[Eleven Warriors on potential OSU football player legal issues]

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Take it for what it's worth .. and it may be nothing. But, lead writer for the website Men of the Scarlet and Gray, an Ohio fan site stated on twitter that he has information from a very reliable source that a current Ohio player is in serious legal trouble. he stated he will not give any information until the arrest record is published online.

This has caused an uproar among Ohio fans on twitter, many saying he is just starting a rumor .. which makes no sense since he is a diehard Ohio fan, and he hasn't posted anything about it on his site, so he's not trying to get clicks from it. He seems to stand behind this source.

The original post was 11 hours ago, but he remains solid on his stance as of a few minutes ago.

Let the speculations begin.

Jeremiah @SYRmotsag 11h

I am hearing from a source that a member of the Ohio State Football team may be involved in some serious legal issues. Trying to confirm.



Jeremiah @SYRmotsag 11h

@meechmcghee @Smoe4Bucks I believe my source is 100% reliable but again I cant and wont say any details without a secondary confirmation.


  1. @DaveEggen40 I have no other confirmation yet and the police reports havent hit the internet yet. Hopefully they never do.

  2. @CoachKG1984 @tjessberger Id rather be dead wrong and have no credibility then be right in this case. I hope Tjessberger is right about me.

Mod edit: This at least sounds less life altering than some of the sexual assault cases, and with speculation already around I don't pretend to be able to stop it and keep the thread intact, but we really don't need random Twitter rumors as titles and in OP's at the very least. If/when something is confirmed (or reported for that matter), feel free to update again. JGB.



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No point in speculating, especially with no info.

Let's just hope that, if this turns out to be true, no one is hurt and whoever this may be can get their life back on the right track.

*Insert Saint Urban Joke Here*


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I don't want to speculate on who was arrested or what happened, but the talk around 11warriors is that Carlos Hyde punched a woman Friday night. I'm not saying that this is what [email protected] is referencing but this seems to be the prevailing thought over there. Granted it is 11warriors, so take it for what it's worth, but thought the board would be interested.