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I don't recall any posts about and it's hall of shame in the few short months I've been around here, but I was perusing the site again today, and they've basically put every single spring article praising Denard and Devin up on the Hall of Shame...

What are your thoughts on this?  I see no good coming from it.  There's nothing better than putting articles praising your teammates on a "Hall of Shame" to break up team unity.

I can't believe the coaching staff hasn't jumped all over this and squashed it.  It's completely immature and un-becoming of a teammate, in my opinion.

Link for those who haven't seen it:



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They have one article about anything but Tate's injury, an article which states that Forcier has obviously lost his grip in the starter position, up there.

What the FRACK are you talking about?


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but I'm curious just what TF is intending to communicate.

There's no doubt what the message of the blond with the big boobs at the blackboard is, though.


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"Ranking Football's top 10 QB recruits."

"Gardner and Smith, next great UM backfield."

"Football recruits light on five star...."

"Robinson Shines in Spring game."   -They make sure to highlight the part that says Denard was just running against the the twos.


All I'm saying is we have a family with a proven history of not taking the back seat very well, and he's posting articles which are praising his teammates on a "Hall of Shame."  That does not sit right with me at all.


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Do you consider yourself a rational MSU fan? Do you punch dolphins? Because you, sir, are making mountains out of molehills and stirring dissention where there should be none.

In the first article, "Ranking Football's Top 10 QB Recruits," the website itself highlights four and exactly four sentences from that article. They are colored bright purple on the website and discuss the possibility of Tate transferring or getting benched. Clearly, the website was referring to these four sentences in posting the article on the Hall of Shame and not the praise bestowed upon other players.

The second article, "Gardner and Smith, Next Great UM backfield," contains the following excerpt: "[A]fter a series of losses and some rather questionable performances by Forcier, the future of the position seems to be up in the air." (Emphasis added).  Not suprising that the Forcier family believes this article belongs on the Hall of Shame.

The third article you cite, "Football Recruits Light on Five Star...," is not even reproduced on the website. Only a single sentence appears, the sum of which suggests Tate might be benched.

Frank Drebin

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No problems here. This is a competitive kid that wants to be the man at Michigan. These are all articles stating that he is being pushed, or that someone will take the job for him. The DG article for example is stating that Tate's time is limited and when DG is ready, the job is his. This just seems like a place for Tate to put negative press clippings to use for motivation in the future. While it may not look great on his teammates, it looks more like he has a chip on his shoulder and will use it to exce.


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I don't like at all those links he has from the Freep and bleacherreport, he shouldn't read or give any attention to those guys, i feel that he's very much into what's said about him, not too good.


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board for Tate for the most part, open to the public for reasons unknown. What's up with this though?

There is no purpose to posting this article with that line highlighted, other than to downgrade Robinson to try to make Tate look better. Poor form by Tate's dad. The whole site is strange, it reminds me of those family brag letters you get around the holidays that go directly into the trash.


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I wouldn't be suprised if tate didn't know much of what goes on there or his dad puts them there to light a fire under him. And even if he knows about them, IMO I doubt Devin or Denard know or care about them.


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But I will agree that the site, as a whole, is very strange. It seems like it's design to motivate him, and in a way to shape the way that people see him.


I'm sure there's no malice behind that site (whoever it is that controls it) but it's undeniably strange and should best be ignored.


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I guess there is not much that can be done or said about a person's website in the public domain.  However, I think it paints Tate in a really negative light.  At first glance, it appears that there is much more about whether or not Tate is the starter (and his competition at QB) rather than what may be best for the team and the program.  I've heard people question Tate's ego since he got here (and some of that ego has been what we like) but this certainly doesn't help his image.  It's not a wonder that transfer rumors fly at the first sign of trouble.  I think Tate should take a little more ownership of the content on this site...perhaps ask Dad to tone it down a little.

I like Tate and like what he brings to our program.  I hope he continues to contribute and be a team player in whatever role he is given.


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I can respect the family's desire to motivate him, but is a public website for all the world to see that contains little to no explanation as to the motivation of the posts the best avenue for motivation?

How about an encouraging phone call from the fam?  Should be less scrutiny, right?  ;-)


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I just hope he doesn't read every article written for or against him.  That's never healthy and I hope he continues to focus as much as possible on getting better and leading our football team.


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over everything you can find in the off-season.  Maybe the Wall of Shame gets posted to serve as motivation.  I don't think posting the OSU game 5 interception performance is exactly a dig on his teammates. 

He pokes fun at the 'media' all over the website, so don't get your panties in a bunch.  You don't get schooled in being a QB from a young age, enroll early, start as a freshman just so you can get all worked up over every article written about you.


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seems this post can only be composed of wild speculation, moreso than recruiting or anything, because only one person could answer the questions raised and they're not going to. in the meantime people making up reasons on either side only make the issue more drama.


also i had successfully forgotten forcier had five turnovers in a game decided by less than two touchdowns. that blissful ignorance was ripped awake and now makes me want to go watch Beaches with a tub of ice cream. love you tate (no homo) but man that sucked.


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the family has a history of transferring without burning bridges and maintaining good contact and no hard feelings as the brothers have moved to programs where they might be able to start. that the assertion is made this site is made to rip on teammates and the like is the exact OPPOSITE of that. ever wonder how jason forcier was almost going to come back to UM? because he handled himself properly.

you could not be more wrong with this claim and it's the exact reason this thread is a problem.