OT: Buckeye fan divulges some interesting things to be proud of

Submitted by kevin holt on August 30th, 2011 at 9:01 AM

I know this is getting reeeeeally out there, but I guess this could be a call to MGo, asking what it is that makes you proud as a Wolverine. I was on a different site (okay it was Reddit), where they were discussing the merits of that picture where a man in his coffin is serving as the I in their dumb spelling match (oh-io, usually, when they get it right)

Anyway, he posted the following to clarify why the picture "only makes sense to a fan":


"Ever see dedicated hockey fans in canada riot when they lost a big game?cough vancouvercough Yeah OSU fans did that before it went mainstream. If we lost big games 10 years ago couches were dragged into streets and lit on fire, dumpsters lit on fire, and maybe a couple cars flipped. Nice small riots, never any looting.

Now there are laws if a group of 3 people cause damage it constitutes a riot and its a permanent expulsion from school with no chance to appeal. "Indoor" furrniture is banned by city law from being outside. Undercover cops harras people drinking peacefully at tailgates instead of finding drunk rowdy troublemakers."


This seems pretty ridiculous, and I'm sure he's an extreme case, but he seems really proud (in a hipster sort of way) that the school down south was rioting before it was cool. I told him they should be better friends with msu.

What are you proud of? I'm proud that we don't riot like that, and if we did it would sure as hell be a black mark on everyone's memory that we would speak of in hushed tones, muttering excuses and changing the subject quickly. It wouldn't be something to be proud of.

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I'm proud that Michigan athletes are generally well spoken in interviews.  This might not mean a lot to some fans but when they are supposed to be "student athletes", I think the formation of coherent thoughts and complete sentences should be the rule, not the exception.


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How can somebody be proud of rioting?   The 1984 Tigers were a team to be proud of but all that pride went up in smoke after the behavior of the "fans" after they won the World Series.  The same could be said for the fans of the Bad Boys.  Now everytime a Detroit team is even close to being of championship caliber, those images come up.  This is despite the fact that Detroit fans have not rioted in over 20 years now.  All of the Stanley Cup celebrations for the Red Wings were peaceful.  I believe the celebration of the Pistons' championships since the Bad Boys have been peaceful.  Even the 2006 Tigers stuff was peaceful.

As far as Michigan goes...there's too much to be proud of.

Two Hearted Ale

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He has a point about cops harassing people for drinking. It is ridiculous that an adult has to have a lookout while pouring a beer into a solo cup so as not to draw the ire of the fun police.


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Ah, to breathe the same air and drive on the same roads as these people, lovely.  I'm proud of getting to spend a couple of years in AA and hopefully helping to establish longer-term cultural ties between Michiganders and non-insane Ohioans.


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There was a pretty big riot in Ann Arbor after we won the NCAA men's basketball championship in 1989. But your point is well taken that we sure as hell don't brag about it. We have other things to brag about, like academics.


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That would be the same police that almost clubbed me while riding my bicycle home with the poor timing to be near a street sweep by said police during the Art Fair in '87. Same deal, no problems until the AAPD showed up in riot gear. Although the people climbing up street lights at Forest and South U may have been a bit too celebratory, eh? Sigh, I miss VC...

Anyhow, as stated previously, I am proud there's too much to be proud of here in A2... if that makes any sense. 


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Definitely a proud moment last year's opener when Brock waljed onto the field; and watching Phil go all crazyhappy when he was announced (during the MSU game??)
<br> Maybe any football crowd would have reacted the same but I'd like to think we get a bigger high off the positive ways the game affects people, rather than having "fun" getting pissy and mean about losses.
<br>I think we are reasonably sportsmanlike fans and hosts, too. Even after the Horror, I heard people speaking very generously to the opposing band
<br>Stay classy Ann Arbor.

Blue 8198

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I am proud of most everything the University of Michigan stands for and, on Friday, was especially proud of my oldest daughter as I helped her move into her Ann Arbor dorm as she starts her freshman year!!  (On a weird note, she is living on the same hall I did my sophomore year)


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I know the feeling.  Last year, my son lived in the same dorm at UM I did for two years.  Visiting your kid in "your" dorm really compresses the years in a weird way.

I hope your daughter has a great freshman year!


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When this subject comes up, I immediately think of an experience I had in 2003.  I remember early in the football season watching a game on tv where the fans rushed the field after the game.  They instantly ran to the goal posts and proceeded to climb them and tear them down.  The announcers were making comments about how classless and unsafe it is.

Then at the OSU game that year (the last time we beat them) the students rushed the field.  It was my last year at UM as a student.  I sat in row 19, and when my friends and I saw a bunch of students rushing the field, we joined in the fun.  After about 1000 students were on the field, I hit the ground and ran to the center of the field where everyone had joined the players.  I took a second to just stand there and enjoy the experience.  I noticed that not one student was anywhere near either goal post.  True, they had guards around them, but there were guards around the entire perimeter of the field before the mob of students rushed them.  In the end, if the students wanted to get to those posts, we could have. 

I actually am proud of us as a student body for that............for not wanting to destroy our own field.  We simply wanted to celebrate a great victory over our hated rival in our house.


Another thing that sort of makes me proud of Michigan is the entire attitude the students have towards eachother.  When a house has a party, they provide the beer for anyone who shows up.  I went to MSU one time and experience one of their house parties.  Everyone had to donate to the beer fund as they came in.  It just seemed very impersonal and lame. 


Lastly, there's one other experience that comes to mind.  I went to the MSU game a few years ago in AA.  We went with some friends that had a nice tailgate spot on Hoover.  After the game (we lost obviously) we were hanging out in our spot watching some other games on satellite tv just waiting for the traffic to die down.  I had just recently made fun of my mother-in-law for drinking Boone's Farm wine because it was pretty much the white-trash drink of choice.  My wife was mad at me for that because she grew up watching her family drink the stuff, and she had no idea.  Well, back on topic, at the tailgate that evening after the game there was a group of MSU fans acting like jerks on Hoover.  I remember one of the girls slugging down the rest of her bottle and throwing it into the bushes right near us.  All of the people we were with just shook their heads in disappointment.  Then I went over to the bushes to grab the bottle and throw it in the trash can about 15 feet away.  Sure enough, it was a bottle of Boone's Farm.  At that point I couldn't even control what came out of my mouth next:  "HAHAHAHA I told you honey.  Boone's Farm is the white trash elixir."  Well, I said it loud enough that the MSU people heard me, but they couldn't really do anything about it as they realized they were surrounded by Michigan fans.


I've never been to an away game so I don't know how Michigan fans act, but there's no way we're that bad.

kevin holt

August 30th, 2011 at 5:23 PM ^

I completely agree about the beer and parties. I have MSU friends who talk about it and say "psh, it's just because Michigan kids are rich," which is a laugh. I have an overdrawn bank account right now and I live with 8 other guys in order to afford the rent. However, when we have a party we buy the alcohol so our friends new and old can enjoy it. Even if they're visiting from other schools for football.

Wisconsin Wolverine

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I'm very proud of how Michigan fans have handled the last several years.  It's especially hard to stumble when you have such a sterling reputation as a national powerhouse, but I admire the fans for taking it on the chin & not making excuses.  We get a lot of attention when we struggle, & we certainly hear it from our rivals.  I'm proud of the way that, instead of denying what's happened, we rely on our persistent optimism & say "We may not be good right now, but we will be good again later."   I am proud of how we have all found new reasons - besides winning all the time - to love Michigan football.  I absolutely love how we pay attention to the character & personality of our athletes, take part in their stories, & cheer for them as human beings.

Blue in Yarmouth

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I'm not pointing fingers here at all. I am 37 years old and realize that many sports (and teams) have a section of fans that just take things too far. I am a Canadian and the shock I felt when the Vancouver fans reacted the way they did was incredible...classless losers. 

Having said that, I have lived long enough to know that there have been plenty of riots in the USA whether due to upset sports fans or events society deemed to be out of order. I also witnessed (not personally) the numerous riots related to soccer with the english fans. 

I find it funny that this clown would insinuate (and therefore likely believe) that Canadian hockey fans played a role in making rioting mainstream (whatever the hell he means by that I am not sure...). 

As a UM fan I am most proud of the way our boys carry themselves. I can't imagine another group of players in college football (or any other sport) whose players are as well spoken as our guys are. They amaze me every time they take the mic. Well done men!


August 30th, 2011 at 3:38 PM ^

"Nice small riots, never any looting."

It's amazing the line this guy draws to justify what they have done in Ohio in the past. It's okay to light household furniture on fire, which can cause widespread damage, but as long as you don't break into your neighbors house, its all good. Simply unreal!