New in-state offer: 2019 DE Tyrece Woods

Submitted by Magnus on June 18th, 2018 at 8:22 PM

Belleville (MI) Belleville defensive end Tyrece Woods earned a Michigan offer today at camp. This is big for Woods himself, who has been visiting Michigan over and over and over again and trying to get an offer. He used to attend Detroit (MI) King. He's 6'2", 225 lbs. and has offers from Air Force, Cincinnati, Fresno State, and some others. He's a 247 Sports 2-star, the #103 weakside end, and #1931 overall.

Here's a link to his highlights (LINK).



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You certainly a right to your opinion, though I disagree with your general premise for all the negativity, but why on earth do you comment on only this post instead of the one 2 below it that actually has positive news?? It honestly does seem like you get off on being a constant worry-wart. Your opinion would be viewed a bit more fairly if you played both sides.


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Well. Um. I'll say this: I'm not surprised about his ranking.

There are some on this board who consistently talk about only wanting players who want to play for Michigan. Well, this kid has been working HARD to get an offer from Michigan. He already said they jumped to #1 on his list, which I could have told you would happen if he ever got offered.

It's a bit of an Alex Malzone situation, IMO.

Blue in Paradise

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Everything that comes out of your a$$hole, er mouth, is bullish!t.

yeah, the staffs at schools like Bama and OSU tell the analysts who they like and those are the kids that get the stars.

You honestly think the coaches believe the analysts know how to evaluate talent better than their staff.  If so, those analysts would be on staff getting paid $100k per year.


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Yes, I honestly believe the recruiting analysts are better at evaluating high school talent for the simple reason that they get to see these kids more than college coaches and it isn't particularly close. That's why all the statistics regarding recruiting rankings are as accurate as they are. College coaches don't get to go to all these camps and combines and 7 on 7 events where recruits all compete against each other. They aren't out at high school games every week like the regional analysts are. Evaluating talent is just one component of many that a college coach has. These recruiting analysts do nothing but this 365 days a year. Please don't conflate that I think recruiting analysts know more about football than college coaches because I don't. I simply think that the amount of exposure they get to these prospects dwarfs that of college staffs. Hell most programs have player personnel guys now help evaluate because the coaches simply don't have the time. 

Blue in Paradise

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Yup, just like how ESPN didn’t evaluate Cam McGrone for 2 years and and Rivals didn’t look at him for a year before the AA game.

But hey, he was a little known recruit out in a far flung part of the country.  No? He was a highly rated B1G commit right smack in the middle of the Midwest?  Well that is odd for these organizations that do nothing but scout players and camps 365 days a year.


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And the coaches don't have guys on staff who do the same thing?  You're either arguing in bad faith or a moron.  Michigan has a staff of guys who do nothing but watch film, scout prospects, and relay the information to the coaches.  These are people who have usually played or coached at a relatively high level and want to move up in the football coaching world.  Besides watching 18 year olds play football and go to camps, what experience do the recruiting site analysts have?  Maybe they played in college?  I don't know that any of them have actually coached.  Do they do the homework on finding out from the recruit's family and coaches what type of person they are?  How hard a worker they are?  How likely they are to get in trouble? 

And on top of that, these 7 on 7s and other camps aren't exactly the best judge of football talent.  How much can you tell about a QB wearing shorts who doesn't have to worry about contact, a tackle who is just going 1 on 1 with a DE, a WR running a quadruple move on a safety?


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A large number of recruiting analysts are simply "journalists" who have decided to cover high school football recruiting. There are some (Tom Luginbill, Barton Simmons, etc.) with football chops, but many others have never played, coached, or worked in the football realm.

Think of the guys who have worked at The Wolverine (Rivals), for example. I don't think any of them have done anything beyond playing high school football, except Matt Pargoff (high school coach) and Brandon Brown (middle school coach). Some of them didn't even play high school football.

The coaches know a crap-ton more about evaluating players than those recruiting sites' employees. Recruiting rankings matter, but a lot of rankings are based on how many COACHES have offered. Rivals isn't going to rank a guy with Alabama, Ohio State, and USC offers as a 2-star. On the flip side, they're not going to give a 5-star ranking to a kid who only has offers from Northern Illinois and Syracuse.


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You're making my point for me. Matt Pargoff and Brandon Brown aren't involved in the rankings...which means guys who are even less experienced are doing the rankings.

Josh Helmholdt *is* involved in the rankings, and he has less football experience than Pargoff and Brown.


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You do realize Alabama has around 30 people on their football staff whose sole job is recruiting evaluation? OSU as well. The NCAA even considered a rule limiting non-football recruiting staff at one point because it was getting so ridiculous. Of course the NCAA didn’t do it. Harbaugh even talked about the need to improve and grow Michigan’s recruiting evaluating staff when he arrived to be on par with Alabama and OSU. Please, stop talking about recruiting like you are some great expert if you don’t even realize the teams watch far more actual full game film of recruits than any recruiting service ever will.

I’m beginning to think you are not simply a troll, but someone who works for a recruiting site trying to justify their importance.

SMart WolveFan

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Wow really? Harbaugh has been here three years, can't get them cars, cash, tattoos, tutors that actually do all the work, synthetic pee, etc.

But somehow he has to out recruit Bama?

Alright precious, we'll wake you when Santa lands the Space Shuttle Challenger and all the Mayans pile out with zero point energy so you can use your puter forever and ever.

SMart WolveFan

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Yup and it still completely owns your argument because Harbaugh is recruiting the state of Michigan exactly how UofM has always: in up and down cycles. And we are currently in a down cycles because the reactionary fan base is making the local recruits think Harbaugh is getting fired.

But, I've already proved that to you many times this last two months.

So you keep throwing out Saban comparatives and I'll stream all I want.


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Remember when you said the basketball team would never be good again under Beilein and he couldn’t recruit and he couldn’t develop big men? Lol, you suck at predictions. Which means I’m excited for Harbaugh to have a really good recruiting class and for us to make the national championship game. You know, the exact opposite of everything you predict


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Literally any basketball thread before Beilein and the team dunked in your face for an entire season.  

You shut up like you had to.  You're an amateur troll maizen. Go back to twitter where MSU and OSU fans keep you afloat, and like-minded middle aged "just win" white guy middle managers haven't figured out you're a dumbass yet. 


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You started a thread that went over Beilein’s record against MSU, Wisconsin, and another team (maybe OSU?). This was when you were Maizen. You discussed Beilein’s buyout and said your opinion was that we would never be good again under Beilein. Ironically you were praising Harbaugh’s recruiting to show how horrible Beilein was doing. I got nostalgic today and looked back at a bunch of fire Beilein threads to laugh about how wrong a large portion of our fanbase was. You sucked then as a poster and you suck now as a poster. It’s actually amazing how wrong you were about everything to do with the basketball team. It’s why I’m so excited to make the national championship game this year and do the exact opposite of your shitty predictions


June 19th, 2018 at 1:35 AM ^

I did have time to sleep with your mom today, so it was a productive day.

Now that I showed you where you said all that incorrect dumb shit, I’m sure you’ll own up to it, right? No, you won’t because you’re not on here to talk about Michigan, you’re on here to troll and be an asshole. I have no problem calling you a cunt and telling you how good your family is in bed because you don’t actually care about any of it, you’re just here to troll