Fab Five butt wipe game on Youtube now

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on February 19th, 2018 at 5:30 PM

Now it wasn't shown in this because it didn't happen when the cameras were rolling, but this was the game where the Fab Five played before a nasty crowd at MSU (shocking) and wiped their asses on the S at midcourt. 

The game was broadcast on local Fox affiliates.  Some guy behind the scorer's table, where the TV announcers were sitting, could clearly be heard yelling "N*g***s!!" repeatedly.  My copy of Mitch Albom's book was lost a long time ago, but seems like he described this incident, as well.


I think you mean "wipe."  It was the 1993 game at Breslin.  I don't think it was caught on film (it was after the game ended).  They were out of line, obviously, but that was a nasty, nasty crowd they played before.  There were fans chanting racist things and holding up banners saying things like "JUWAN, I'M PREGNANT" and so forth.  It was just an ugly scene all around. 

Accounts from the game from an old thread on it.



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If anyone is watching this who hasn't really watched the Fab Five before:

  • Notice Weber's hands. Possibly the best hands for any big man who played (ever). Possibly.
  • Notice similarities between Jalen and Poole - long and skinny, not always fast but with amazing sudden speed on both defense and offense. Plus Jalen's smile and love of the game are very similar to Poole, some of the reasons Poole is so fun to watch.
  • Juwan is a dependable rock. He kept that team grounded for three years. 



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There might not be a bigger fan of Jalen than I am, and I am curious why you think so. But I notice rather slim reasoning on your part. Reasons?

Of course they are different, play different postiions, Jalen utilized his mismatch potential every game. But stylistically (taking advantage of sudden bursts and particularly his joy of the game) I saw similarities immediately. 


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all around.  Why bring it up?

Juwann Howard, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson continue to represent the university as expected, exemplary.. The other 2, you can have, IMO.



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What has Rose done to represent Michigan poorly?

And other than being defiant about events that happened 25-30* years ago, I'm not sure what Webber's done that's so bad either.  He seems to be doing perfectly fine as a TV analyst.

*And he has a legitimate gripe here; his relationship with Ed Martin went back to when he was in middle school.  His role is a lot more ambiguous than those of Traylor, Taylor and Bullock.


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Jalen is one of the great UM athletic alumni. You're speaking out of your ass. He loves the universtiy, has done so much for the greater Detroit area, and has done nothing bad outside of being an outspoken sports commentator. Worst thing that annoyed some folks is his attempts to bring attention to the Fab Five during our Final Four run a few years ago - but even that was done out of love for the universtiy IMO - clearly stated as such in any interview he gave during those times. Yeah, maybe it came across more self-serving. Is that why you hate him?



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Also, he came from really hard circumstances and turned himself into a great success. He has been honest about his faults, his immaturity.

And as an aside, and I've said this before because I think many people have the wrong idea about Jalen: I've worked with him as he volunteered with mentally/physically/emotionally disabled and often abused boys from St. Louis Center (Beilein's favorite charity). He saw those kids and played with them as equals. It was amazing. I've seen hundred of people volunteer there, and I appreciate them all and respect their service. But very few can do so with complete ease and engagement - because very few people are able to be comfortable around those who have very noticiable disabilities like these boys had. To be able to do that is not normal, and it shows tremendous empathy as well as views of equality. I've respected him ever since.

Yeah, and  HE WIPED HIS ASS ON SPARTY! Much love.


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Jalen loves Michigan. I have no doubt he has aided in all the areas mention below but sometimes his mouth gets him in trouble and casts a negative light on Michigan.

Here is an article where Grant Hill, rightfully, corrects Jalen on his worldview and incorrect understanding of an uncle tom. No person is without flaws and I am not one that wants to see Jalen ex-communicated as a public figure of Michigan but I also do not fault those who have heard some of his remarks and hold a negative view.



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Jalen Rose talked about this on the Jalen & Jacoby show a couple years ago. It's a great story and Jalen is a great story teller. If anyone is interested enough to find it, I'm sure it's on the magic webs somewhere.

But to be clear, I'm quite certain it was only Jalen who scooted is ass across Sparty at center court, not the entire team. If I remember correctly, Jalen described it like you might see a dog scooting his itchy ass across a carpet... Ha! Go Jalen, you are forever loved!