Glasow Combine Results

Submitted by michclub19 on February 26th, 2016 at 12:12 PM

Offensive Lineman testing at the combine today and Graham Glasgow turning in some solid results.  Ran a 5.13 40 which is one of the better times posted.  Also put in 23 reps on the bench which skimming through the results appears to be right around the average.  Don't see any reason this should hurt his projected 2-4 round projections.

His measurables yesterday were 6'6", 307 lbs.



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The NFL is a bit of a silly place to look for examples of athleticism because those guys are so many deviations beyond the meat of the bell curve.

It kind of annoys me when sports fans can so easily say this player sucks or whatever.  Yes it's often easy to tell who's better or worse, but there are like ten layers of skill between a pro starter and someone who considers himself good at a certain sport.  The guys Stephen Curry is embarrassing night after night in the NBA wouldn't let any one of us even get so much as a shot off.


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level of athletic ability is so high that to some degree, people are fooling themselves when they say they can tell that this guy is not as good an athlete as that guy.

Whereas in college ball, the variability is FAR higher. There are guys that are relatively ordinary athletes on the field with guys that are among the top 200 most athletic people on the planet. In the NFL, the distance between the best of the best and the worst is not nearly so large.

The more the distance, the easier it is to see that it exists.



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I read an article on SB Nation this morning saying that Joey Bosa was far over-rated because while he was a fantastic college player he was at the peak of his skill development and wasn't a great athlete comparatively to other guys who still had upside.   they used evidence that he would occassionaly fall down and that true athletes had better balance.  No love for Bosa (disliked him ever since his recruiting visit to M where he was rude to the other recruits), but the article is a little silly.    

Beyond a certain level I think people make stuff up to validate their biases.  System fit and work ethic are probably just as important as athleticism.  Vernon Davis for instance only had 1-2 good years when he was in the right system despite being an athletic freak.


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My point is more that looking at some place like the NFL tends to greatly distort one's perception.  Among the general population, Graham Glasgow is a scary-athletic freak of nature (hell, by global standards anyone who's 6'6" is already well outside average) and at the height of his physical potential due to effort, technology and guidance.  This guy is average by NFL standards for his position.  People can sometimes see that as a slight, but that's because NFL fans watch NFL players play all day, so they kind of forget that they're looking at some of the most ridiculous athletes in the world.  Yes there are more athletic linemen out there, but "average NFL athlete" is pretty damn high praise.

The other thing about the NFL is that the number of roster spots is fixed.  This isn't like a typical business or industry that grows according to revenue or demand or growth or needs.  Anyone who makes it to an NFL roster has displaced someone else.  That means there's no fixed standard to compare to and it's decoupled from the general population.  If you're an NFL athlete, you can ONLY compare yourself to other NFL athletes.  This also distorts outside perceptions because no one in the stands sees the practice squad guys, the unemployed free agents, the swaths of guys drafted and then released without ever playing an NFL down.  That includes guys like Devin Gardner and Jeremy Gallon.  Anyone just try to tell me those guys are "marginal" athletes.  ONLY by NFL standards because the NFL is ridiculous.

Otherwise you're correct; college is where you can more easily compare the best athletes to average athletes who just worked really really hard to get where they are, because it's at the college level where you'll find them playing on the same field.


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It really showed the talent deficit between a pro, and a weekend warrior type athlete, even using guys retired from the league for a while. When I rarely go, I like to get to NBA games early to watch the shoot arounds. It's amazing how many guys can hit everything from everywhere, even the bigs. 


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a top 100 recruit and smoked him without a problem.

There is a reason why the best college team will never beat the worst pro team. The worst pro teams are all a bunch of former all american/all conference college players.


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With OL having long arms, I would project right around this number, with maybe high side low 30s.  the guys I would expect to have the highest reps, would be the defensive line guys, that might not have the height and arm length measurables. 

I really don't know how this all translates to real football accurately. 

Gucci Mane

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Having long arms making it harder is a myth ! If that was true then a midget could bench more than anyone. So long as everything is in proportion, I don't see a difference between being 5"3 or 6"10. Where I could see it being harder is if you are 5"10 but have a 6"5 wingspan.

Space Coyote

February 26th, 2016 at 3:46 PM ^

The weight has to travel farther, meaning it takes more energy to lift the weight.

You still need the baseline strength, but if the objective was to get the weight 6 inches off your chest and back down, the linemen would smoke everyone. It isn't though, it's about doing a full rep, and then repeating it dozens of times.

Yard Dog

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having a good career in the NFL. Could see his improvement throughout last year. One question: he seems tall compared to most NFL centers. Could this be an issue?


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Awesome! Hoping for a good pick for him!

It's still so astonishing to me how strong these guys are. I work out and consider myself pretty strong for an average dude over 30, so 23 reps at 225 when I can hit like 6 reps on a good day?? It's hard to fathom how strong and athletic these dudes are.