Drake Harris Visit Reaction

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Looks like the visit this weekend was a good one for Drake Harris.

Drake Harris may be visiting #Michigan again soon, per @SWiltfong247 ($): http://michigan.247sports.com/Article/Michigan-Has-Great-Impact-On-Drak…

Also, Coach Brown from The M Block tweeted this:

Wilton Speight tells me he and Drake Harris got very close during this weekend's visit. They actually talked about being roommates.




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Although he was probably the one most likely to commit, I am not surprised he didn't by any means. His decision is a pretty big one, as it will likely come with his two teammates as well. IMO if he wasn't commiting for 2 other people as well, he would probably have commited over the weekend.


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What I read earlier said that he wanted to talk to his parents and coaches about his decision.  It didn't mention talking to his two teammates, but I assumed it was just an oversight.  I would think that if they really plan on being a package deal that he'll want to talk to them about it as well, especially the 2014 kid.  I also don't know if we should expect a committment from him prio to his 2014 teammate making his visit either.  If I remember correctly, Artavis Scott hasn't been to A2 since the BBQ.  Someone that follows recruiting much closer can clarify that.  

I'm wondering if Scott is even close to committing anywhere at this point.  If he isn't, could Cole be that close?  

If Cole is that close to committing, could this be the point in most package deals where the good intentions are overcome by the acknowledgement that the most important thing is that each player finds the best school for himself.  


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I usually do, but I feel like the first time I totally disregard a reported package deal will be the first time it actually works out.  I usually just take it with the proverbial grain of salt.  Since I haven't heard them say going separate ways is even a possibility, I still consider it's possible that this might be the first time a package deal sticks together.  



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I was at the game yesterday and was about 30 ft from where all the recruits and coaches where sitting. Harris & Speight sat together the whole time. All the coaches where there. Mattison was sitting next to a middle aged man most of the game which I'm guessing was a recruits dad? Freddy J and the other coaches made it around to the recruits talking to them. McDowell was in the first row aisle seat and saw Funk, Helsinki, Fred J all come to talk to him. Saw Mattison sitting next to him before the game.

Before the game a very tall bald guy walked in and I said , wow that guy has to be 7'-5. As he got closer I saw it was Zyldrunas Ilgauskas (sp?). Saw a NBA pass around his neck so he's there scouting. Not sure who he works for.

Also, John Navarre was in line in front of me waiting to get in with his wife and son

Btw,I hadn't been in Crisler for a game since 2006, it is simply amazing now.


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Forgot to mention about Hoke. I'm sure everyone saw him sitting next to Beilein & Al Glick. He was fun to watch, he was very vocal getting on the refs a bit (with a smile) and encouraging the players as they came off the court. On his feet cheering with the student section. Saw he & Beilein exchanging a few words even during the game. Blue jeans, buttoned shirt untucked....love that guy

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There's no doubt the new Crisler is a FAR better place to bring recruits than the old days when it was dark and an unexciting atmosphere.  I remember watching the recruits coming in in the mid-80's.  No student section in the center.  Dim lights.  Not much going on at halftime.  No video boards.  We still seemed to do OK I guess, recruiting-wise.


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has been a factor of being absent a QB who can make "all the throws" since 2007. OU had Bradford/Jones, OkSU with Weeden, USC with Barkley et al. Plus those offenses then shifted their priority to pass with a plus passer. UM coaches need to sell that that era is coming upon us soon with better arms and play action going to be an actual threat.


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I agree.  I think Gardner's performance this year at least legitimized the claim that Michigan would be able to return to a pro-style offense.  If he had sat on the bench the entire year, there wouldn't be any evidence to show that Hoke wanted to return to those days other than the recruitment of Shane Morris.  As much as I like Denard Robinson, I don't think he's a guy that wide receivers were beating down the door to pair up with.


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This is why we think every big recruit that visits will commit.

What was actually said, "Wilton before we left said if I go there that he wants to room with me."

What Coach Brown said, "Wilton Speight tells me he and Drake Harris got very close during this weekend's visit.  They actually talked about being roommates."

The power of journalism.  

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It's going to be a process to bring him over to the Maize and Blue, but we are on the right track.  Is this pretty much a two-horse race, or is he strongly considering schools outside Michigan?  Just comparing the MSU and U-M programs in the next few years, the QB situation at Michigan has to give us a big advantage.  


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I have a fear of Harris staying at MSU... All this talk about how he won't stick there because he was thinking basketball first just sounds like an excuse for hoping that he won't. The more I hear people say he will go somewhere other than state just makes me fear more he will prove everyone wrong. I really want him at Michigan, but state has a really really good shot to keep him.


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He had (another) good visit here.  He has been to MSU multiple times recently, has been here and says he will visit here again, and then says he also wants to visit OSU.  He has visits lined up pretty much through March and that's not even addressing any SEC programs or anyone else he might be interested in.

Is there any reason to believe this won't be a long, drawn-out recruitment?  Could make for a lot of pain in the mgo community.  I'm just going to take a backseat on this one for a little while and not get too stressed because this could be crazy.  ESPECIALLY if he waits until the fall to take official visits.  With his visit schedule along spanning the next month+, I just can't imagine there is anything to read into right now.