Going to OSU game, any advice?

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My friends and I will be going to this year's edition of The Game and could use some help. We have a place to stay. One box checked. But now we need tickets. We are mgostudents so we don't want to be spending too much. I know that's a tall order, but basically we're just trying to get into the stadium. Nosebleeds or sitting behind the beams is not an issue. So how have you all found the most success getting tix? Did you buy online or find them another way? We are students if that helps at all. Our group will be 4-5 people. Thank you!



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Oh also, buy off the OSU student Facebook page if you're going for cheapest. Plenty of OSU students sell their tickets for $80-100 for the Michigan game. You would need a student ID, and you either arrange to borrow theirs for the three hours or buy them out of it for an additional $25. Some ushers won't check for BuckIDs. Some will. All luck of the draw.


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Money is money, so I don't think they'd care really at all who they sell to. The student ID part is trickier; UM's student section has sold me a ticket twice, but I went to high school in Michigan so it was easier getting a UM ID through my friends. My best advice for acquiring an ID is just saying up front "I'll give you an extra $30 and if I meet up after the game to give you it back, refund me my $30, otherwise use it to buy a new ID" like a security deposit. I can't speak for other people, but I would do that if I sold my ticket to a non-student, so I'm sure other people would too.


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I always scalp from UM fans. If there are only two of you. Get there early go up to any Wolverine fans and ask for extras. You will sit with the Michigan fans and actually enjoy yourself. Trust me I have been there many times, ok at least six different times thats the way we did it. This is how we do it....


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We got tickets at least 4 different times from Alums a couple years in a row two years later from students/fans I don't  know they sold us our tickets got some spending cash abd we got in and sat with the Michigan alumnus and fans section in fact we were a couple of rows from Elvis Grbacs parents. We were donned in our Michigan gear head to toe and I think they were impressed that we drove down to Columbus without tickets. It's cheap they won't charge you much more than face value.

Do what you want but this is what me and my brother did it..

Edit I agree with below that was bad advise don'y sit with OSU students like I said above


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Honestly, that's really bad advice. 


You will be abused in the student section. 

I'm someone who generally thinks that the "OSU fans will kill you in the stadium" talk is totally overrated. I went to the 2014 game (as a current student, with other current Michigan students) and even when we were winning that game for half the second quarter we were treated mostly fine. Although someone threw trash at my group of friends (2 guys, 3 girls) in the concourse at halftime when the game was tied.

I think sitting anywhere in the stadium is fine, except for the student section. Especially as someone who is college aged. If you were older they would leave you alone more, but you will be gone after, especially if you cheer and we win.


Student sections at any school, but especially at OSU for the biggest rivalry game, are not a good idea for opposing fans unless you know a student, or preferably students, and can sit with them so they can protect you from harassement. 

If you do end up going to sit in the student section, you will not be able to cheer as much as you would if you were in the normal seats, which is another big reason to avoid it.

You really should've bought them in April from U of M. Students get a special deal and you're in the away Michigan section (goes for any Michigan away game). 


If you want to go to The Game, you are going to have to spend a large sum of money. You just have to accept it.



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There's some truth to this. You won't be in any real danger, but drunk students are just not going to behave well. Now, treat rival fans with respect, and most will respect you back. Most of the students, even. But enough will be jerks that you might prefer to be elsewhere.

I sat in a student area once. 2000, as it happened. It was a great time.

But we also had people exposing themselves to us, tossing stuff at us (though less of that because we were on the top row) and making menacing rushes toward us coupled with threats of throwing us over the top of the grandstand.

Hilariously, one belligerent was particularly nasty until he got up to me, realized I had almost a foot of height and 80 pounds on him, and apologized before slinking back.

I have attended twice in general seating areas and was treated well both times, since I wasn't a jerk. YMMV.


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students can order away game tickets in april or may sometime... you should do that.  

I went to MSU, purdue, ND, OSU, and wiscy when I was a student... good times.




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I was going there during the Cooper era. They still call you a bunch of childish names and tell you that they will win. Even after being beat seven games in a row. But we still can win and enjoy The Game no matter what they yell at you.


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But you my friend have never been to the toilet bowl. They clone guys like that down there. They are everywhere on tv the night before all up and down high street. If you dare go into the 7-11 across the street like we did you will see at least five you will swear were in bred. The line for beer goes around the whole store like Best Buy on Black Friday......


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You have 2 and a half months to find tickets. I am assuming you are smart and will figure it out. There are a ton of websites that sell tickets. Start looking now and when you find tickets in your price range buy them.

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It is always cheapest the week before. Unless we are literally both undefeated, and maybe even not then, prices on Stubhub are always highest in the summer/very far in advance. 


Also, if you want to go to The Game, you have to spend a lot of money. That's just the way it is. 

This is no Illinois road game. 


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You'd better decide whether or not it's worth that kind of money to you. In 2000 I got two tickets for $200 the day before the game, for a team its own fans hated in the last bitter days of the Cooper administration, against a good-but-not-great Michigan team. It was the cheapest I could find.

If you can't pay $200 per, don't count on going. Something could unexpectedly work out, but that's a hard ask, especially for a group.


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I will say though that the taxes on gasoline are a shade lower in Ohio, so if you were truly wanting to make the trip on the cheap, Lucas County tends to atl least constitute something of a "neutral zone" of sorts between fandoms. As a matter of pride during Hate Week though, yeah, fill up in Michigan. 


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You may be right. This is the first year they will sell beer in the stadium for games, so who knows what it will be like. A guy I used to work with spent a week in the hospital after getting jumped at Camp Randall. People can be idiots so be careful and take nothing that is said personally.


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Wear a helmet to protect yourself from beer bottles.  Probably bring some antibacterial wipes to help when they spit on & throw food at you.

Make sure all your shots are up to date!


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Don't walk too close to buildings taller than one story, especially if there's a party going on. A friend of mine who graduated from that damn school was proud of a practice of urinating into a bucket and dumping it on passing by opposing fans. Classy group.