OT: Bolivians -- This is your thread to request clemency.

Submitted by Billy Ray Valentine on January 18th, 2017 at 6:40 PM

In the earlier Isaiah Hole CB thread, several Bolivians surfaced to make their case for clemency.  I posed the question in the Moderator Action Sticky whether a thread dedicated to clemency requests would be permitted.  One of our gracious moderators indicated that the thread would be allowed, and it also may be a good recipe for humor.


Humor is the hope here, especially self-depricating humor.   Plead your case.  Non-Bolivians should weigh-in either in support or against clemency.  Please do not get political.  And please, do not re-post the exact same material that led to your Banhammer, unless it is in the context of what not to write.


Assuming we can have nice things, a thread like this might be entertaining every few years.


One final note -- I hope the moderators see it in their heart to consider at least one, if not more, application for clemency, assuming the user shows true remorse and accountability without qualification.  


(fingers crossed on this one)