Former Louisville players suing to get 2013 banner back

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Apparently former Louisville player Luke Hancock can't go anywhere without being reminded about his team's cheating ways and he can't stand it. 

Hancock and a handful of other former players are suing the NCAA to try and get the wins, banner, and yes, Luke's MVP reinstated. 

Maybe, in truth, he's mad they didn't give him any of the hookers and blow.

Nothing ceases to amaze me anymore.



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The court finds that plaintiffs failed to state a cause of action, and they lack standing to sue for the relief requested.  The defense's motion to dismiss the case is granted.

Ty Butterfield

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Wondering if the NCAA can actually be sued for something like this? I know the NCAA has vacated titles and wins before without any issues. Maybe some MGoLawyers can shed some light on this. 


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“It’s been five years and I can’t tell you two days where I’ve gone without having someone come to me and ask me if I had strippers or prostitutes in the dorm,” he said.

Well did you?


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Just skimming their lawsuit, I'd be amazed if it went anywhere.  They are claiming a lot of personal harms by the NCAA but that isn't how this stuff works.  The NCAA punished UL, and as a by-product of that decision the athletes were harmed.  But the NCAA didn't do anything wrong here; it was Pitino and his staff that brought in the hookers, the drugs, and broke the NCAA rules.  They claim things like "False Light" in that people assume the athletes were involved in these violations directly (i.e. they hooked up with strippers and did blow off them).  But the actual claim in Kentucky has to do with the public dissemination of private information (that is false) about a person.  I don't remember the NCAA ruling saying anything about specific players getting specific benefits, and so their entire argument rests on public inference.  And frankly, you can't really sue someone because other people think he was involved in a factual event that is view in a negative light.

So these guys can sue UL and see about getting some remedy there, but going after the NCAA is a waste of their time and, I assume, some attempt to shame the NCAA.  But nuts to them, the NCAA doesn't give a shit about shaming.


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"I'll admit to just skimming, as I am at work and don't want to waste a bunch of time deep-diving into fringe lawsuits by an aggrieved guy who should have been on the bench with his 5th foul."

I feel exactly the same way.  He should have been on the bench.  He also fully admits to wearing his ring and not wanting to take it off.  That's fine and all, but when people see Louisville as a name and a brand, they see Pitino, they see hookers.  Completely not his fault if he didn't participate in the hookers part of it, but you kind of deserve it for choosing of your own free will to play for a scumbag asshole like Pitino.  


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The complaint should be public information if someone wants to FOIA the court. I doubt they have online records like Pacer. I would love to read it to find out exactly what they are suing for. I’m pretty sure “they took our awards” is not actionable, but anything is possible in Kentucky. 


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I couldn't find the docket for this case.  I did find the lawyer's facebook page:

Two hours ago, he wrote:  "I feel like William Wallace when he and his ragtag army was facing down the cream of the English army and boomm here rides in the pride of the Scottish heavy calvery. Charge!!!"


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Lol if there's a reward for Least Historically Accurate Movie, then Braveheart might take it. And yes, I remember 300.

Quoting or referencing Braveheart to invoke anything other than Mel Gibson charisma...should remove one degree from your resume. 

Arb lover

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Good. Now an impartial judge can rule the banner belongs to Michigan, and it isn't tainted like Michigan was pushing for the decision. 

Would the NCAA honor such order?


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Can we sue the refs that misassigned his third foul to a different player and it resulted in him staying on the court and knocking down triples?  I still can’t understand how something like that happens.