Michigan goes 4-0 in Italy, defeating Montova 96-76

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In a much closer game, Michigan defeats Montova 96-76. Montova managed to keep it pretty close most of the game, even briefly taking the lead just after halftime, but Michigan puts it away late and wins by 20.

Game tweets here:




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MAAR seems like he can get to the rack at will. He's going to he a pleasant surprise once he gets use to the speed of the game. Another under the radar gem by Beilein and co.


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I said this in another thread, but I think he's going to be providing that instant offensive spark we've had in the past couple of years from Irvin and McGary...except he'll do it by getting to the foul line.


Needs to work on that free throw percentage, though. Hasn't been great in Italy.


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Cool beans.  Good to see a team that created a bit of stress if only for a half.  

EDIT - looking at the feed, it was 80-71 quite late into the game so sounds like a good game.


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lowest winning margin, and toughest test. It's nice they got to make this trip and go undefeated with the staff getting a chance to evaluate the various components of the team and how they mesh in a competitive situation even if the teams they faced will not present the same challenge that they'll face in the upcoming season. 

That said, I think the greatest benefit is, of course, having the guys being able to acquaint themselves with each other, learn their strengths on the floor, and have our big guys get an opportunity to work out their games against varying competition. 

I wish the competition was stiffer in the earlier contests, but this was a nice trip that accomplished its aims and enabled our team to succeed and enjoy a great cultural and lifelong experience in the process. You just can't measure the benefits of that, no matter how the games turned out. The fact that they won going away in each contest was just icing on the cake. 

Our basketball team is in great hands. 


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our length is  going to be huge for us this year. This team is very different from teams we have had the past 4-5 years. Really looking forward to the type of team coach B will mold these kids into. 


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This was the professional team among the four, I believe - correct me if I am wrong. I'll be interested to see the stat line from this one as a contrast to the other three games for that reason alone. 

All in all, nice to see them complete the sweep in Italy. Going back through the tweets right now makes me very intrigued to see some MAAR in action in the season because the tweets would make one believe he was literally all over the place in a most excellent way. 


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I know there are quite a few variables involved, but seeing the scores from the games has me questioning.  I keep wondering how the 4 opponents this year would compare to the 4 opponents played on the previous trip.  Are this year's Euro squads that much weaker, or is this Michigan squad playing at a higher level than the previous Michigan squad on their Euro trip?


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Boxscore (PDF)

Seven Wolverines scored in double-digits, with two double-doubles: Irvin with 16 points and 10 rebounds, and Doyle with 10 points and 10 boards. Michigan shot 53.7% from the field and 42.1% from long range. They also won the rebounding battle, 45-24.

Some individual stats for Mantova, who were led by center Johndre Jefferson and guard Armin Mazic, both with 18:

UM Fan in Nashville

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Seemed like Michigan got a ton of transition points off of Montova missed dunks.  

Also, nice to have Irvin and Doyle both with another double double (Irvin- 16 points, 10 rebounds; Doyle- 10 points, 10 rebounds).  And to have MAAR and Dawkins finish with great supporting numbers (MAAR- 10 points, 2 steals; Dawkins- 10 points, 2 rebounds).

Levert with a great well-rounded performace; 15 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals.  Seems like he's getting back in game form.



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The competition may have been suspect but this was a win for the program. What an advantage heading into the fall. I love that the program is back to the point where it peeks my curiosity in the offseason as much as the football team (if not more the last few years). Go Blue!

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