Michigan vs. Minnesota BTT basketball Open Thread

Submitted by M-Wolverine on March 9th, 2012 at 6:04 PM
Any one knows any feeds other than BTN2GO (stupid Comcast) might be good, because you know people will ask. Let's wear the Gophers down (insert Bill Murray). Go Blue!



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I'm happy that were playing Minnesota rather than Northwestern. I think we match up better VS. Minn,  and NW gave us serious fits last time we played them. Hail 


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Interesting look. Also THJ looks very dark skinned in these white uniforms, more-so than usual. That is not in any way meant to be a racial comment, just a fact/observation (so lay off sensitive ones).


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Get rid of that stupid logo in the top right of my screen and while you're at it, get rid of the bottom line. I just want to watch the game. I already know the results from earlier, I know Bruce Weber and Doc Sadler got canned, and I know Purdue plays Ohio after this game.


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Hopefully the fatigue factor of Minny playing into OT last night and us sitting around the past 5 days will be more apparent and beneficial in the 2nd half.


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OK - we haven't played in a week and Minnesota played last night.  We're better rested, but they're warmed up.  We just need to get in the groove and we'll be fine.  An early foul on Williams and Eliason is good.  A lot of those guys played a lot of minutes just 24 hours ago, that will benefit us in the second half.