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11/04/2018 - 1:33am I couldn't have dreamed for… I couldn't have dreamed for this to have gone any better. Don't let it come down to field goals is a great strategy for any team, especially us right now! GO BLUE!
03/12/2017 - 5:27pm What a ride!

When this one is hung from the rafters, there will be no doubt as to the heart of this team. Walton was special. He called it too...

02/10/2017 - 2:01am Keep it up Ladies!

Great to have good news this time of the year.

12/31/2016 - 3:13am Well said my friend, well

Well said my friend, well said.

We fought back in a way that made me proud tonight. The play of the game was the run blitz after the punt return muff. To get the lead at all after that first half was great.

Recruiting will tell us what is to become of this effort we saw out on that field tonight!

Go Blue!

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11/30/2016 - 5:44pm Great read...

Great read...

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06/12/2016 - 5:27pm Congrats...Definitely would


Definitely would have been better with video...

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02/09/2016 - 1:25pm Voted...


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02/08/2016 - 10:01am I heard you on WTKA this

I heard you on WTKA this morning express the same thought and it is an astute observation.

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02/05/2016 - 10:58pm Harbaugh was also on the Tiki

Harbaugh was also on the Tiki and Tierny show. He got a lot of love from Tiki Barber who proclaimed that he would have loved to play for him...

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02/01/2016 - 5:34am That is a hilarious example...give us another!

That is a hilarious example...give us another!

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01/27/2016 - 1:22pm Being a Lima resident, I

Being a Lima resident, I would have to say that, this was one of the biggest games in recent history. Both teams ranked high in their divisions. Lima Sr. (2) Lima Central Catholic (1).

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01/24/2016 - 9:20am That was clever what you did with a scripture just then...

That was clever what you did with a scripture just then...

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01/20/2016 - 10:59am I have wondered, since we are

I have wondered, since we are talking swim lanes, who is the Michael Phelps left out there? The first to commit, the best athlete, the greatest need or the highest rated? What say ye?

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01/19/2016 - 2:18pm Pride and Prejudice...I even

Pride and Prejudice...I even put one of the songs in rotation on my slow jam mix on Spotify!

The Family Man...I am not really a Nick Cage fan but he is great in this movie...I love the woman who plays his wife but won't try spell her name.

I binge Downton Abbey...actually should be past tense because I've finished the final season on Coke & Popcorn!

I have never seen "The Notebook", but would probably enjoy it.

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01/09/2016 - 1:28pm I thought Hardeman was the #1 athlete in the country...

I thought Hardeman was the #1 athlete in the country...

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01/01/2016 - 11:16pm Not so fast my friend! You

Not so fast my friend! You had me until the Stanford remark. That would have been a struggle that could go either way lmho. The best overall player in the country plays for Stanford and we would have had problems with him. He is a mismatch against our linebackers and and just as fast as anybody's secondary. I guess it is the phrase "...we would have been beating up on Stanford" meant that we would beat them like we did Florida? Or, did you mean (by) Stanford? Again, it would have been something to see, I am just glad the way things turned out for them...

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01/01/2016 - 8:19pm All the returns are not in

All the returns are not in yet. That being said, if we didn't see today's curb stomping coming, just think what recruits must be thinking! The statement was emphatic. They did not take their foot off the neck until the last 30 seconds of the game. That will be a practice that I hope will be deployed every game from here out. The look in Harbaugh's eye, post OSU, foreshadowed this. Mattison did a great job in transition, the offense didn't bog down, and special team didn't get flakey despite injury. It was probably the most productive set of Bowl practices in the schools history!

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01/01/2016 - 2:04am Good one...

Good one...

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12/30/2015 - 8:51am A&E for 9/11 Truth

Is what you are referring to. It is a great presentation done by experts that can't be laughed off as quacks. It is difficult because there have been some strange theories that have been attributed to "Truthers" and it is unfortunate. I am like you, I don't pretend to know all the ends and outs, but I sure don't believe that crock they served up as official story. That passport is good example and certainly most people aren't even aware of WTC 7...but what about all the other buildings that took major damage from Towers 1&2 and not only did they not collapse they probably had to be knocked down or demolitioned.

As for the Kennedy assassination, I was hoping that since E. Howard Hunt's deathbed confession that more info would come forth.

12/30/2015 - 8:09am Loose Change is not the

Loose Change is not the definitive piece on the subject. As was stated earlier, a very large group of architects and engineers came together and produced a presentation that is the best work so far on the subject. They don't do a lot of who did it, which is good, because what do they know about that? However, they know a heck of a lot about demolishing buildings and the construction of the 3 buildings that fell on that day. Loose Change raises questions and in some instances gives some historical background on where they were coming from. Popular Mechanics can't laugh off A&E for 911 Truth which is the name of the organization.>div class='mgoblog-hd-signature' style='font-size:.85em;font-family:Helvetica'>

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12/30/2015 - 7:30am I will watch it,based on the

I will watch it,based on the original recommendation, and form my own opinion. Thanks for the tip!

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12/21/2015 - 11:05am Take this...

Take this any way you want, the clap has gotten way out of hand!

12/18/2015 - 5:55am No, a basketball rim has a

No, a basketball rim has a circumference big enough for two basketball to go through at the same time. That is more than wide enough for it to happen to average size people. The first time I posted this it was misdirected. They won't understand what we are talking about!

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12/18/2015 - 5:50am No, a basketball rim has a

No, a basketball rim has a circumference big enough for two basketball to go through at the same time. That is more than wide enough for it to happen to average size people.

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11/28/2015 - 5:04am 31-28

31-28 in an amaizing comeback for the home team. I also predict that all of our defensive woes in this game will be forgiven in the euphoria of the victory...

More to come possibly...

11/28/2015 - 12:51am Is that you Liam?

I know you said you had a special set of skills...water boarding might be in order also.

11/25/2015 - 12:10pm William White story (short)

White is graduate of Lima Sr. High and certainly one of the better athletes to come out of our small town. I will never forget him walking into the school cafeteria and the whole room buzzing as he walked through. I always have had a funny thought that came to my head every time I think of that was one thing to talk junk to your friends...totally different to someone you don't have history with. A hearty "Go Blue" would have had ramifications, especially since it was still fresh in his and everyone else's memory. I chickened out and kept my sophomore, Michigan fan, butt in my seat...

Years later, we are at a Lima Sr. basketball game and I am standing right behind him in the concessions line and I want to recount to him the whole scenario...considering that this would've been my first introduction to the man, I let him buy his snacks in peace. I have met his brother in the years since and would love for another chance to meet William and tell him the story in a non trolling manner. If he is as nice as his brother, we should get along great! Or not....

11/24/2015 - 12:06pm Keith Jackson was the best

Keith Jackson was the best by far, especially for "The Game"! Can anyone tell me what in the world has happened to Brent Musburger? It is like he has been demoted or something. I know they switched the announcer pairings around, but I thought he was one of the best left out there. I have some good memories of him calling our games coming up...

Go Blue! Beat Ohio!
Not holding my breath but c'mon Penn St.

10/03/2015 - 4:46pm I will say this much...

We put our defense in some precarious situations in this game, and we passed every test!  We did not play a juggernaut by any stretch of the imagination, but I will take it!  If we can handle the next few opponents in the same fashion, then I will get excited about where we rank defensively.  Our resume just doesn't give me that special feeling yet.  We can't lose any more defensive linemen, that is for sure.  Just think if Mone was healthy and in rotation for a minute.  


Way too early to tell?  Maybe so, but I will enjoy seeing them make their case to be spoken of in the same breath as some of the great defensive units in Michigan history.

09/03/2015 - 7:18pm 8-4 with...

The team will go 8-4 ,with the opportunity to make us all look foolish, if our QB play turns out to be a revelation.  Except for the one post above that JTGoBlue offered, everybody seems to be pretty close to the same...

02/06/2014 - 6:34am The late signee!

The one we didn't see coming.  I know we are not supposed to have an addition to the class.  I still have hope though.  In a postition of need, thank you very much.  Yes please...

01/30/2014 - 12:00am His brand new project too...

I am feeling the song too...right from the brand new project.  More of these kind of videos please....

11/09/2013 - 4:01am Wow!!!!

That is one bitter 16 year old.  I think an intervention is in order.


11/02/2013 - 8:29pm I won't congratulate them.

That is for the players to show good sportsmanship.  As a fan, I just try to move on to the next game.  Am I a sore loser, dang skippy, and will be one until I die probably...

A bitter pill is being swallowed and we will just leave it there.  It is bad enough living in Ohio and watching them gloat...the only consolation is that either we have a chance or maybe Sparty's D will be enough to shut those jokers up...

11/02/2013 - 7:55pm Away games are brutal for us...

We have not won a meaningful away game in quite a while now.  This has to be of concern to the current  staff.  I am not ready to scrap everything and start over but the there has to be paradigm shift with the offensive play calling.  Borges is taking a lot the heat after this one and by extension Hoke...this game didn't have to go this way but it did, we can't change it, let's move on...

I didn't believe that St. had a defense that could stop us...they made me a believer out of me today.  Get healthy team....the season is not over.

I don't feel good about the fact that this will be in E. Lansing again next year too....but Devin will stew in this for a year....


08/31/2013 - 10:50am Furman's glasses

I don't drink and if I did it would not result in me getting on Mgoblog to get responses from someone who refers to themselves as the eyeware of one Josh Furman.  As far as Facebook is concerned, since I live in Ohio and have geniune Bucknut friends, I try to pick my spots when talking football with all of them.  I didn't identify you ahead of time as one of the mods to police what subject matter is appropriate for the early morning.

Why does there seem to be at least one irritated person on every post thread?  I thought we were all happy that football had returned.  Sounds like you are the 4am lush...Go Blue!

08/01/2013 - 1:26pm It has made immediate impact.

In the financial bottom line in the Blackwell household.  Nothing else to see here.

08/01/2013 - 1:16pm Hail yeah..

Don't care who playing, it just happens to be my favorite NFL franchise Dallas.  We haven't won anything of consequence in years...but who cares...we are undefeated this year so far.


08/01/2013 - 9:58am Shazbot
http://<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


08/01/2013 - 9:44am Shazbot

07/17/2013 - 6:58pm If any wants to play sometime...

troublet1969 for PSN


I don't have time for Dynasty leagues but I play when I get a chance.  Add me to your friends list and if you see me on...send an invite.  Go Blue!


06/27/2013 - 1:05pm How deep does this go?

This rabbit hole just gets deeper and deeper for the young fellow.  He is innocent until proven guilty of course but the job the media is doing will not help him going forward.  He is looking like a menace to society.  I wonder did any of his teammates have any suspicions that he was involved in anything like this?


06/22/2013 - 12:04pm Sweet Baby Rays is all you need.

There are an assortment of flavors to choose from.  I know you were trying to make a sauce but why mess with a good product.  Open pit used to be my Fathers favorite sauce...boy am I glad that know better now.

06/13/2013 - 12:46pm Oh my...

I don't think his standards for QB's is high...but his regard for the nether regions of his body, is seriously lacking!

06/11/2013 - 5:38pm Welcome Mr. Doyle

May your career be at Michigan be productive on the field and in the classroom!

05/31/2013 - 5:47pm Welcome Brandin!

Glad to see another recent player come aboard.  I have a fond memory of you taking a picture with me along with some of the other Florida contingent on the team at the time.  Vincent Smith, Tae Odoms, Denard Robinson all in the same shot...I have it prominently on display on facebook during football season.  Go Blue!

05/30/2013 - 11:30pm I would adore that pairing...

I understand that he is going to try to make the BBQ at the Big House.

05/27/2013 - 3:12pm I am proud to be in the top 10

All of the young men and women that worked so hard to put Michigan in this position have a lot to be proud of.  Hail to the Victors indeed!

05/26/2013 - 6:54pm This just in.

I like it. I like it a lot!

05/26/2013 - 6:54pm This just in.

I like it. I like it a lot!