META: Footballscoop trolling MGOBLOG as "MICHBRO"

Submitted by Bigfoot on December 16th, 2014 at 5:46 PM

I'm not sure if many saw this, but a writer from football scoop posting under "MichBro1" came to defend his reporting in a thread today:

The handle "MichBro" just killed me. It's stressful pounding f5, thought this might crack some people up.


EDIT: Now posting as MichBro2


Update: Now MichBro3, we've got a live one!



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....and he was banned (again) a few minutes ago.

It really isn't that often that you see someone apparently so genuinely hurt that you find a source less than credible that they troll the boards - even certain users - in an effort to get them to refute something which, in their mind, cannot be refuted. It's such a useful exercise.

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I had never heard of footballscoop and I have zero preconceptions about their reputability, but I can tell from this short interaction that Michbro1/2 is condescending, petty, and unprofessional.  In the other thread, someone pointed out that footballscoop got Bret Bielema to Nebraska wrong, to which he replied:

"Ahh, good ole reading comprehension. Unfortunately the scoop never said as much. They did say Nebraska had a very short list, and that Bilema was at the top. Several newspapers have since backed that up. 
So the question is, did you misread what they said, or never saw it in the first place, and are just repeating what someone told you. Either way lazy."
So yeah, definitely immature in tone.  Regardless of that, let's see if he's correct.  Footballscoop posted an article entitled "Sources: Nebraska seems locked in".  So the title is pretty confident to start with, right?  The author goes on to write: "Since last night I have spoken with a number of connections and the feeling in the profession is that Nebraska athletic director Shawn Eichorst seems to have a very short list – perhaps with only one name on it. Sources have told me he isn’t taking calls from coaches trying to get themselves involved. He doesn’t appear to be building a list. He sounds like he is locked in.  This one sounds like it is coming and it is coming soon. As always, we’ll keep you posted as things happen on The Scoop."  This is, of course, talking about Bret Bielema.  A later edit confirms this: "Per sources, Nebraska is targeting Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema and is in serious talks with him. Eichorst and Bielema has an extensive relationship from their time at Wisconsin (Eichorst served as Wisconsin’s senior associate AD, executive associate AD and, finally, deputy AD from 2006-11) and from what we hear this got serious quick.  More to come…"  So footballscoop pretty much said with high confidence that Bret Bielema to Nebraska was very likely.

In conclusion, it does look like they got one coaching change wrong.  I'm trying to be fair and not just go by what everyone else is saying, so I don't have any other examples.  I was interested enough to write this, but not interested enough to do any actual research on the topic.  I don't care enough, but demonstrating the Bielema error was just too effortless to pass up.  I leave the rest to all of you.



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A fair attempt, but look at what was actually said. Nebraska seems locked in....certainly they had a hire roughly one day after that post.
Nebraska has a short list maybe as little as one (not the same as only one) we've since learned it was very short only 2 guys, plan A, plan B. he knew his B would take it.
Bielema was Plan A, that's been verified by papers now.
The next morning Bielema had a contract extension in the works from Ark, pulled his name out, plan B Riley was offered and accepted by the afternoon.

Pretty easy to follow.
At no point did the scoop say Bielema had accepted the job there.

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I agree, you never claimed that Bielema was for sure the new hire.  But my interpretation of the reporting was that there was a high probability that it was going to be Bielema.  So if you were to assign an arbitrary confidence level to it, maybe it's like 90% confident?  Then perhaps it would be fair to say you were 90% wrong?  Anyway, I'm sure it's a difficult job and it's not surprising that things sometimes turn out differently than expected, even when there's good information to support the expectation.  And again, I know nothing about footballscoop, so I don't want to even attempt to criticize your track record.  I'm sure you take great pride in your work, and rightfully so, but hopefully you and the users here on mgoblog can be fair to each other.


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Thanks Francisco for being the only person that wants to have a convo.

Again I'm not the scoop, just a Mich fan tired if people writing off legit sources than are way more involved than a message board me and you.

My point has always been, people write off the scoop or Ian etc, when you can't find a single thing they've officially called, that hasn't been the case.

Again with Bielema since this is all in the papers, again I feel safe saying the scoop called it as it was as it unfolded.....just like the Pelini thing turned out today.


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It sounds like your site does a great job of wording stories ever so precisely as to leave an out if and when something you "predict" does not pan out. Kind of like the "barring a last minute change of heart" thing.  I am sure that you are not very connected because someone who acts as immature as you do would not have people running to you with inside information.


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Certainly not from FBScoop.

Oakland county raised as a matter of fact WB High on Orchard Lake. Judging from the logic I've seen in here. My family might have more combined degrees from Mochigan than the rest of the posters on this site. I have an issue with the immense amount of inaccurate things people are saying. I have routinely asked for links supporting claims of FBScoop lying about hiring info.....and as of yet zero of the lemmings in here have emerged. It's incredibly important to me to hold people accountable. If anyone would like to take the challenge on please do. Don't give me the "FBScoop said this or said that" show the link....please.

That brings me to my second point why have I been banned twice. I have said nothing attacking anyone, broke zero mod rules, and have been treated poorly by others. Can someone in charge explain the expectations here to me? My crusade has been merely to bring accurate statements to that not the goal here?