Nick Saban the next coach of the Packers? ESPN's Ryan Clark thinks so.

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Oh snaps! Nick Saban going to be the next coach for the Packers? This story must be true, because it agrees with the general public's preconceived notion that the NFL is a better place to coach football than at a P5 University, and that the college game is merely a stepping stone to... 15-17. Or not. Here's to hoping that karma rears its head, and the negative recruiting tactics against 'Bama commence!




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Maybe this is why Dax is flipping back to Michigan.

Wouldn't that be some fucking karma?

He flips from Michigan to Alabama because of rumors that Harbaugh is going to the NFL     . . . then he flips back to Michigan because of rumors that Saban is going to the NFL.




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He didn't do that well the first time, fine, but the Dolphins are a turd of a franchise that wanted Culpepper instead of Brees. I think he would do well with A-ARon. If he could win a Superbowl he probably goes down as the best coach of all time. 


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He might do well with Rogers, but based on his reputation of being a control freak and bullying everyone, I doubt that he would be as effective with grown men who make more money than him versus 18-22 year olds whose future depend on him and make nothing.  The power dynamics of the NFL are quite different than that of college, and I have doubts he could thrive in a position where he does not have absolute power.


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I don't think I'll ever respect what Saban built at Bama because he did it by over-signing and very likely paying guys.  I'll bet on an equal playing field, he's just an average coach. Yes, he's had them rolling for a while now, but just about any coach can win with a roster that talented. Georgia seems to be heading down a similar path. Not surprising considering who Kirby learned from.


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Yep. To be successful year in and year out in college where you have a massive talent advantage over almost every team is fairly impressive. It's much harder to do it in the NFL where the talent gaps are much, much smaller. I'm sure Saban is a good coach, but I think his stint with the Dolphins shows about how good of an NFL coach he is


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Yeah, there's a reason that a guy who has won as many games as he has at Alabama really doesn't pop up on a lot of these new hiring radars.  What I've gathered listening to a couple of NFL-focused podcasts is that NFL teams sort of view him as a great collector of talent whose schemes work fine in college because he can just out-talent basically everyone.  But until very recently his offenses were pretty predictable and didn't have much in the way of counter-punching, and in the NFL even the best coaches have to be able to evolve and change with the times.  And Saban definitively hates to change anything, and his controlling nature won't work when the guy he's yelling at makes 3x/4x more than him.


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It's not even an actual rumor.  It's just some guy throwing out an idle question "Could the Packers get Saban?"

I don't know, could M-Dog get Kate Upton?

See how that works?  Just throw out a meaningless question with nothing behind it, and start an internet rumor that spreads like wildfire and changes lives.

Anybody can play.

But since this one suits our purposes and I'm not worried about any fair play when it comes to Saban of all people, I'll be happy to help spread it.

Nervous Bird

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In no way do I mean to hijack a thread... but I don't have enough points to start threads, and in the car on the way home from work, I heard Chris Balas (the on the Huge Show say that the both corners (Hill and Long) have been practicing this week. It appears that only Gary, Higdon, and probably Bush will sit out of the bowl game.

I know this has been a point of extreme consternation on this board as of late. So, if someone thinks this info is thread worthy, please share. And, again, my apologies for the non-comment on Satan, uhh Saban to the Packers. LOL