Football visitors for this week(end)

Submitted by Magnus on June 21st, 2018 at 10:49 AM

This is another huge weekend for football recruiting. Not only did Michigan hold camps earlier this week, but they're expecting a bunch of official and unofficial visitors this weekend, including Lewis Cine, Wandale Robinson, Eric Gray, Zach Harrison, etc. Here's a link to the full list (LINK).

On a side note, Michigan also offered 2021 Canadian QB Christian Veilleux, who has offers from Buffalo and Rutgers, too. He's probably on his way to being a pretty well regarded recruit three classes from now, so it's good to get on him early. He really likes Michigan. Here's a link to his highlights (LINK).



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This is going to be a great year for Michigan both on and off the field. I think it will finally be the coming together of what we all envisioned when Harbaugh took over.


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I think your perspective is needed on this board, and I don't like seeing folks telling you to eff off and things like that. I also think it's a good idea to celebrate the wins while being honest about the losses and where improvements can be made.

And you're right that he's a long-shot. But getting a kid like this on campus is huge; I'm pumped he's actually going to show up. Whenever they come on campus, especially with Michigan so nearby, great things can happen. I think this is especially the case if Michigan puts together a nice season and can show the kid that this is the team of the future--that trends are looking good. 


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If a kid can play he can play... I get the ratings sites as a barometer but this staff has done a great job recruiting.  2016 and 2017 were tremendous classes.  I’d much prefer the staff identifying 3 star kids that are going to develop and take to coaching(Khaleke, Higdon, Paye) than signing a bunch of 4 and five stars that never live up to the hype such as hole those were paper classes.  This program is competitive at a national level.  Had a tough season this past year.    Shit happens.  I wonder what the purpose is of your 3 star posts?  


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You do realize Hoke's two top 10 classes were a huge reason Harbaugh was able to come in and win 10 games back to back right? And you do realize Hoke's 20th and 37th ranked classes were a big reason UM was 8-5 last year. The idea you have you to choose between 3 star recruits or overrated 4 and 5 star ones is absurd. Like every program UM has had a few higher rated recruits bust, and a few 3 stars turn out better than expected. That doesn't change the fact that they've had way more highly rated recruits pan out and way more 3 stars do absolutely nothing. Recruiting matters, and signing all these 3 stars is some rich rod esque stuff.

Blue Know It

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You should look these things up before commenting.

Let's look at the 10 highest rated guys from those two classes.

2012 - Ranked 6th

  • Kalis
  • Pipkins
  • Bolden
  • Magnuson
  • Ross
  • Wormley
  • RJS
  • Terry Richardson
  • Strobel
  • Norfleet

2013 - Ranked 4th

  • Green
  • Kugler
  • Dy Thomas
  • Shane Morris
  • Kyle Bosch
  • David Dawson
  • Chris Fox
  • Jourdan Lewis
  • Henry Poggi
  • Taco


I wouldn't say Harbaugh's success really came from a majority of those players.

Watching From Afar

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From 2012 who became starters:

Kalis - Underwhelmed at any rate

Bolden - Was a stop gap until Harbaugh recruits weren't true freshman fall enrolees

Magnuson - Was actually good

Ross - Same with the Bolden assessment

Wormley - Very good


Thomas - Good

Lewis - One of the All-Time Greats

Taco - Great as a senior

Kugler was a starter as a 5th year senior because there were 0 LTs available. He was a fall back option.

That's 8/20 and a pitty 9/20 for Kugler.


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Did you like him saying Speight "peed down his leg" during the OSU game in 2016?  A kid that played seriously hurt for his team, nearly pulled out the first win in Columbus in almost 20 years? 

A little twerp on the internet demeaning Michigan players that way.  I don't know why he isn't banned for that comment alone. 


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The whole thread was caved, but he said it and you have confirmation from another poster below.  Maizen (who is Bluey) should be banned again based on that alone.  He is a troll. 

Bo Nederlander

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So, Bluey!

Did you hear? Lorenz, giving up some inside intel on Crouch, that other "pipe dream" you mentioned, had some pretty exciting things to say about his visit to A2. Because it's paywalled and out of respect for Steve, I won't divulge completely. But I will say this. We are not "out" of this race but any stretch of the imagination. Lorenz is one of those guys that is renown for his healthy skepticism and objectivity. However, exciting details, indeed. ;)


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I honestly at this point believe you are just trolling, but with the chance you actually are a Michigan fan, I offer you this advice - If you actually want people to listen to you and take what you say remotely seriously, try offering something positive to the conversation as well. Sometimes some of your commenting would actually add value if you didn't only complain or nag, especially in a post about something extremely positive and exciting in recruiting like this coming weekend. 

That is all.


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well you don't just magically lead for start by you know...getting people on campus, visiting the football program, building relationships.

This guy is unbelievable...not even getting big name recruits on campus is enough. 

Fuck off maizen/bluey and whatever future accounts you create when you have to eat your words this time around. 


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I'm not upset, we just don't need you pointing out that it technically means nothing unless we sign a guy. Can't we be excited about a big time weekend?  You would be "upset" if we weren't getting guys on campus, but you're also upset when we get big names on campus. You are a miserable person. 

I'm done commenting on your shit posts...Having people mob up on you is only giving you a hill to  stand on and scream your bullshit. Then you use that to your advantage making it seem like you are some sort of Michigan Football expert. You're that stereotypical loudest guy in the room is the dumbest guy in the room example.   You get backed into the corner on one argument, and you squirm away, and find the next half ass point to make, change the language of your argument, change your username and so on, in a never ending cycle of negativity.

Beilein 4 Life

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Ha! Yes, I’m sure you would report on all the positive Michigan recruiting news. On the list of visitors this weekend are numerous guys with Alabama and OSU offers and plenty of 4 and 5 star talent, yet you don’t think any of that is positive because you don’t think we will get them. That is the exact definition of an internet troll. Do you ever get tired of internet trolling?


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I stated that same thing. He is all negative. I’ve been critical of the team, but these recruiting comments are ludicrous. We have Milton, McNamara, McCaffery as 4 and 5 Star recruits on 5e depth chart behind a blue chip transfer and a 4star in Peters who still shows promise despite the flaws in his first, first, year of action. We have 4 and 5 stars at WR in DPJ and Black and Collins and Martin. We have Ruiz and Onwenu as 4 and 5 stars, as well as 4 star Brederson and Filiaga and more coming in or in year 2-3.

Our TEs have 4 and 5 star guys.

The d-line is filled with 4s and 5s (Gary as #1overall; Solomon). The LBs have young 4 stars and a blue chip in McGrone. The DBs have lots of young 4 and 5s. David Long, Thomas, Hill is the best corner tip we’ve had since Woodson. The safeties were young and talent behind them is coming on.

And our 2017-rookie kicker was a blue chip who can only improve. Michigan was extremely young last year, but extremely talented. So this notion that recruiting is horrible is ridiculous. If one cannot acknowledge that young players can and do develop, then one is not worth listening to. Hurst became a beast in the last two years. Hudson was coached into beast mode in his second year of play. Hill and Long were coached to improve. Hell, even Metellus grew from his horrendous FSU whiffing. Sleight would’ve won at least 3 more games, if not all 5. He had his issues, but he is a winner who took care of the ball. This team did not fail last year because of this misguided notion that we don’t have the recruited talent. Hell, we are rumored to be losing a 5 star back to transfer, who was not even top 3 on depth chart.


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(Please don't attack me cause I'm an OSU fan on Michigan's page. I just enjoy reading football..that's all)

No but yeah... I agree with you. It's cool to make criticisms of your team, but when all you post are just the bad things about your are a delusional fan who thinks your program must be perfect. Teams lose out on players every Buckeyes lost player to Clemson, Georgia, Florida, and Florida State (3 of which where committed guys). Michigan only had one bad season with a young team and qb injury problems (like Maryland) (losing to MSU, Penn State and Ohio State, and Wisconsin is respectable - should have won at least one of those games....losing to South Carolina is what can drive a fanbase crazy, but even then I kinda expected to happen, because you guys were bringing a third string who didn't have a lot of game action in the regular season.


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Actually, he said that Michigan is the leader and PSU is steady, but that he's sticking with OSU for now.  And the only updated crystal balls since April are for UM, including the lead recruiter at Eleven Warriors.  But as usual, you cherry-pick a somewhat-true statement to continue your personal pity party.


June 21st, 2018 at 2:16 PM ^

This is the article he posted 6 hours ago.  I'm not going to dig through every message board or twitter feed so maybe he added some flavor to his more lukewarm statement here.

Show me a link to something more recent and I'll concede that his opinion has changed.  It doesn't change the fact that everyone else has posted balls to Michigan the past couple of weeks, while you seemingly hunted down the one contrary opinion to prove whatever sad point you are trying to make.



June 21st, 2018 at 2:23 PM ^

So I dug around on their site and apparently he made that comment about halfway through the linked article's comment section, so I will concede that apparently his take remains the same.  The fact remains he seems to be the outlier in the recent group.