Downton Abbey III Thread

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With all of the pundits still talking about the death of Sybil, I'm still waiting for the plot development with Bates.  It's hard to say what will happen with Tom; I think it will be bad, but who knows?

Looking forward to defense dominating this episode, after Sybil's passing last week.  Something is going to happen between Lord and Lady Grantham.  Edith's ground game might not yet be developing; hard to see where this week's beakout will be.  Dr. Clarkson is rumored to be out for a week.  Is Mr. Carson playing hurt right now?



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Might sound complicated but the affair that Lord G almost had may come back to life and Lady G will leave before that happens...driving him to it....but seeing the error of her ways comes back to save the family from the terrible brake up because she is pregnant again....


Yeah...definately off topic!


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Mentioned this is the SB thread. Anyone with Netflix needs to check out House of Cards. It's original programming starring Kevin Spacey and the first two episodes are directed by David Fincher. It's fantastic.


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Serious question: tell me why I should watch this show.  Are there any other shows that you could relate it to so that I could get an idea?  I tried once for 10 minutes and was bored out of my mind.  But I like "serious" shows and my friends love it. So...?

Waldorf Wolverine

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If you like British period soap operas like Upstairs/Downstairs, it's a really good example of the genre.  The writer & creator is Julian Fellowes, who wrote the excellent 'Gosford Park'.  The first season was terrific, with lots of good character development and thrilling plot points.  However, the second & third seasons are more exaggerated, drama-for-the-sake-of-drama, and not as good as the first. It can be slow in spots, but the fun is in the dialogue, the costumes/set design and the house and all its riches.


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albeit it takes place in the early 1900s. It is essentially a soap opera, a soap about the British aristocracy and the day-to-day dramas that likely took place on an English estate/manor house. That being said, the acting is a lot better than in any soap opera I can think of, and it is an interesting window into what life likely was on one of these British estates, many of which went the way of the dodo in the 40s and 50s. Many a manor houses were torn down simply because they were just too expensive to maintain , in large part because the "nobles" had zero concept of money (sort of like most of the brats on my Super Sweet Sixteen), just spent what the previous generations amassed, and made poor investements, if any. Most of the "lords/nobles" were complete degenerates who could not manage a chicken coop, let alone an estate that emplioyed hundreds of people. It is a lot better than your typical soap although it does have many of the dramas that typical soaps do (love triangles, sabotage, etc.)

the unsilent m…

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...and it is downright offensive.  It's kind of like watching the emmys, or the golden globes, or the screen actor's guild award- a bunch of self-important assholes staring down their noses at the little people. 


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Lord grantham, an admirable man who the world has passed by. Guess that means that Matthew that stumbled into the inheritance is RR. I think we know how that goes too.


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After watching the refs hand the game to Baltimore after the two minutes warning I wish I was still watching Downton Abby. What a joke that was.

Helmet to helmet hit on 3rd down... No call. PI on 4th... No call. Rediculous holding on the safety... No call. SF has reason to be pissed.


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Or you could learn route running and understand why no call was made. Crabtree messed up. Since it was a zero blitz the defender has to play the inside route. So Crabtree should have juked inside and released. But instead he ran into the defender. The contact was created by Crabtree because he blew it. No call. If you don't believe me, perhaps you believe Chris Carter who said the same or Hasselbeck or or or


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Well I'm going to stop because you're showing you have no clue what you're talking about. If there was a call to be made it wouldn't have been pass interference. The only possible (and wrong) call would have been defensive holding. Good luck with your misplaced anger though. Carry on if you wish but know for a fact you are wrong. It's not even debatable, you are wrong.


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If it's not even debatable then why has it been hotly debated ever since it happened?  Fine, they could have called holding instead of PI.  That's a minor distinction that doesn't change the fact that there is nothing in the rules that says the ref is supposed to speculate whether the WR ran the route correctly...


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The show is fantastic... slow starting as some have mentioned, but I've only gotten through Season 1, so thanks for the spoiler!  (not really that bothered.)

I didn't see S2 on netflix, however my gf is in brussels and she has access to S2, so she's been going through the whole season.

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Who is the cricketer in the cast?  Cricket used to be rather more high-class.  Hence the MCC/Lord's.  But I think that cricket is well down the social ladder these days.  Happens, when something like that gets to be hugely commercially successful.

Re: Shooting and hunting (two very different things, in early 20th centrury Yorkshire), as I am sure know, "Sport" =/= "sports".

But I think that there were nearly as many Michgan football alums in this week's Downton Abbey as were in this year's Super Bowl.

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I thought, "This might piss some people off..."  And naturally, that instinct made me want to hit Save right away.  What sealed it for me, was knowing that the Super Bowl was in a lengthy timeout; and I thought that would give me cover for what I wanted to do anyway.

But in reality, I thought the topic -- the Off Topic -- would be a good Rorschach Test of the MGoBoard.  Who would get it?  Who would play along?  Who would laugh?  Who would get angry?  Who would demand my man card? 

I am so pleased with the results.