Former WR Jerald Robinson arrested, faces multiple felony charges (CONFIRMED)

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Posted by user Rockycapp in another thread, he doesn't have the points to start a new post. 

Felony drug possession and felony drug trafficking.  The title says presumably since it isn't confirmed in the link that the Jerald Robinson in question is the former Michigan wideout, however circumstantial evidence would suggest it is.  Same age, same hometown (Canton, OH), and oh....the Michigan warmups that are acting as a blanket to keep large amounts of weed warm:


Assuming it is the right Jerald Robinson and assuming he is indeed guilty of the charges, here's hoping he can eventually be a positive contributor to society. 

Edit:  It is indeed the same Jerald Robinson, confirmed by Justin Rogers/Mlive. 



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But it's a bad thread because it's not confirmed that it's the former Wolverine, so it would be completely irrelevant to a UM Sports Blog until confirmed.  But I digress.  Lil Wayne is also far more known than someone named Jerald Robinson who may or may not have any affiliation with Michigan or anything else for that matter.  But hey, I didn't downvote you.


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  1. I think there is enough circumstantial evidence here to presume with near certainty it's the same guy. 
  2. Lil' Wayne has nowhere near the star power of Jerald Robinson (nor any Michigan football player) within the MGoBlog community.

But likewise, I didn't downvote you before your thread was deleted.  Respect. 


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If it turns out that this is an unfortunate mistake we'll make sure the title gets changed and the post gets updated. Until then, though, the stuff reported by the TV station seems to support enough to post on the board as possible. Bad press isn't what gets deleted, it's unsubstantiated rumors or something that ended horribly after a bunch of comments (in regards to M athletes in the news).


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Go big or go home I suppose.  As a side note, I have a feeling that the Ohio State Patrol exercised some artistic liberties when taking that photograph. 

Victor Hale II

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Maybe my concept of trolling is askew, but the UM garb juxtaposed with that pile of weed seems like a rather fine piece of trolling by whomever took that photo. Enemy or not, gotta tip my hat to him/her.

Rest assured that if the situation was reversed, we'd all be immersing ourselves in the glorious schadenfreude.


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I wonder if he is going to get intent to distro? Kid could be in big trouble if they go drug dealer route instead of drug user route.

Also, I am betting the highway patrolman was an osu alum/ fan given the fine job he did in capturing the Michigan paraphernalia. Seems a little unnecessary to be broadcasting.


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The extra, empty baggies only add to the "accessories", too. Regardless, they will hit him with multiple counts, I'm sure. Best scenario would probably be felony possession, while the worst  might be somewhere from 5-8 years or more. 

The latter is improbable, but the risk/reward for your pound can't be worth it...especially taking it in transit. Dumb.


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Not that I endorse this behavior in anyway, nor have I, umm, took part in it in anyway....buuuut I can say that there is the potential for a lot more than $500 a month.  Keep in mind too, thats straight cash, tax free, and requires a lot less than the 60 hours/week I put into my job now.  To 18/19/20 year old, that can be a lot more enticing than working as a cashier or a waiter for $10/hour  


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Um, yeah, what is this?

It’s a Katchina doll.

What’s that?

The hopi word ‘katsina’ or ‘katchina’ is used in 3 ways. It refers to spirit beings, the mass dancers who impersonate these beings, or the painted wooden figurines, which represent these dancers. The katchina was very important in the religious life of the ancient Pueblo people.

Wow that’s fascinating.

Yeah and you put your weed in there.


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Those loser Ohio cops COULD HAVE removed the Michigan gear from the picture, as they would have any Ohio State gear, but I guess they didn't want to "tamper".


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Not good for him. But, marijuana possession (even a large amount) is one of the most harmless and victimless crimes that can be considered serious. He shouldn't have done it for his own future's sake, but he did nothing close to morally wrong in my book.

Now the DUI, beating regular sized humans, stolen goods crowd... That is a whole different group he unfortunately lumped with now.


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They can pull you over for not having a license plate in the front? That extra plate must cost some extra cash at the Ohio DMV. And how do they prove he intended to sell it rather than smoke it all himself? They just add charges they can't prove so when the plead him down it looks like they are "helping" him. Fact is, regardless of how I feel about it, when those who make/enforce the laws are not well intentioned, better off obeying them.  

There needs to be a "costco law" with marijuana. Buying bulk for personal use can really save you money, but if you get caught with it they can slap an intent to distribute. It doesn't even look like that much if that is all of it in the picture.