Hoke's New House & Mattison's Granddaughter

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I was in Ann Arbor a week and a half ago, and spent part of one day with friends at their home. While our wives and children were talking and playing, my host took me around town to see new buildings on the main and athletic campuses, and a few other things in the area.

Our first stop was only a couple blocks away:  he showed me the progress on the building of Coach Hoke's new home, which looks close to completion. (I had my camera, with a telephoto, but didn't feel like taking pictures and wouldn't post them anyway.) Regardless, the house looks very nice, and is only 10 minutes or so from the athletic campus. Without going into any detail, I couldn't see Hoke building a home like this without a commitment to stick around a long time. Although I don't know square footage, it also looks like there is plenty of room for Brady & Laura to entertain, and to welcome family for game weekend sleepovers.

Another friend happens to be members of the same church where Mattison (and Hoke?) attend. They ended up chatting briefly with Mattison because my friend's wife was talking to Mattison's daughter, and admiring his grandchild, when he came up. They wouldn't have felt comfortable intruding into Mattison's personal space, but he was the one who came and talked with them.

The long and short of this post is that the coaching staff is around for the long haul. I just can't see Mattison leaving his family . . . his wife would shoot him! And I suspect he is too much of a coach and having too much fun to retire anytime soon. As for Hoke, we all know the "this is Michigan, for God's sake" meme. He, and all his staff, are home where they belong. I'm looking forward to Hoke continuing as coach at Michigan for many years. We as Michigan fans are extremely fortunate to have him and his staff.



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His house is closer than Saline, but out towards that direction. (and I don't personally know whether he lived previously in Saline or not.) Being that the athletic campus is kind of south in Ann Arbor, being in a house south of town makes a lot of sense to me. I didn't want to put pics or an address in the OP because that felt intrusive and crossing the border of personal info. I guess it is true in this day and age that you can find almost anything, but it still is good to honor personal space boundaries.


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Well, the tax assessor's page also has his prior address, purchase price, etc. 

All of that is always public info anywhere in America and it has been since colonial times, etc.

That being said, I am not putting any such information up here and I don't think anyone else should either. 


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...until he gets a contract extension? Overall, it's not a horrible investment to build/buy in Ann Arbor, but if he's doing it because he thinks he's gonna be the head coach for awhile, he should probably wait until he does something to warrant an extension.


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This post had the potential to be a big hit until you denied us the photos that would have made it interesting. I'm pretty sure there's no one on the board who doubted Hoke was here for life. There may have been 3 who doubted Mattison.


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Just because all of the water evaporated en route from the hose to my plant last night doesn't mean I live in a hot arid climate does it?

On the local radio station they mentioned it was the third year of drought in Austin. I wanted to call in and say that I've lived here for 17 years and this year doesn't seem different than any other.


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My friend recently told me the Hokes toured their home because their builder wanted to use a similar floor plan, albeit on a larger scale.

She thought they were planning to build in Saline.

Very nice ranch layout with soaring ceilings FYI, if anyone cares.

The FannMan

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I mean, its not like he had a great NFL job that he left to come here? (Couldn't resist the snark, sorry.)

I have to think that Mattison could have either stayed with the Ravens, or gone virtually anyway to be a DC.  However, as he said when he was hired, he chose to come back to Michigan because he really likes the school and really wanted to work with Brady Hoke. Given the incredible job he has done so far, its not like Michigan is going to ask him to leave.  Ever.  So, I think we can all agree that Mattison is the DC until he decides he wants to retire, which I hope is never.  Ditto for Al (OSU 2012 not withstanding.)

As far as Hoke goes, the man said he (and his family) would have walked from San Diego to take this job.  I guess you can never say never, but this is his dream job.  I really don't see him leaving to take another job.  Ever.

I, for one, am happy about all of that. 


The FannMan

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But I read the OP to be suggesting that Hoke and Mattison aren't likely to quit to take other jobs because they have established ties to Ann Arbor. My point is that, regardless of their homes and other ties, neither of them are likely to bolt.


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Did you get a picture of Hoke's new pad?  I bet it has some pretty cool features; game room, hot tub, movie theater, bowling alley, swimming pool, BBQ pit, cigar room, wine room, meat curing room, wood working room, etc.


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