Fuck Cancer

Submitted by LongLiveBo on April 27th, 2014 at 5:03 PM

I lost another family member to cancer this mornig.  He went for diagnosis to dead in less than a week.  He was in the hospital about an hour from me and when I found out he was sick I made plans with my father to go see and speak with him this weekend but I never got the chance.  A few hours after the plans were made I received a call saying that complications left him incubated.  My last communication with an uncle was him answereing yes or no by squeezing my hand.  Tell your family that you love them every chance that you get and if you get word that someone is sick just go see them, immediately.  Fuck cancer, fuck cancer, fuck cancer.



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Sorry for ur loss man i know that helpless feeling. i lost my grandmother to cancer. Went through a year of therapy and surgery and in the end it didn't matter. All I could do was pray for her. Sometimes that's all we can do


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Extremely sad to hear about your loss. Many condolences to you and your family, and I am sure the MGoCommunity is here for you. 

Cancer has taken people in my family as well, a couple long before their time as well, so I stand there with you when you say, "Fuck Cancer".

Voltron Blue

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I'm with you.  One of my closest childhood friends, late 30s, with two beautiful 5 year old daughters, is in the hospital this weekend from complications due to the melanoma he's been fighting for the better part of a year.  It's tragic.

My condolences for your loss.

Wolverine In Iowa

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I am sorry to hear of your loss.  I lost my dad to colon cancer (thank you, Agent Orange, we believe) 23 years ago during my senior year at U-M.  I was a wreck, of course, but my fraternity and my friends (and of course my family) were amazing.  FUCK CANCER


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My condolences to you and your family. It's a terrible disease that nobody should suffer through. May your relative be in a better place and rest in peace.

South TX MFan

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One of my best friends was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He's only 37 and has never smoked or done drugs in his life. You can't kill a damn crackhead, but a guy who'd give you the shirt off his back no questions asked gets this.

Luckily we live near the best cancer treatment facilities in the world, and he's a fighter, but yeah, fuck cancer.


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Go to MD Anderson right away and let them get a tissue sample and run a genomic analysis looking for EGFR and ALK mutations (and others). There are experimental treatments that your friend might qualify for and ALK mutations in particular present with Stage 4 disease in never smokers.

Best wishes.

The Denarding

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In medicine we call that the cockroach effect. Deplorable people cannot be killed like cockroaches in nuclear winter but good people get afflicted with a variety of diseases.

One of my best friends, a plastic surgeon who runs an operation smile to fix cleft palates in Ecuador, died of ALS this past year. To be of completely lucid faculty yet just deteriorate in every way physically is the worst torture I can imagine. When your own body betrays you like cancer afflicting at any time it's just heart wrenching to watch. It's the opportunity those of us have to love and be loved as we live that is the true loss. I miss my parents, miss best friends and even some of my patients who lost their lives way too early. As a five year old patient of mine once said, "I hate cancer because it makes mommy and daddy sad".

Honestly F...F'ING CANCER!!!!


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Really sorry to hear it, truly. Lost my aunt to cancer a couple days ago. I only visited her twice in my life, and she didn't speak English so the language barrier was always there, but she was a very loving person. My dad is feeling very homesick now.


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My mom is fighting multiple myeloma (shout out to Cancerkickers.org and UM placekicker Phil Brabbs who is dominating this also) and I've lost too many family members to this horrible disease.


I can say without hesitation, FUCK CANCER!  (sorry mom)


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I lost my mother to same type of cancer.  Thoughts and prayers to you and your family and to hell with this horrible disease.  One day she was up living her life, driving, eating, bathing, communicating, etc... and the next she didn't wake up.  Was gone 24 hours later. 36 hours before she passed away she had made plans to drive herself the the Secretary of State to renew her license and she would have been more than able to do so.  Fuck cancer, fuck cancer, fuck cancer.  Do me a favor and call your mom and tell her that you love her.  I didn't get the chance to speak with her before she passed away either and this weekend has just reminded me of that.  I am so fucking angry right now.  Fuck cancer.


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Fuck cancer indeed.  Both my parents died of cancer.  My mother's was the worst; she was only 65 and otherwise very healthy, and the brain cancer affected her speech and ability to communicate.  For my dad, he was already in failing health and alzheimer's was to the point where he would have had to go into some type of nursing home.  At 82, he lived a good long life. 


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Best wishes. It's a terrible disease that touches everyone in some way. Thoughts and prayers to you, your lost relative, and your whole family. 


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Been meaning to create an account for a while, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Yesterday would have been my Dad's 85th birthday. Dad used to love to give me grief every time one of Bo's teams lost a Rose Bowl. All it took was a “When is that damn coach of yours gonna learn how to throw the ball?” to turn my neck red and start me sputtering for a witty reply … which is precisely what the old buzzard wanted. (Dad was a troll before the term existed.)

We lost Dad to pancreatic cancer 25 years ago. I would give damn near anything for him to be able to bust my chops over a UM loss just once more. Shit, I'd take five more years of Rich Rod just for five minutes with Dad. (Don't judge me.)

Please accept my sincerest sympathies, and yeah … Fuck Cancer. Fuck it to death.


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You give us an important reminder that human life is finite. We males are only on the planet about 75 years on average. Must use our time wisely, be good to ourselves, and remind our friends and family how much we love them.

And yes, fuck cancer.


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Said a prayer for you and your family. My mom, who is only 52, is battling breast cancer and is about to lose her hair. One of my uncles (my mom's brother) died of brain cancer a few years ago before he hit 60. Cancer has been all too familiar in my family as of late, and one thing is for sure.. these experiences really bring to the forefront a new hatred for this awful disease. It blows. My sympathy is with your family, my man.


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My mom went through the same thing about 10 years ago. She lost her hair and her energy...but she battled, and won. He hair hasn't grown in think...but who cares, she needed a new hairstyle. Hair is the least of my worries...she's still here.

Keep her spirits up...be her rock. She needs you. You have to be strong for her.

She'll make it with your help.


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Ten months total that was, five of it in hospice.  The last month she would have wonderful conversations with her friend Penny, which was the wall next to her bed.  She didn't know who we were and rarely responded to when we showed up.  My grandma demanded to see her for 2-3 hours every Sunday regardless, and I would pick grandma up and drive her there and back, but near the end I didn't have the heart to see my mom for more than a few minutes at a time and I would go to a different wing of the building to watch TV.  Hospice is a horrible place and it's hard for me to imagine what it must be like to work full time at a place like that. 

Feat of Clay

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I'm very sorry about your mother.

Hospice is sometimes carried out at home. That's how my mom spent her last weeks. My family was impressed with how the nature of the care shifted once the hospice decision was made. Very personal and accommodating. I could see how that would be a very satisfying kind of nursing, even though the ending is foregone.


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I was thankful for the hospice place my mother was in for the last several weeks of her life, but yeah, it's no fun sitting around waiting for someone to die. I was only able to be there the last two weeks, but even that was very wearing.  I was just thankful I was in a position to take some of the strain off my father.


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Lost my grandpa, great uncle, close friend and another close friend was recently diagnosed and going through radiation. All sounds hopefully for her. But regardless fuck cancer fuck cancer fuck cancer.

Thanks for the reminder to cherish family time.


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but she underwent a double mastectomy and radiation treatments that have presented other side effects over the years.  Nobody deserves this - Fuck Cancer indeed.


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battle cancer. I've been fortunate to only lose one aunt by marriage to cancer. I use the term loosely because she was my favorite aunt and the nicest person you could ever meet. Compared to what many of you have been through it seems I've been fortunate.

My condolenses to the original poster and all the people in this thread who have experienced losses and fuck cancer.

Here's hoping that there will be a day soon when we will hear that we have beaten cancer for good.