Hello: Blake Bars

Submitted by wlubd on June 26th, 2011 at 9:43 PM

TomVH EDIT: This was a weird night. I sent a text to Blake Bars about 3 hours ago and asked if he had committed yet, he said not yet. I then got an email saying that he did commit about 30 minutes ago. 

I then got a call from Blake saying that he has committed and he did it with all his family around. He said he decided to do it tonight because he asked his family why he hasn't committed to Michigan, so he just made up his mind and did it. They're all excited and he'll be bringing his mom up either next week or the week after that.

Here are some of the quotes I posted on Twitter:

Ten minutes ago I committed to Michigan. My family is cheering here, and we're pumped. I was just sitting here and I asked my family why did I not commit to them yet. So I called up Coach Smith and told him. I then called up Coach Hoke and told him. It's been a really exciting night."




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 Tom VanHaaren