OT- Alabama fans react to Oregon losing video

Submitted by UMxWolverines on November 18th, 2012 at 4:35 PM


edit: Also here's a picture that pretty much sums up the SEC:




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I'm sure some Michigan fans would have celebrated the same way if Michigan was in Bama's position. Hell, Pat Fitzgerald was more over the top last week than the fans in that video.


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Observing the Alabama fan outside of its natural mobile-home habitat is quite the experience.  A very clear herd mentality exudes nervous excitement, transitioning to unbridled exuberance and the desire to add mroe members to the herd based on events thousands of miles away.  Crikey, I'd hate to be wearing yellow and purple when I ran into this bunch.


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Let it be known that all the internet saw that man use his "one time." He gets no more.


Just looks like a group of people enjoying a game that puts their team in line to play for a national title. What's wrong with that?


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This reminds me of me after seeing UCLA upset USC in 2006. I was sure that was all Michigan needed to play Ohio in a rematch. Then, Danielson-Meyer politicking (you can't play for a tltle without winning a conference!) and Florida happened...


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I know what happened in the bowl games kind of made this all null & void but remembering all of the bullshit politics of that year just pisses me off more after seeing Bama jump OK State for another all ESS EEE SEE Championship game. Apparently you can go to the BCS Title Game without winning your conference as long as you lose by 3 in front of your home crowd. Much more impressive than doing the SAME EXACT THING on the road. Also, ABSOLUTELY NO TOUCHDOWNS CAN BE SCORED. Losing with FGs is a MUST.

...But I'm not bitter!


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Not a single Oregon fan was teabagged against his will in this video. As far as Bama fan celebration videos go this one is rather tame and quite a bit more legal. 


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Just'a good ol' boys
Never meanin' no harm.
Beats all you never saw
Been in trouble with the law
Since the day they was born

Staightnin' the curves
Flatnin the hills
Someday the mountain might get 'em
But the law never will

Makin' their way
The only way they know how
That's just a little bit more
Than the law will allow.

Makin' their way
The only way they know how
That's just a little bit more
Than the law will allow.

I'm a good ol' boy
You know my momma loves me
But she don't undestand
They keep a showin my hands and not my face on TV


eamus_caeruli (not verified)

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My iPhone hates this post. Any other iPhones having major issues today?

Alabama needs to take care of business before proclaiming another title. ND will be competitive if its Bama, FU, LSU or Georgia. Don't rule out Oregon just yet.


November 23rd, 2012 at 6:15 AM ^

Reminds me off being in Ann Arbor the night the Red Wings won Game 3 in overtime in 2002. A quiet summer night then all of a sudden all of the apartment buildings were shaking with cheers.