Elite 11 Finals after Day 1

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The Elite 11 finals are going on right now, and Greg Biggins from 247 Sports put out a list of his top performers (LINK). If you don't want to click the link, Michigan commit Cade McNamara didn't make his top 11 but was one of two "Honorable Mention" players. MSU commit Dwan Mathis (from Oak Park/Belleville) is #10.



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O haven't been following the 2019 MSU recruiting class very closely, but they seem to either be in the mix and often even favored in a number of top guys we are going after. This seems out of the norm for MSU. I wonder why so many guys are favoring them now. Hopefully after a strong season and a win against them that will shift some perception around the difference between MSU and UM.

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.....which is:

Losing football games in college is not the way to determine an ultimate winner or loser, especially if those said players go on to be doctors and successful businessmen and productive members of society and shit.


I'm sure there are plenty of College Football (mythical) National Champions who are rotting in prison today......you must be soooo proud of those "winners".

Of course, maybe you still have Aaron Hernandez poster on your wall, who knows?


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I'm not sure about that, but certainly there was some problems offensively, but that seems mostly in large part to the o-line & QB and how that limited the play calling.  But, there shouldn't be any concerns about the defense.  And, I would think that HS kids could see the larger picture of recruiting success over the course of Harbaugh's tenure vs MD's and see that UM would have the long term advantage once they get over the hump of this o-line/QB issue.  Maybe that's wishful thinking. 


Here's to hoping a good year offensively and the change of Drevno to Warriner & the addition of Patterson coupled with a win over MSU (and some other qualitys teams like Wiscy, PSU, ND, & OSU) can change some of that perception.  There is still plenty of time to shift the perception with a good season for the 2019 class of guys we are both after.


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Well, Trent Dilfer ranks himself in there, which bumps everyone else down a notch.

But for real, I think there are 24 quarterbacks invited to the competition.


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Cade MacNamara is the #10 pro stle QB, and the #258 player.

Spencer Rattler is the #1 pro style QB, and the #42 player.


Shouldn't there be a noticeable differene in their offer sheet?


Here's the offer sheet for Davis Mills, 2017 #1 QB recruit. Do you see a difference between his offer sheet and Spencer Rattlers offer sheet?



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The elite 11 mvp usually ends up being pretty decent. Jameis Winston, Shea Patterson, Matthew Stafford, Aaron Murray, Tua, Tanner Mangum, Mark Sanchez, etc. the others are all hit or miss. If you have 24 kids a year they can’t all be stars or even starters.


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But he’s asking about the Elite 11 ranking. They only rank the top 11. You certainly should expect what are supposedly the top 11 QBs in the country to be quality starters at some point in their college careers.


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Since the Elite 11 started in 1999, I looked at all the MVPs and from a quick rundown, I'd say less than 50% of MVPs have what I would consider a solid college career. Being MVP doesn't really mean a whole lot