and my responsibility. Named after my favorite rapper and my favorite show. Rescued from a shelter in South Bend, IN on July 24, 2016 she just turned 1 on May 4th. Unbeknownst to me when I went to pick her up, her birthday is the same day as my best friend who passed away on the same day in 2011.

A furball as she is a mix of golden retriever and sheltie. She will look like a puppy forever. She's full of energy and not afraid of the water. She loves all other dogs and people. She also loves shoes (we're working on that). A happy dog who makes my days better. Certainly the friend I needed and now a family member forever. Wouldn't trade her for anything.


May 27th, 2017 at 9:02 AM ^

1. Haley was a rescue my parents got when I was very little. To this day we dont know exactly what kind of dog she was, but she looked like an all black German Shepherd but was only anout 35-40lbs. Fastest dog anyone had ever seen who saw her run, and the most fiercely loyal animal I have ever known. She died when she was 12 after she hopped the fence in the back yard to chase a rabbit and ended up chasing it into the street.

2. Current dog, Russell. I got him at 8 weeks as a Christmas/graduation surprise for my MGoGirlfriend after her graduation from UM. This little corgi is the smartest damn dog I have ever known. We've had perfect stragers tell us he's going to be one of those special dogs you alway remember 5 minutes after meeting him. Plus he is a complete natural with a frisbee. All I ever wanted was a frisbee dog. This little dwarf delivered:


May 27th, 2017 at 9:00 AM ^

My first bulldog was named Shine on you crazy diamond (diamond for short). I was single when I bought her and she got me through some rough times. The bulldog I have now is special as well (in more ways than one) but he isn't diamond.


May 27th, 2017 at 9:01 AM ^

Seems that most of the 'favorite' dogs have been the first...  Mine is no different, Karat Kake was the golden that taught me how to train dogs for bird hunting.  Somehow, the two us fumbled our way to a NAHRA Grand Master Hunting Retreiver title before I had to retire him in old age.  We'd play football in the house - I would throw a toy down the hall behind me and try to block him from getting it.  I got bowled over most of time, mercilessly.  But if my toddler-ish young nephews or niece would throw a toy, or run with one, he was the gentlest thing you've ever seen!  And a great nose tracking down pheasant, too!

I've gone through a bunch of breeds since, and I'd have to say that the flat coated retriever would have to be my favorite house dog.  They LOVE to retrieve, but only for play.  There is no work ethic whatsoever to actually train and perfect the craft.  They learn quickly, but only seem to use thier knowledge in mischievous ways.  Clowns.  They are clowns, 24/7.  Great dogs to play with, absolutely horrible to train with...


May 27th, 2017 at 9:16 AM ^

I'm with a few others on here... I won't pick a favorite... They all had their own special thing. Current dogs are Mona and Vito, each complimenting the other's personality perfectly. Had to put Maggie down a year ago who was the sweetest, mellowed and loyal dogs I've ever had. Looking forward to the next dog that will hit the lottery with us because we really love and take care of our pets.


May 27th, 2017 at 9:18 AM ^

From about the time I was 8 years old until just after my 23rd birthday when he passed of renal failure, I had a cocker spaniel named Bentley. He was a curmudgeon and he had a mild disdain for most people (I can identify with that), but he was pretty mellow and well-behaved all the same. 

We've got a pit mix named Penny now, who is nothing like Bentley and wants to be in your face at all time, but she's pretty adorable in her own right when she isn't trying to walk off with your sandwich foolishly left within reach and things like that. 


May 27th, 2017 at 9:22 AM ^

Remember a few months ago when I made a post asking for suggestions for naming my new pup I was adopting (you probably don't). Anyways, here is my boy Blue! 

He is a 13 month old Husky Mix with Collie and Alaskan Malamute. I rescued him at the Humane Society of Huron Valley back in January. He is currently at PetSmart getting furminated. He still has some of his winter coat along with some of his puppy fur. The past month with the heat has not been fun for him. He is a good boy. 


May 27th, 2017 at 9:40 AM ^

was a purebred Norwegian Elkhound.

Very Intelligent, FIERCELY independent.  Was a perfect personality match for me.

A bit of a challenge to train, but a very loyal and quirky animal.

Heroic/odd things about it:

Killed a massasauga rattlesnake seconds before i stepped on it.
Fought off 2 Chows that had attacked my wife.
Brought down a horse & rider (luckily no serious injuries to anybody)
Was absolutely terrified of hot air balloons.
Could sleep in a snowbank, but would avoid walking in puddles like they were acid.
His feet smelled like a wonderfull mix of peatmoss & nutmeg and my wife refused to leave the bed in the morning until she smelled them.  ( Ok I guess that's equally odd on her)

replaced both his knees at extravagant expense and kept him around for 17 yrs.

Gone 6 years now & still haven't been able to replace him.


May 27th, 2017 at 12:35 PM ^

I had an elkhound as a teen, and your description is pretty close to her personality. Very distinct personality as dogs go, and never had a dog that went out of her way to demonstrate loyalty the way she did. She was ours but we were hers. And yeah, she loved sleeping in the snow.


May 27th, 2017 at 9:44 AM ^

I can get behind. His name was Cochise. He was a rescue from the Westland area humane society. Part German Shepherd, part yellow Labrador, 100% my best friend. He had a tail that went straight halfway like a lab, then took a sharp turn to curl like a shepherd. One ear stood up, the other flopped down. He was abandoned as "not good with children, aggressive". I was 9 when he came home and he never even looked at new in anger, not once in the 10 years we had him.

He also had some rabbit in him. He always wanted to run away, although we always found him and brought him back. He eventually gave up this habit, but one habit he never gave up was trying to kill everything that wasn't human. With my own eyes I saw him catch 2 squirrels in our yard, and one mourning dove, which he caught mid-air.

Sadly, dogs only last on this world for so long. Cancer took my best friend. He went south very quick, but we did the right thing and had him put to sleep humanely in his own bed at home. I never cried so much to to that point in my life.

I lost my best friend back in 2007, but he'll always be the best dog in the world to me. To this day I keep a picture of him with me, a real photograph I took of him when he was your and healthy, as he should be remembered. I would say more but its getring dusty in here. Thanks for the topic.

I miss you and love you Cochise. RIP


May 27th, 2017 at 9:45 AM ^

every dog I've had has been special to me, so I won't name a favorite. but my current dogs are: 9 year old black lab. brought him home from the pound about 3 years ago. he was there for 6 weeks before we met him. He's got so much gray hair now. his snout is practically white. but he's our buddy. doesn't need a leash. super protective of his little sister (more on her soon). he likes going on walks, roller blading around the neighborhood and loves going bye bye. He loves to yell back and forth with me in the living room and when he's done we lay on the floor on our sides (he gets a belly rub) as if to say good job to the other. his name is Seymour. can't stand to not get pets, so he's always within belly rub reach of whoever has a free hand. his little sister Lyla is a3 yr old German shepherd mix (lab we think). she's a bundle of energy. she likes to make laps around the living room furniture. on walks, she likes attention so she starts shit with other dogs sometimes just to have Seymour come in try to fight the whole world to protect her. I joke about it but sometimes we have to walk across the street to keep them out of trouble. Lyla can't be off her leash yet. in the back yard she loves running and throwing the ball. she is so fast and vey strong. she likes to chew so she has 4 or 5 nylabones laying around the house. Seymour likes to pick them up cuz she starts barking at him and chases him around, but won't take it back from him. when I get home from work, ill look at her and snap my fingers and motion to the room. she takes off to the bedroom and lays on the bed when I change from my work clothes. then she likes her 5 minutes of belly rub and hugs time. then she's back out like a wrecking ball. see, what makes dogs so special is that they have such big personalities. I wish I could sit down and have a conversation with Seymour. I bet he's got stories that go on for years. my pictures are all of my dogs, none of me or my fiance. lol. but our dogs are our kids for now and can't wait to share this portion of my life with Seymour and Lyla.


May 27th, 2017 at 10:36 AM ^

Favorite breed is, hands down, the Golden Retriever. I've been fortunate to have had 5 goldens in my life to date, starting with Romeo when I was 12... we adopted Romie, and all these years later I can still envision the first time I saw him running across the lawn towards me - it was as if I had never seen anything so beautiful before, and I knew at that moment I would never own a different breed.

Fortunately, all my pups have been great, and each one is different than the prior one. Our most current iteration is Bode (Bo), my profile pic - handsome, loyal, sweet and beloved my almost all.

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May 27th, 2017 at 9:53 AM ^

also known as Abey Juan Knabbe....my First dog of my own...snuck him into the college dorm and the entire floor helped  take care of him..He backpacked with me throughout NH, VT an Maine one college summer and went with me to Dallas for my first big boy job...I miss him to this day.

AKA ...Abraham when he was in  the dog house