Michigan visited EJ Levenberry Today

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I know this can go in the EJ Levenberry thread, but I thought it was thread worthy...mods delete if you disagree

Sam Webb tweeted that he heard "michigan and fsu have been in EJ Levenberry's school today"

link: https://twitter.com/#!/SamWebb77/status/194509958572818432

Hearing that #Michigan and Florida State have already been in E.J. Levenberry's school today



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I just envisioned a knife fight confrontation between the coaches, in a seedy alley like something out of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" video... Man I'm having a boring workday.


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I imagined the Anchorman fight scene, where it's Michigan and FSU who casually run into eachother, then Saban, Meyer, and Miles come out of nowhere, then Dantonio decides to join the party, then everybody starts beating the shit out of eachother. Can you imagine Hoke, Mattison, and Borges in a fight? I think it would be hilarious to see Borges get really angry.


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Now this is a battle.

Hoke can't go but it would be an amazing advantage if Mattison could show up.

One of you on twitter should tweet the Mike Martin interview to EJ about how amazing Mattison is as a coach and as an NFL reference.


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I'm more on the wide receiver train.  It doesn't really matter who we have behind that line.  He's gonna get yards.  Plus I think Deveon is a stud.  That said, I also want Isaac real bad.


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cause I think if his heart is really set on that major we're still screwed, but I'd love to see us take one from FSU.  Hopefully Mattison took the oil.


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Between Fsu crim justice program and football potential....I could see him choosing the noles.....but I just have a feeling that this kid is a Michigan kid. There is a difference between the two. Florida state recruits a more cutthroat pure athlete. The program is more of a "get to the league" program than it is "caught up in the nostalgia and history" type program. I think EJ is more in tune with being a Michigan Man than he is joining the "athlete surplus" that is FSU. I love both schools but I really want to see EJ go blue. FsU does need linebackers badly and they will def propose serious playing time for Ej that Michigan might not be able to...at least within the first two years. We will know in 23 short hours. This would be a monster recruiting battle win for Hoke...because FSU has been arguably the hottest recruiting team the past 3 years and is a legitimate NC contender now and the near future.


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You could also make the argument that FSU has had top ten recruiting classes the last 3 years and has underperformed big time.  They were only 8-4 last year to get to the Champs Sports Bowl... Hoke on the other hand, took someone else's players, who were less touted than FSU's, while at the same time playing multiple freshmen, and went 11-2 with a BCS win. I think that speaks to Hoke's staff's coaching ability, and ability to develop talent.  Also, I think the fact that Hoke was a criminal justice major has helped him to really connect with EJ, and his knowledge of the field could help dilute the advantage FSU has by offering that major (i.e. telling him he can still get there without majoring in CJ for undergrad).  There are good arguments both ways.  I keep going back and forth on it.


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When people make a statement with why FSU underachieved last season and mention they dont develop players thats just not accurate..Losses along the Oline and the QB was killer for FSU while playing as many freshman as anyone not named clemson(youngest team in fbs last year) not to make excuses though just think no one ever gets deep. Now what Hoke did was impressive no question.

Mr. Rager

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Aren't we in a period where the coaches cannot directly speak to the recruits?  I am seeing stuff on other sites that implies the coaches went there to talk with the HS coaching staff, and that Levenberry was probably present, because otherwise the coaches are restricted....